What Is An SEO Friendly Landing Page

If you are reading this then you are probably well aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites. But, did you know that you can optimize your landing pages for SEO as well?
The reason people optimize their website is to increase their organic (unpaid) traffic, which is one of the cheapest ways to attract your target audience. The same approach can be applied to your landing pages.
When someone uses a search engine like Google or Bing to ask a specific question, you want to be there with the answer. If your landing page answers their question, they will reward you by becoming a getting someone to visit your page.

Creating a great landing page is part of all effective marketing strategies. A landing page is simply a page on your website that your target market will be directed to after clicking on a link from an email, advertisment, or from some other reference on the web. Many companies send traffic to their homepage, but a better strategy is sending people directly to a landing page with information about a service, new product or special offer.
Landing pages that are optimized according to SEO best practices will drive more traffic of people who need your services
You need to consider many things when creating a landing page for your business, and various services like ours allow you to do so. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your landing page, you may consider using Digital Papercuts in Huntington Beach, which will enable you to gain free website traffic through using SEO.
This blog article will tell you everything you need to know about creating a SEO friendly landing page. You’ll find out what a SEO friendly landing page is, how to create one, and how to drive traffic to your landing page.

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What is a SEO friendly landing page?

A landing page is used in digital marketing to help promote a product or service. Many companies will create landing pages specifically to a specific service or a product; the landing page can then be used as part of the marketing strategy or paid ad campaign. Rather than sending visitors to your website’s home page, creating a special landing page that is specific and detail oriented towards the service or product can really help with conversions. With the proper ad targeting or by optimizing for specific keywords you can then send your target audience directly to the landing page.
Successful landing pages are focused and get your audience’s attention, which will help to increase your marketing strategies conversion rates while reducing the cost of acquiring a customer. A potential customer should be taken directly to your landing page after clicking on your link; they should then be able to see precisely what you are selling and easily purchase it or sign up for your service. People will often give up if they have to click on multiple links or if your website is unorganized, and it seems hard to buy from.
A landing page can be added to your marketing or sales funnel. The landing page will appear after a potential customer at the top of the sales funnel clicks on a link in an email or advert. The landing page is where the conversion occurs, e.g., where a customer can purchase your product or signup or register for a service.

The difference between a website homepage and a landing page

A landing page is a campaign-specific webpage that contains a single call to action and requires no website navigation to proceed. This differs slightly from a homepage or a blog post like this, which may include links that the potential customer will have to navigate.
Landing pages differ from homepages or other web pages, aiming to sell a specific product or service. Landing pages need to be written to encourage action.
If you were to use your homepage in a marketing campaign rather than creating a landing page, it would likely achieve a very lower conversion rate. This is because there are many potential distractions on the homepage, whereas a landing page is very focused. In our case our homepage talks about a variety of services we offer, from Local Huntington Beach SEO services, ADA website compliance, Advertising Management and Social Media Management.

SEO friendly landing pages can increase conversions

It’s no surprise to find that a landing page with fewer links will help to increase your conversion rate, as there are fewer distractions that will take visitors away from your call to action. Home pages have a purpose and look great, but visitors often browse sites without necessarily making a purchase. This is the reason that marketing experts will always recommend creating a landing page that is campaign specific.
When a SEO friendly landing page is combined with well written, keyword optimized ads or e-mails that promote your businesses product or offer, visitors are more likely to be converted into customers. Landing pages can be a powerful marketing tool if they are created and used correctly.

How to make a SEO friendly landing page

There are a few things that should be included on every landing page. Although you may think that good marketing is about standing out from the competition, when it comes to landing pages, it’s best to use a landing page template that’s been proven to work.
All landing pages that do well and achieve the desired results do so because they are structured correctly and have the correct fundamentals. It doesn’t matter what your marketing goal is, who your target audience is, your price point, or what type of product you are offering. It’s your landing page’s structure that will determine how successful your campaign is and where or not you can persuade the majority of people to buy or sign up.
Before creating a landing page, it’s a good idea to understand the framework of a landing page that gets results. If you stick with what works, you’ll be sure to get results.
Although landing pages vary considerably in their design and layout, some basic building blocks make up a landing pages structure. High-converting landing pages generally have the following components.
The 5 main steps to optimize your landing pages for SEO:

  1. Keyword analysis-The first step of SEO is keyword analysis. A keyword analysis starts with researching your industry, competitors, potential customers, and existing customers.The purpose of keyword analysis is to understand potential visitors and behavior, the possible volume of traffic and competition
  2. Landing page optimization- The primary keywords should be included in your:
    • Headers (H1, H2 and so on)
    • Body text
    • Image alt text
    • Metadata (page title, description, URL)
  3. Link building (earning backlinks)- Backlinks are like votes for your website – the more high quality and niche relevant websites link to your landing page the better results you can expect. Backlinks (links to your web page from other websites) is one of the most important off-site ranking factors search engines use.
  4. Page speed and mobile friendliness- Page speed and mobile-friendliness are a couple of ranking factors that were really important throughout the years and the importance is only increasing. We recommend using a WordPress plug in like WP Rocket or to use a landing page builder like GroovePages.
  5. SEO landing page optimization results’ analysis and adaptation- The last step of landing page optimization for search engines is to track your results. If you don’t measure performance, you’ll never know if it is properly optimized.

