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1388 - Video

Creative Services

Imagine a large number of people, gathered around an idea which they develop together that would afterwards lead to great results! That is exactly the main goal of Digital Papercuts and services which we provide from a sketch to the final shot depending on your wishes and our guaranteed commitment. If you need a script,  sales copy, totally new concept, artwork, text, multimedia, or something else? We will provide you with everything that is necessary, including postive creativity and most importantly give you our full attention in order to get your product or service shown in the best possible way to provide you with more sales and happy customers.

1395 - Director Chair

Video Production Company

We have a fully equipped modern studio that cherishes the art of what we do with fascinating possibilities of production as well as the post-production. In today's marketplace, most businesses already know that in order to compete they need to make a video that stands out and grabs the viewers attention. Here at Digital Papercuts that is what we do best. You need a video production agency that will help inspire your viewers and achieve your ambitions. And, you need to ensure you are getting bounding creativity and excellent value for the money. That's us!!!

1396 - 3D glasses

Video Marketing Services

We do not only create video clips and promotional recordings, but we are also get into the finer details and almost nothing is left to chance. An entire development strategy of the campaign itself is present throughout the project, because we want to draw the maximum potential from each idea that we can both later realize mutual satisfaction upon the projects completition. We continually do market research to stay current with the latest marketing trends. Overachieving on your expectations is our primary goal for us!

1392 - Clapperboard

Video Pre-Production

The process of pre-production is crucial and it determines in which direction your idea will move next. We have a team of very trained specialists who have fantastic pre-production experience and who will brainstorm and analyze multiple possibilities and then carefully choose what is best in order to get top quality! Being detail oriented in this stage lowers the possibility of mistakes that would without a doubt appear later in the process without our detailed project checking system so that your project is completed right the first time so that you can start getting results.

1393 - Video Camera I


When we go into producing your video utilyzing the latest techniques and technologies available our production standards ensure your final product is as good as it gets. Each video is carefully framed and conceived with equipment that is today's best standards and cameras using the latest technology. With a fantastic team of producers who are among the best in North America, and with experience of shooting commercials, skits, online videos and marketing presentations, you can be sure that everything is in the right hands and ready to get you results!


1404 - Volume Control


Once the video recording is done and material is ready for the final assembly. Post-production requires hours of hard work, in our studio where experts and video - music engeneers are working on the mixing, mastering and assembling of shoted video materials, that means that we can deliver fantastic results for you in a very reasonable time period.

Post-production equipment is something that we are especially proud of with 7.1 Surround Mix Theatre features and industry standard systems such as BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve, Avid Pro Tools HDX. stereo audio mixing and 4K Ultra High Definition colour correction!

Digital Papercuts offers a way to create your own self made videos using easy to use AI technology. Effortlessly drive more traffic, leads & sales with stunning marketing videos DFY in minutes WITHOUT templates. Have custom marketing videos created FOR you simply by chatting with the built-in A.I. bot… ZERO tech skills or experience needed! You only pay after you approve the video and are ready to download it.

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Skyrocket your traffic, leads & sales from DYNAMIC videos built for you minutes.


A complete suite of services

We are full-cycle agency that helps you not just create professional videos but also help your business get

more leads, sales and profits through cutting edge marketing.


Professional Sales Copywriting Services

There is no successful company without successful sales copy. Our team has years of work behind us and have perfected creating sales messages that focus on the value and benefits of your product or service and why you are better than the competition. Most people confuse a product feature with a product benefit, product features rarely convert to sales but featuring product benefits do which puts more money in your pocket. Our goal in creating your sales copy is to convince the visitor to buy your product or service. It needs to present what you’re selling in such an attractive light that the consumer can’t say “no.”  


Google Map Ranking Service

If you're a local business and not in the Google Map three pack -you're leaving money on the table. Money and traffic that's being scooped up by your competitors. There are a lot of ways to increase your Google Maps rankings fast… the equivalent of local SEO on steroids. But not all of them are preferred or even safe for your local business rankings.

We offer a safe proven fast way to help you get your local business listed in the Google Top 3 and can provide long term rankings management to help make sure you stay there.  


Press Releases

From writing your press release to distribution we do it all. We work with mainstream authority news sites, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and their respective affiliates. We also offer premium Financial & Extended Distribution services commonly used by larger companies or start-ups that have a newsworthy story. The premium distribution service includes republishing on Reuters, Yahoo! News & Yahoo! Finance, as well as other financial sites. As this distribution has a harder editorial policy and tends to largely focus on bigger impact stories, it means an increased chance of being picked up by journalists, and potential higher placement within news sites like Google  News and within Search Engines giving you an almost instant return on your investment.

1401 - Mic

Personalized Video

Direct message sent from a personal perspective is something that is very important today, because it creates confidence and gives a clear signal of the quality of what you give and representing. Whether it is a video that is intended for individuals, groups or the general public we have a solution for you that will be implemented in accordance with your idea and needs such as integrated forms for taking a customers e-mail, name or any other details with visual effect by choice.

The success stories of our clients that have used our personalized video services to improve their brand awareness and increase their sales conversions are innumerable and we can boast of people in business who are constantly returning to us and our services.

1409 - Playing Music

Search Engine Optimazation

Google and the other search engines love video and great content, but having an outstanding content or amazing videos alone will not get your product or videos ranked in order to achieve free traffic. At Digital Papercuts we can set up a backlinking campaign to help get your website, products and videos noticed by Google and the other search engines. We can also provide you with a SEO Audit of your website to tell you things you can do to help your websites SEO optimzation. Without having an SEO friendly website you are facing an uphill battle in the Search Engine Rankings. It is one area that is ignored by other DIGITAL Marketing Companies but it is another tool we use to help you succeed. 

1391 - Film Reel

Experiential Videos

With customers having hundreds of options when they are looking to buy a product you need to stand out. This is what Experiential Video shots are used for. Experiential video  marketing focuses on the experience that a consumer would have with your product or service. It pairs well with our sales copy focus on benefits versus features. Video's are shot from different angles with a feeling of real live chats and events by using of one or more cameras angles EVM showcases  your brand in a way that can significantly improve the image and thinking of the regular people towards you or your product, which is a crutial investment for the future!



Case Studies

Show your business and employees from a completely new perspective and engage in a successful story of the people who are relevant to your overall development. One of the best weapons in marketing is an ability to prove that the story which you are presenting to the others is  successful. We are here to support you with breathless video images, animations and captivating shots to make your success stand out. 

Other examples of the type of videos we can create for you...

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