Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples (2022)

Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples (2022)

Hello, and welcome to today’s post, which is going to center around email marketing campaigns and why they matter so much!

Email marketing is something your org should not be sleeping on. It’s great in many different ways.

For starters, it works like a charm when trying to reach your mobile customers. Second, you can email awesome coupons and deals which really get people to buy.

Third, it’s just a great way to keep customers in the loop and informed about what you as a company are doing.

These are just a few reasons email marketing matters. Now, let’s learn about what makes a great campaign and some of the greatest campaigns ever.

best email marketing campaign examples

How to Make A Great Email Campaign?

Let’s begin with the basics. First, I’d recommend you shop around and research what the best email marketing services are. Here are a few I’d encourage you to check out:

  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • And my personal favorite, Clickfunnels!

These are all great email builders that will help you envision and create, optimize, and add personal touches to your company’s email campaigns and you don’t need to be a graphic design graduate to do it.

And you might wonder why I love Clickfunnels so much. Well, I love it because it does everything you can think of.

I like it because you don’t need to be overly technical to use it. It is very intuitive and so flexible. The drag and drop editing is the greatest I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve definitely used some competitors in the past!).

For instance, I used to think that Squarespace was the best thing since sliced bread, but I think Clickfunnels is a lot more fun and enjoyable to use. Nothing against SS- just found a better option.

best email marketing campaign examples clickfunnels

Aside from the ability to create the greatest landing pages you ever saw, and the ability to create sales funnels that really convert, the emails you can create are just beautiful. I know we have seen an uptick in conversion and opening with our email campaign since starting Clickfunnels.

Other cool things Clickfunnels can do for you:

  • A/B testing
  • Integrations galore, you can grab emails and collect payment directly inside Clickfunnels
  • Helps you earn more money
  • Simple to learn
  • You can get a 2-week trial for free!

You are going to save tons of time if you use Clickfunnels because it has everything. Really!

I encourage you to check it out as soon as you are done reading this article.

I’ve Got My Campaign Provider, What Can I Learn From Those Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples?

So, you’ve got your email campaign provider, yay! Now let’s get back into what it takes to make a great campaign.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

You want to make sure everything is personalized when it comes to marketing emails. You want to seem like you are speaking directly to the person reading the email, and use cool graphics in your work.

If you got an email that is written as “To whom it may concern,” or “Dear Customer” or “Dear Madam/Sir,” you would feel like it was just a solicitation. Make sure to include first and last names.

Don’t write huge walls of text, either. Use visuals to help the reader quickly and efficiently get the point.

Call to Action Matters

Now that you’ve got it personalized and using names, you need to call your audience to action.

This really matters, so make it count! You have earned a valuable place in somebody’s inbox, and they are getting tons of other emails, too. You have to make sure your message has a point and is worth opening.

Optimize for Each Device

Mobile, tablet, and PC. These are the ways in which people are reading emails. It’s not just one. Your goal is to make sure that your users can read their emails on each and every device they have.

best email marketing campaign examples optimize for devices

The term for this is “responsive design,” and the bulk of companies nowadays place a big priority on making sure mobile device optimization is in place when starting email marketing campaigns.

Think about your own situation- you probably don’t have an hour each day to sift through your emails. You might glance at them on your lunch break at work on your phone if you’re lucky.

The point? Your campaign has to be smart, optimized for a variety of devices, and planned with a great email marketing tool such as Clickfunnels.

Now let’s learn about some top-notch campaigns.

Campaign Example 1: Uber – Calendar Integration

Uber has such simple and gorgeous emails. The subscribers are notified of promos and bargains with emails like the one they did when they announced calendar integrations. The description is simple and brief, and the call to action is clear.

“Connect Your Calendar, Streamline Your Schedule.”

You can see how this is very appealing to the busy consumer!

Plus, it is written in a larger text that gets the point across for speed-reading or skimming the message.

If you care to learn more, Uber left a nice but simple explanation of how this program works.

