GrooveAsia Launch

GrooveAsia Launch April 12, 2021 has made the official announcement for all new expansion of the GrooveFunnels brand, which has become the world’s fastest-growing CRM system for digital and eCommerce marketers as they introduce GrooveAsia and invite you along as they move into the Asian countries, languages, and community.
About one year after the launch of GroovePages which has since transformed into a revolutionary all-in-one complete platform for entrepreneurs and alongside the main founders of the parent company along with a few new selected partners such as Simon Leung as co-founders, they are now officially launching GrooveAsia.CM. The .CM stands for customers matter. Digital Papercuts has been an early adopter of GroovePages, GrooveFunnels, and the other Groove apps in helping our clients grow their business.
GrooveAsia.CM is a partnership now over 15 years in the making. A project they have been actively working on over the past several months. And today they are finally ready to announce its inception packed with a huge opportunity for you. You can see the pre-launch details on the GrooveAsia sales page here.
In fact, they have even more exciting details coming soon, including a special launch kickoff plus ongoing events, activities, and projects, and information on how you can also get involved as well.
Do you want to be a part of the Groove brand as a trainer, mentor, leader, team member, or even dare I say a partner? Because this is just the beginning and with over 400,000 members and millions in sales revenue from just year one, I’m sure you can see the tremendous potential regardless of where you are or aren’t and what languages you speak or don’t speak.
They are creating their own social media pages and a YouTube channel dedicated just to GrooveAsia. Some of these pages like the Facebook group are active now but since it has just been released has very little content yet.
GrooveAsia will not be dedicated to any one particular country but will try and serve multiple Asian countries and languages. Initially, they will focus on Southeast Asian countries. They are trying to create a new culture within Groove with dedicated webinars, live streams, and content specific to GrooveAsia and marketing. The live events will be more held at more convenient times for Asian time zones.
No other Global Marketing and CRM platform that we know of is taking the time to create solutions for people throughout the globe who have different cultures and speak different languages. In addition to GrooveAsia also has a page dedicated to Brazil however it is not currently approaching the market in the same way with all the extra marketing products that GrooveAsia has. I attribute GrooveBrazil’s lack of extra marketing programs to the lack of suitable partners like GrooveAsia has.
There are still opportunities for you and Groove to work together for free. The current sign-up form directs looks a lot like the regular site with some slight color differences but with their unique cookie system, they know you are signing up for GrooveAsia.
Existing Groove members do not need to do anything to gain access to GrooveAsia other than opting into their social media pages. If you would like to participate in the mentorship program please contact Simon Leung on his Facebook page and send him a message.

eCommerce in 2021

Ecommerce sales have been steadily increasing since 2010.
Some experts project that e-commerce will increase by 20% this year.
So what does all of this mean to you?
If you are not currently selling products online, now is the time to begin.
Things have changed a great deal.
Previously, you had to invest quite a lot of money to buy products in bulk. Next, rent a warehouse or hire a company to store and fulfill orders. It was difficult and costly to begin.
Now, you can start with $0. Yes $0.
You do not have to manage inventory or fulfill orders.
Thousands of items are available for you to sell, as well as print-on-demand designs.
Setting up an online shop has never been easier than it is today.
Here is how to get started…sign up for a or account today.
The New Way To Start A Business, Build Websites, And Sell Digital Products.
Create a complete website
Sell as many products as you desire
Automate your business operations
… All this for no charge!
The Last E-Commerce System You Will Ever Need. apps
Your FREE GrooveAsia™
Account Includes Access to All 20 Of These Powerful Apps
Not just an online page and sales funnel builder.
Free – Unlimited number of products
Free – Build brand websites with full navigation
Free – Custom domains
Free – Bandwidth and hosting
Free – Sell products with 1-Click upsells
Free – Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps
Free – The world’s most powerful affiliate program
*Optional with GrooveMailTM) Powerful behavior-based email marketing.
A platform for membership sites (Optional with GrooveMemberTM)
Powerful video marketing (optional with GrooveVideoTM) built right in
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For our detailed GrooveFunnels Review Click Here:

Today, any business that wishes to succeed must go online.
With so much going on around the world, and changes in the global economy that will forever change how people live their lives and make their businesses, going online is no longer just an option.
Not only to sustain their success, but even to survive.
Yes, there are already tools that are available that any business can utilize to run their company and processes online.
However, if you do some reading on the subject, it is apparent that most of these products are expensive, complicated, and have limited ability to be customized.
In other words, not very user-friendly, and definitely not suitable for all business owners, including novice entrepreneurs and even those on a tighter budget.
I mean, who can justify investing thousands of dollars per month in a variety of complicated tools, and on top of that, to hire staff to manage the systems?
If this sounds familiar to you, I have some good news.
As a digital marketer and blogger myself, I am always looking for new solutions to the everyday challenges we face as business owners. 
We think and are the solutions that online businesses need to succeed.

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