A SEO friendly unique selling proposition (USP)

Make the customer an offer that they simply can’t refuse. It would help if you aimed to make your product or service seem compelling. This is your chance to tell your target audience what makes your offer special. It’s also your chance to stand out from your competitors. Incorporating the primary keywords will help with conversions and rankings.

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Images or video

Add a visual element that will make your landing page eye-catching and attractive. Whether this is a picture of the product, you’re trying to sell or an image of a life coach or desired outcome if you’re selling an online course. Videos that explain the benefits of your products or services are often a good idea. Adding the keywords or location data in the images or on the video description will help the Search Engines understand that your images and videos are relevant to the search query.

The benefits of your service or product

Your landing page should have an eye-catching heading, as well as sub headings (The H1 and H2 tags) and text that make it easy for potential customers to get the information they need to either buy or register. Include bullet point lists and bold text rather than long paragraphs, as this makes your information easy to read and digest.

Social proof

Customers will want to see proof that your product or service actually works. Show them how your product is likely to improve their lives by including reviews or testimonials or even better add a video interview or a case study from one or two clients. We use case studies on our website as out customers generally prefer to remain anonymous sometimes. If you’ve worked with big brands before, you could include their logos on your landing page. You can also create Press Releases and then use the logos of the news agencies on your site. Such as
SEO Friendly Landing Page Design As Seen On

Call to action

The call to action on your landing page encourages people to buy your product or sign up for your service. The call to action will include either a form to fill in to sign up or a link to buy a product. It’s a good idea to get creative with the call to action and make it compelling rather than using boring or bland text like ‘click here.’

How to drive traffic to a landing page

There are several ways that you can get visitors to go to your landing page. Some of the most common ways to get traffic is through paid ads, social media marketing, and email campaigns, and then there is the subtle way-through SEO.

Paid Traffic

Google and other search engines have the option of paid advertising. Google ads is a our favorite paid advertising medium. Pay per click ads allows your ads to show up in the search results for specific keywords. You can choose to target people based on their search terms, demographics, or interests, which are revealed by their browsing history.

Google Adwords

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Social Media Marketing

You can also run ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest or YouTube, as this is a great way to target a specific demographic or location that’s likely to be interested in your product or service. You’ll be able to market to people who’ve added your industry to their interest list on their profile.
Facebook is a great all-around marketing tool for various industries, whereas Instagram is excellent for products and lifestyle brands, as you can include photos. LinkedIn will allow you to reach professionals who work in a specific industry..Pinterest allows you to search for those looking at certain hashtags. YouTube is actually one of the hidden gems that marketers often overlook but it is one of the best in our opinion.

Email Campaigns

If you’ve previously created an email list of people who are either previous customers or have shown interest in your product, you can market to them directly using an email campaign. Include a link to your landing page in the email.

Organic Search Traffic

You may also have people visiting your landing page organically due to the keywords or SEO added to your landing page. Unlike paid advertising, results take longer but can also last longer and be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Tips on creating SEO friendly landing page
  1. Publish to a custom URL. …
  2. Determine your keywords. …
  3. Include your keywords strategically on your landing page. …
  4. Don’t worry about the length of your page. …
  5. Secure backlinks to your page. …
  6. Leave your seasonal landing page online. …
  7. Speed up your page. …
  8. Make your content shareable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are landing pages good for SEO?

Yes, Search Engines like content that answers a search query and a focused Landing Page can make it easier the search engines to know what your page is about. So the key aim of a SEO Friendly Landing Page is to optimize the user experience and answer their query. This in itself is a good reason to use Landing Pages for SEO.

Do landing pages rank on Google?

Yes they can if optimized properly and has enough content to be relevant to the search engines. Simple landing pages by themselves without much content may have a difficult time ranking. However a landing page can also be done in any length. 

How many unique keywords should be included on each SEO friendly landing page?

Just like any website the answer is generally the fewer the better. For every landing page you have target one keyword specifically. If that keyword has variations, create other pages to cover those variations in greater detail to offer the best possible information to your users. Be as specific as you can, and include variations of a keyword only if they make sense naturally. Cluttering a page with multiple keywords can weaken that page in Googles eyes.

Is a landing page the same as a website?

No, Homepages and websites are designed for exploration, landing pages are customized to a specific product, service or offer and guide visitors towards a single call to action.

How do I create a landing page for free?

Here’s a step-by-step checklist for how to create your landing page:
  1. Use a page builder in WordPress or from a page builder like Groovepages
  2. Select a landing page template.
  3. Give your landing page a name.
  4. Add your unique content.
  5. Include high definition images.or videos
  6. Choose a relevant domain name and URL
  7. Make sure all your links and Call to Actions are working.
  8. Complete your meta description and SEO title.
  9. Publish!

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