3 Simple Steps to Organic Social Media Marketing

Simple Steps to Organic Social Media Marketing

There are some people who believe organic social media marketing is dead. It’s okay to let them think that.

As more people fail to take advantage of organic social media marketing strategies on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, there is more room for those of us who do. If you think someone may act on this article, please do not share it with them. I recommend you keep this knowledge close to your chest. There are many people who charge between $1000 and $5,000 for the information you are about to receive.

Among the most prevalent affiliate marketing strategies of the year 2021 is organic marketing across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram! A true understanding of how the platform you are on works, as well as an honest desire to help others, is all that’s needed.

Organic Social Media Marketing vs Paid Ads: What’s the difference?

Using social media platforms to get traffic, leads, or sales without paying for advertising is a form of digital marketing. There’s nothing wrong with paid advertising. I personally prefer it to organic social media marketing. Organic marketing, however, can actually be even more targeted than most social media advertising tools.

Getting Started with Organic Social Media Marketing

First, you need a product to promote, and a funnel to capture contact information and make sales. GrooveFunnels is an excellent example – you can use GroovePages to build your funnel, capture customer information with GrooveMail, and become an affiliate of GrooveFunnels. You can always offer your own product or service instead.

After you’ve set up a free GrooveFunnels account and built a funnel to gather leads and advertise your offer, it’s time to start marketing.

The First Step: Getting Started on Facebook

Most likely, you already have a Facebook account. What do you think of my guess? In March 2020, the company reported over 2 billion daily active users based on a first-quarter press release. When you compare that to only 186 million on Twitter, you can see how large Facebook’s footprint is on the social media map.

That is why I recommend you start with Facebook. Thanks to Facebook’s vast popularity and ability to manage groups easily, you can reach a vast range of audiences for free.

Make sure your profile is ready first. Include a cover photo that teases your offer, as well as a link to your funnel. Use the search feature to find groups related to your product’s niche or area of interest. You may want to look for marketing groups, online business groups, sales funnel groups, and so on when promoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate.

Make sure you read and understand the rules of the groups you’ve joined. Starting off adhering to them closely will help you become accepted by the community right away. No one likes people who spam links without adding any value.

Note: Some groups have specific days when you may share a link to a piece of content you have created or to your funnel. It is a good idea to keep track of these events with a spreadsheet or another type of calendar, especially since they are free advertising.

As time goes on, try to create value in the groups you join by answering the questions people ask and sharing insights from your experience. Then, people will naturally notice your profile, click your link, or come to you via messenger. The Facebook Messenger application is one of the most popular tools among marketers who use organic affiliate marketing. You can also send people friend requests and messages if the group doesn’t prohibit it.

Many people have used this simple method to generate thousands or even millions of dollars in sales, from both affiliate offers and products and services.

The Other Things You Can Do On Facebook

Additionally, you can create your own Facebook group to communicate with, assist, and present offers to your audience. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to manage groups, but many marketers swear by their effectiveness. It’s also very easy to outsource many administrative tasks once a group has grown.

It is advisable to make regular high-quality posts on your profile and in your group, although not everything needs to be a “value post”. Most people are equally interested in the day-to-day events of your life and are more likely to comment on less serious posts. The key to finding what works for you is to experiment. Your reach can be improved by posting images, videos, and live broadcasts.

You can now turn organic marketing into your main source of income (and many people do). I personally don’t advise it, for two very good reasons: 1) If you lose your Facebook profile for whatever reason, you’re screwed, and 2) it’s almost impossible to fully outsource or automate it. You might be fine sticking to pure Facebook organic if you don’t mind never-ever getting a real vacation and if you like having all your eggs in one basket. But if you want to diversify, I have some solid suggestions…

organic social media marketing 2022

Step 2: Progress To A Platform With More Permanence

Third, I have problems with Facebook marketing because the results are temporary. Most posts, videos, and even live videos will only appear in your followers’ timelines for a few days at most. While particularly useful content may occasionally be shared within groups, Facebook is a more momentary platform when it comes to marketing.

There are many options available at this stage, but I recommend only choosing one at a time unless you can commit a lot of time to it. You can create content on several platforms including Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest, Medium.com, and YouTube. Although not all of those are technically “social media” platforms, they still count since they are free and have a lot of user-generated content.

You may want to consider YouTube or Medium if you are particularly strong with video or writing. I recommend LinkedIn as an excellent tool for building your brand. It makes sense to use Quora if you want as much authority and exposure as possible. Both will also give you high domain authority backlinks

Each of the five platforms mentioned above allows at least one link in your profile. Depending on your strategy, you may want to link to your funnel or your Facebook group. Most of the time, you can do both. By using a free link shortener such as Cutt.ly will make this easier.

The rest is fairly straightforward. Respond to questions on Quora. Post videos to YouTube, and write articles to Medium. These three things are possible on Linkedin and Pinterest. Your content should communicate your knowledge and experience to your audience, as well as telling your story. Remember to recommend your funnel or group link once in a while.

Note: It’s important to know the rules of each platform, as well as the rules of the communities within each platform. Be sure to read other people’s posts before you start writing your own.

Step 3: Analyze your efforts and scale them

As you experience success, it’s time to refine your approach in order to maximize your results. The key here is to use a URL shortener and/or GrooveSell tracking links as an example if you like promoting Groove.cm as we do. It’s important to figure out which content pieces generate the most clicks for your offers. GrooveSell tracking links even make it possible to know which clicks convert.

Make sure that you utilize a systematic approach to understanding, analyzing, and scaling your marketing efforts. The easiest way to do this is to see which Facebook groups initiate the most conversations on Messenger. The tracking could be as complex as tracking clicks and conversions across multiple platforms.

When the same amount of work yields 2x-10x more results than it did previously, you know you’ve found the right place to put your efforts.

Growing your business may require you to create multiple funnels or maintain a strong focus on a single core offer. Groove.cm is a platform full of possibilities, so whether you want to run an online store or sell coaching services, it will provide the tools you need.

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Organic social media marketing strategies still play an important role in traffic generation. People are now fully utilizing the power of social media marketing strategies because they do not know the right digital marketing tools.

GrooveFunnels (now is Groove.cm) is an excellent all in one digital marketing platform – you can use GroovePages to build your funnel, GrooveMail to send emails to your subscribers, and become an affiliate of GrooveFunnels.

Register a free Groove.cm account, build your own sales funnel to generate leads to advertise your offer, and leverage on organic social media marketing. Sooner or later, you will see your first sales online and many sales to come.

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