The visuals of the email are also pleasing to the eye. The color scheme is non-offensive, using warm tones of purple and blue and using a fun geometric structure to add pizzazz to the email.

This is a hallmark of the Uber brand, and this consistency has paid off with so many remaining loyal to the ridesharing service.

Check out the fun way they highlighted the text you need to know:

best email marketing campaign examples uber

Without a doubt, this is one of the more fun campaigns we are going to feature today. It definitely does all you would expect out of an awesome campaign and drives home the point without being obnoxious or complicated.

Campaign Example 2: Poncho’s Custom Weather Forecast

Simple design, easy to read and snappy text, and colors are easy ways to get your brand noticed. Poncho was created in 2013, and it became a huge hit.

The app texts its user’s weather forecasts that are written by an animated feline each morning. The Poncho app has really come a long way since its inception, including chatbots and other apps, plus a handy alarm feature.

However, the weather forecasts still remain a fan favorite. (They turned me into a user, I’d never even heard of this service prior!)

Okay, enough of that, here’s the campaign.  They use colorful emails, plenty of fun gifs, and are simple to skim. They use puns and humor. Their call to action is casual as if a friend were talking to you: “Want to hang out outside of email?”

They are great at offering you the chance to use a device that works best for you, hearkening back to that optimization importance we mentioned at the start. As you can see in the example below, the user has the chance to use Kik, Messenger, or iOS to take advantage of its services.

At this rate, even if the weather were terrible for the next week, at least you get a laugh out of it. (The below image came from Upland blog).

best email marketing campaign examples poncho

Campaign Example 3: DropBox

We all know about Dropbox. But, if you’re like me, you set that Dropbox up in college and, well, forgot about it, until one day you REALLY want to review some silly thing you wrote for whatever reason.

You go sifting through your emails and BAM, like clockwork, here’s Dropbox asking you to come back; to re-engage with their services.

And you do it.

Why? Because their campaign was that good.

Check out this user re-engagement campaign and take notes if you have customers you’d like to win back. (This image came from Jerry Fahrni’s blog).

best email marketing campaign examples dropbox

As you can see, Dropbox tugged at our heartstrings by offering a hand-drawn image of a lonely cardboard box, complete with a little spider and cobwebs, to a happy box presumably enjoying the outdoors and its fullness.

Yeah, we know that’s kinda cheesy. But, it sure does work! The message is short and to the point. It is a gentle reminder of the services Dropbox offers. It is a great chance for you to include a coupon or deal to entice the client.

And the way they included a free tour is definitely a great way to welcome somebody back.

Campaign Example 4: Warby Parker

In this part, we are going to focus on the Renewal of a product. Warby Parker is a maker of prescription eyeglasses, and if you are a spectacles wearer like myself, you look forward to picking out new frames each year with your eye exam.

The people at Warby Parker figured this out, and they made their email campaign capitalize on this excitement that we get when picking out new glasses.

The subject line for this particular email read, “Your Prescription Is Expiring,” and this definitely gets you to click. After all, a prescription is something you cannot live without, especially when it comes to seeing!

They really drive home the point of taking care of one’s vision in this respect. It’s definitely a great trigger that will generate clicks.

Now take a look down at the very bottom. See that little “Newbury Street Store” and “ZocDoc” hyperlink? It’s a great little co-marketing gimmick, but it really gets the customer clicking.

There are no excuses for them- if they don’t think they know where to go, Warby Parker has laid it all out for them and made it that much easier.

The end result? We have a bunch of folks that can see much easier, and they look awesome in their Warby Parker frames.

best email marketing campaign examples warby parker

(This image was derived from Medium).

Campaign Example 5: HireVue

Here we have a great example of customer retention campaigns. Here’s the graphic- check it out for yourself and see what you notice.  (Image derived from Desketing).

best email marketing campaign examples hire vue

It’s simple. It’s not pushy. It’s actually got somewhat of an air of concern. If I were the customer reading this, I’d think they actually wanted me back. The inclusion of the phrase “We don’t want to come across as clingy,” is somewhat humorous and really sounds like you’re speaking to somebody.

