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Digital Papercuts is a digital marketing agency that helps online and local businesses address the challenges they face in getting new business. Our foundational marketing products allow businesses to build a stronger digital presence, grow a stronger brand and connect with more customers.

We are very particular in who we do business with. We only bring on a new client when we honestly believe we can help them and substantially improve their business.

We are more than just another digital marketing company. We actively build and operate our own online businesses with dropshipping stores, blogs, affiliate marketing sites, and SaaS products in order to test out new ideas.

We are major advocates of using GroovePages and GrooveFunnels when appropriate for new businesses as we love the cutting-edge apps that they use to help online businesses with marketing their business.

Hi! This is Ron Kloth, CEO of Digital Papercuts. At Digital Papercuts, we believe there is a better way to do online marketing. Gone are the days of simply adding backlinks to a site in order to achieve good rankings. Today you need to employ multiple techniques if you want to have your business achieve top rankings.

We are obsessive about it because of our competitive nature. We all competed in either High School or collegiate sports programs and carry that competitive spirit into our work for our clients. We focus on search engine optimization (SEO). What is that? It is one of the least understood aspects of marketing, and one that is constantly evolving. We see that as an opportunity. While it may be impossible to always stay ahead of the Google algorithm curve, we try our best by doing what we think Google is looking for right now and what they may look for in the future, not by doing what they were looking for years ago.

Today those techniques like adding poor quality backlinks with poor quality content actually work against you-not for you. We are located in Germany but we span the globe. I am currently in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. Our roots are in Southern California. I am a 3rd generation Californian. My family lives in Orange County and I was raised in the Imperial Valley but have been living in Germany since 2018.

Our Journey from interning with the U.S. Ski Team doing Press Releases to working for start-up companies doing marketing in one form or another, from owning brick and mortar businesses to running multiple E-commerce businesses our past experiences have led us here.

If you want to learn more about SEO, eCommerce, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, GroovePages, Digital Marketing or Local GMB optimization contact us or check out Digital Papercuts blog posts.


Non-linear Marketing Approach

An interactive marketing technique known as nonlinear marketing is a long-term approach that involves businesses collecting information about Internet users’ online activities and attempting to be visible in multiple places.

As opposed to traditional marketing methods that rely on one-way direct communication with consumers (via print, television, and radio advertising), nonlinear digital marketing strategies utilize multiple omnichannels to reach prospective customers.

In addition to increased consumer awareness and growing demand for sophisticated consumer offerings, this change has mandated that many businesses rethink outreach strategies and adopt omnichannel, nonlinear marketing tactics to maintain adequate brand exposure, engagement, and reach. 

A nonlinear marketing strategy adapts advertising to different platforms and to individual buyers rather than a large coherent audience.

Tactics may include:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social media marketing

Video marketing

Email marketing


Website marketing

Paid search/contextual advertising

The response of consumers to traditional marketing approaches has become less predictable for businesses. A 2018 study found that nearly 90% of consumers in the United States research products and brands online before visiting the store or making a purchase. People with large social media followings (Influencers) can serve as ambassadors for businesses, and they can adapt their marketing strategies to reach out to these people in order to gain such favorable attention. As a result, businesses can use influencers to advertise their products or services, reducing their costs.


Our Mission

Digital Papercuts mission is to provide excellent professional service at a reasonable value. We hope to help bring our clients into the future with the latest digital marketing tools. We focus on top-notch work, on-time delivery, and affordable prices. This gives our customers the best value in the industry. You will find us friendly, competent, and enthusiastic about your project. Our business philosophy was developed while working for Charles Schwab (Before they became a large public company). That philosophy is to put the client first. Lots of companies may say that, but we work to keep our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our purpose is to champion every client’s goals with passion and integrity. We only will bring on a new client if we feel we can genuinely help them. Digital Papercuts is one of the most trusted traffic generation Digital Marketing Agencies in Orange County specializing in Local Search Marketing. Digital Papercuts has achieved incredible success in traffic generation in numerous industries. We are committed to providing our clients the very best in organic traffic search results to increase your sales.


We are a full-service, A-Z digital marketing agency, we focus on Google Rankings for your business and traffic generation and we pride ourselves on the acumen and talents of our team members. Digital Papercuts is a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals and SEO veterans, working hard to push the boundaries of the industry we love. Our handpicked team combines years of expertise in all fields of digital media, allowing us to deliver imaginative, cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of clients. At Digital Papercuts, we treat each client’s business as if it were our own. To us, nothing is more important than knowing all we can about your business goals and aspirations, and helping you to achieve them. Our professional team is always working to know every significant aspect of your business operation, and the key members of your organization. We understand that you are looking for high-quality marketing consulting, and that’s exactly what we provide.