How To Create A Good Landing Page That Converts (2022)

How To Create A Good Landing Page That Converts (2022)

A landing page can sometimes make all the difference in a marketing campaign. A good landing page will give you high conversion rates and a lot of new business, while a bad landing page might actually drive away potential customers and hurt your business. But, how to create a good landing page that converts?

Also, what goes into a good landing page? What is it that actually makes a landing page effective or not? These are questions you might be asking yourself, but luckily the answer is actually quite simple.

If you want to find out for yourself what makes a landing page good, just keep reading along!

how to create a good landing page that converts

What’s in a Good Landing Page?

If you did not already know, a landing page is used to get basic information from potential customers, like their names and email addresses, or to get them to buy a specific product of yours.

To get this information, your landing page has to offer the potential customer something in exchange for what they’re giving.

This can be a discount on your company’s products or services, a free e-book, or any other benefit of what your customer gets in exchange for what they give—basically, anything to catch their eye and prove that your company is worth it.

You might be wondering what the difference is between a homepage and a landing page. While they’re fairly similar in some ways, the main way these two-page types differ is that a landing page is way simpler and more focused.

A homepage usually contains a bunch of links to different products, resources, and information. A landing page is slick, clean, and usually only contains one “goal” for whoever is viewing the page.

Making your landing page super straightforward is actually way better at generating leads and converting non-customers into customers than having a busy homepage.

While all landing pages are somewhat different, there are five common elements that most successful landing pages tend to have.


A Unique Selling Proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the hook that grabs your potential customer’s attention.

When coming up with your USP, you should ask yourself questions like “what makes the thing I’m offering special?” or “how is my offering different or better than what the competition offers?” Once you figure this out, you’ll have the basis for creating your USP.

Whatever your USP is, you’ll need to be able to communicate it clearly and concisely. Here’s what your USP needs to be effective.

  • A main headline that clearly describes what your product/service will offer
  • A secondary headline that adds any additional info you need
  • A strong closing statement (this is optional)
Shorter is always better when it comes to landing pages! The fewer words you use in your USP, the more engaging it will be.


A Hero Image

A landing page isn’t awe-inspiring if it’s just text alone. You need some kind of visual element, like an image or a video.

But the type of image or video you include in your landing page matters too. Your hero image should show how exactly your product or service is used.

If you have a software company, your hero image could be a picture of one of your apps running on a computer, or if you sell physical products, it could be a picture of someone using one of your products.

Try to avoid using stock photos for your hero image, because those tend to look kind of goofy and slightly fake.
create a good landing page that converts

A Description of Features and Benefits

Your landing page needs a little something beyond just the headline to show people what’s so great about your product or service. This is where you should talk about the features and benefits of whatever you’re selling.

The difference between a feature and a benefit is that a feature is simply an aspect of your product or service, while a benefit is an advantage provided by the feature.

Here’s an example:

  • “This new hard drive comes with 2 terabytes of storage.” (This is the feature.)
  • “This lets you store hundreds of thousands of photos or documents.” (This is the benefit.)

Social Proof

It’s not enough to just say that your product is fantastic. You’ll need some kind of proof to back up those claims.

Social proof can be one or several of these things:

  • Testimonials from customers
  • Logos from companies that use your product or service
  • Case studies
  • Reviews from sites like Amazon or Yelp

One important thing to remember is to never, ever try faking social proof. People are good at sniffing out the bull, and if your social proof is a bunch of fake testimonials that you wrote yourself, then you’ll have a heck of a time landing any customers.
create a good landing page that converts

A Call to Action

Aside from the opening headline, the call to action (CTA) is the most crucial part of any landing page. If it doesn’t have a CTA, it can hardly be called a landing page at all.

The CTA is the ultimate goal of every landing page. The CTA can be a button the customer clicks to buy a product, or it can be a form where they enter their information.

In any case, the CTA is basically what it sounds like, something that prompts your potential customer to perform a certain action.

When creating your CTA, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • If your CTA is a button, don’t make the button text something boring like “Click here” or “Order now.” The text on your CTA button should be more specific, perhaps something like “Begin my free trial” or “Get 25% off your order”.
  • If your CTA is a form, make the form as short as possible and make sure your privacy statement is clearly visible.

How to Create a Good Landing Page That Converts

At this point, you may be slightly concerned about the time and effort it might take to build a decent landing page. Perhaps you’re worried that it will involve a bunch of coding or other techniques that you’re not familiar with.

Luckily, there’s a bunch of services out there designed to help you out with not only making a great landing page but everything else you need to run a successful email marketing campaign.

A few examples of these services are GetResponse, ClickFunnels, Builderall, Thrive Leads, and Kartra. These services all come with drag-and-drop landing page builders that allow you to customize your landing page with a bunch of pre-made resources.

You won’t need to code a single element of your landing page!

And aside from just letting you create awesome landing pages quickly and easily, these services also let you perform A/B testing on different landing pages, build targeted ads for your customers, collect data on how successful your campaigns are, and many, many more things besides.

Great Examples of Landing Pages Done Right

Here, we’ll look at some examples of landing pages from different companies and what each of them has done that makes their landing page particularly effective.


  • Headline is right to the point; it addresses the desire of wanting to set your own work hours
  • Sign-up form is placed high up on the page, which lets users fill it out immediately if they want
  • The written content on the page is short and clear to understand
  • The page highlights the three main benefits of driving with Uber
  • Hero image is realistic and inviting


  • Tons of bright, flashy colors, which are very on-brand for Snapchat
  • Shows social proof in the form of multiple affiliate company logos
  • Tells you exactly what you get when you use the app
  • Has a bunch of animated graphics similar to what you have access to in the app


  • Puts the CTA right up front in the top section
  • Uses real images of people preparing a HelloFresh meal as opposed to stock images
  • Uses blocking to draw your eye to the most important parts of the page
  • Tells you exactly how the ordering process works and what you’ll get in each box
  • Uses influencer marketing with quotes and photos of a celebrity (Jessica Alba) endorsing HelloFresh


  • Uses language that effectively targets its audience; visitors are asked to become a ”patron of the arts” instead of just being asked to donate money
  • A CTA button is right in the center and is brightly colored to stand out from the rest of the page
  • The hero video depicts an artist hard at work, showing you what Patreon is all about as a service
  • A popup briefly explains what Patreon is for and how it works, so no information is left out


Even though these landing pages all look completely different, you can see that a lot of the elements that make up each page are the same.
create a good landing page
They all have one CTA button or form that is often presented right up front on the landing page, they all use language that their potential customers can identify with, and they all tell you exactly what the product or service is about and why it matters.

Really, creating a remarkable landing page isn’t hard at all once you know what you’re doing! You don’t have to be a graphic designer or a coder or anything; you just need to be able to convey what makes your company special and why customers should care about what you have to offer.

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