It’s a simple, easy way to offer a hand to your subscriber and help keep them connected. It’s also loaded with funny graphics- everything from the classic

Einstein photo to the adorable waving bear indicates they are trying to approach the situation with kindness but also use a bit of humor to get you to stay.

Campaign Example 6: RCN

So, we’ve talked a lot about humorous and silly, touching and friendly, email marketing campaigns. What happens when you need an email that denotes you’re standing strong through the coming storms, literally or figuratively?

Let’s look at an example brought to us by RCN. RCN is an Internet service provider located in the Washington DC, New York, Chicago, and Philly areas, as well as having locations in Leigh Valley and Boston on top of that.

You know how important the Internet is, given that we are all working from home and in quarantine these days. Tropical storm season is upon us too.

So what was RCN’s campaign do to help customers feel reassured about their service in spite of Winter Storm Quinn? Take a look at this image from Hubspot:

best email marketing campaign examples rcn

The email places a big emphasis on one’s personal safety, which I think is a very nice touch in a world where we see corporations as big, evil money-grubbing machines that want nothing more than our wallets.

And toward the bottom of the email, you have a chance to visit the company’s social media pages, which are great tools for keeping customers engaged, developing your following, and demonstrating your commitment to being on top of things and posting information as it becomes available to you.

This is a heavy hitter and could have very well turned some customers into lifelong clientele. Imagine a customer with an elderly grandparent or relative who uses a service like Skype or email to keep in touch with said loved one.

Now imagine they lack the Wi-Fi to do their daily wellness check, thanks to a bad storm. Imagine the company supplying said Wi-Fi didn’t bother to say what they were doing in the wake of the storm.

Yeah, we could go on and on with that one, but I think you get the idea.

What Email Marketing Can Do for You

Okay, I’ve shown you six varying campaigns from some great companies. But why put all this effort into email marketing? What are the benefits? Come take a look at why this is something you just GOTTA get into!

Reason 1: You Establish Credibility

You want to business with somebody, you know. Get to know your customers by sharing content with them that is helpful, friendly, and adds value.

Even if they don’t personally use the service you are offering, word of mouth isn’t done by physically speaking at times; in this case, it could come in the form of someone forwarding your newsletter to a friend or family member that could use what you have to offer.

By having a well-written newsletter, you can let your customers know the sort of organization you are, and they will feel more confident and excited to give you a call, send an email or chat with you online about what you offer.

Reason 2: You Can Communicate Better

Remember how RCN sent out that letter ahead of time telling their customers about how they were preparing for the big storm? Imagine how that could translate to your business.

Suppose you own a chain of shops, and you know you are going to be installing POS terminals on a designated day in your stores. Imagine sending an email out to your customers, warning them that they will be training the employees on the new POS terminals, and their patience is appreciated.

Or imagine you are the owner of an apartment building, and you have been made aware of a water pipe leak. A great email campaign noting what you will do in light of the problems lends you more credibility and saves heaps of phone calls and unhappy clients.

best email marketing campaign examples start today

Reason 3: You Can Start Today!

With programs like Clickfunnels available, the training, knowledge, and tools you need are at your fingertips. You don’t need a lot of marketing experience or a college degree in the subject.

And if you do feel stumped or you’re just not sure where to turn, you definitely get help from Clickfunnels’ great staff or read helpful blogs like ours for some ideas on how to make your campaign the greatest it ever was.

Reason 4: You Look Awesome

An email campaign is not hard, but you end up looking super professional doing it. The templates included in programs like Clickfunnels make you look very professional when your clients open them up and finally see what you’re offering.

You can add in your logos, your own content, and your own colors, so it suits your brand to a tee.


So, now you know some ways to create a great email campaign. What will you do in your next campaign? Take some of our ideas, go forth, and make those conversions!


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