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Target Marketing and SEO

Target Marketing and SEO

When you want to market your services or products online, the first thing you need to do is to determine your target market. Once your target market is chosen, you can then use the four “P’s” in marketing to decide how to approach your target market. The 4 P’s referred here is price, product, place and promotion.

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So, why do you need to look at target marketing? The main reason is that company exists for a reason-generally to make money. Your website needs to differentiate itself from your competition in order to survive. For example if you have decided to sell bottled hard seltzer to the general mass in the urban area, then good luck with that. In the US, White Claw currently owns the market and other big companies have presences as well. If you still insists on selling hard seltzer, then you need to narrow your target market.

What does a targeted traffic consist of?

You want to target the audience online that is looking for your product or services. You need them to see what you are offering on your website, and then visit your website, these people are called targeted traffic.

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What kind of traffic will visit your website?

You will be visited by:

* People that where looking for other kind of products and services and arrived there by mistake
* People that are looking for similar things to those that you offer at your site
* People that are looking for what you have to offer

You must certainly try to avoid the visits of the first group, and encourage the second and the third group people as they will be the most likely to buy from you.

The second group,which are targeted traffic, and even when they are not going to buy YOUR products, may buy other associated products offered at your website or provide you a source of income through Google Adsense revenue.

And the third group, is the kind of targeted traffic that’s going to arrive to your website, with a desire of finding what you are offering, and have the highest probability of buying from you.

The targeted traffic might not be in a buying mood the day that they visit your website, but they will be receptive to your offerings, and if you give them a reason to return to your web site (having good content site), they might buy from you in the future. And if you can get this group to sign up for your e-mail list you can retarget them.

You may have heard that what you need in order to do a good business with Internet is traffic, lots of traffic. But you don’t need just lots of traffic, you need TARGETED TRAFFIC┬ábecause is the only kind of visitors that will provide you a revenue.

So you don’t need any visitors, you need qualified or targeted visitors that will respond with a positive attitude, and will want to read what you say at your site and engage with your site.

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Can you do business with untargeted traffic?

Sure you can, but it will cost you much more money and time to do it. People who advertise on Facebook often engage in this.

For every 100 or 1000 bulk untargeted visitors you might find one that’s really interested in your offer, but if you are in a pay per click campaign you will need to pay for 100 or 1000 clicks to get each sale.

If you are trying to drive traffic by using SEO, is the same, you will need 100 or 1000 times more visitors to get the ones that really care for what you offer. However these people are looking for what you offer.

How can you get targeted traffic?

The most cost efficient way to attract targeted traffic to your website, is utilizing the search engines, directories, and in creating links from other related sites.

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And how will they provide you with targeted traffic?

They will do it if you reach a high ranking, because if you have the right product or service for your targeted customers, and when they search for it on the search engines or directories, you have your site on page 5, they most likely NEVER find you or buy from you.

So high ranking on the search engines will not only provide you with your targeted traffic, they will also provide you with credibility, and people that find you on their lists, will arrive to your web site, with the kind of mood that you need in a visitor.

For example, instead of selling to the general mass, your target market for the hard seltzer can be physically active individuals who avoids high carbohydrate beverages when they go out. Once you identify this target market, you would then use the four P to differentiate yourself from hard seltzer. For example, in terms of place (distribution), you can avoid places such as coffee shops or fast food restaurants. Statistically, people who are drinking adult drinks might seldom visit these places. You would then concentrate your distribution on places such as bars and clubs.

While choosing your target market seems trivial, it will cost you a lot of marketing dollars if done incorrectly. Let’s assume that you do not decide what your target market is and you are now using the four P in marketing to market your product. You would then distribute your hard seltzer water to places such as convenience stores, gas stations and the grocery store. Will you capture audiences who are younger than the population? Possibly you will. But, the percentage of that audience is small compared to if you focus your distribution on that target market. As a result, you spend large amount of money to capture a small portion of the audience. Worse still, big companies such White Claw and Anheuser Busch are now aware that you are invading their turf. The next thing they’ll do is to bombard the mass media with advertisement and price cut to make your products invisible. If they do it long enough, your survival may be in question. Therefore, choosing your target market is really important before marketing your products.

In the online world, you need to choose your target market too. Once you choose your target market, the four P should reflect this decision. For example, if your target market is individuals who are looking for ways to invest their money, you should not advertise in general audience such as Facebook. Your marketing budget will be more effective if you spend your money in financial website such as Yahoo! Finance or CNBC.

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Same thing with your distribution channel. If you distribute your content to the general article directory, you will get loads of visitors who may not be interested in your products or services. Furthermore, as discussed earlier, it might attract your bigger competitors thinking that you are trying to take away their lunch. If your bigger competitors are not inept, they will then react accordingly and launch offensive campaigns that will render your marketing campaign useless.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are plenty of niche article directories allowing marketers to publish articles of certain field. Thus, smaller publishers can gain more visibility as niche directories generally have less people submitting their contents. Furthermore, larger competitors are reluctant to publish their contents there. The reason is that they have a larger cost overhead. Focusing on small target market will not do them any good. It is their loss. But you, my friend, should not miss this opportunity. It is one of the most efficient way of using your marketing dollars.

Using SEO for your targeted traffic.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) should be considered as a critical element of any digital marketing strategy. This is important because there is so much which can be gained from SEO in terms of digital marketing and online advertising. Failure to optimize your website for SEO can result in a considerable loss in terms of free advertising and traffic which is essentially gained from ranking well with search engines. This article will provide insight into what SEO is and will explain why digital marketing requires at least some degree of SEO.

SEO optimization is a strategy in which a website is designed to obtain better search engine rankings from popular search engines. This may be achieved in a variety of ways and the most optimal SEO strategies combine a variety of different strategies to complete one well orchestrated SEO campaign. There are several elements to consider when attempting to optimize your website for search engines like Google. This may include keyword density, article length, META tags, titles and inbound links. Keyword density is one of the most common SEO strategies and essentially involves using relevant keywords often in the content of a website to demonstrate the relevance of these keywords to the website. This is important because search engines like Google are likely to reward websites with good keyword densities with favorable search engine rankings in an effort to provide Internet users with the most relevant websites for particular search terms.

The location of keywords should also be considered. This includes how close the keywords are placed to the beginning of the website. The common mistake with this strategy is to believe the first opportunity to incorporate keywords is in the first line of visible text on the webpage. This is not true because search engines crawl the code of a website as opposed to the visible content on the website. This means there are multiple opportunities to incorporate relevant keywords long before the actual visible content on the website. This might include the code for the title as well as the META tags. Business owners who realize the potential for incorporating keyword into the code gain an advantage over competitors who only incorporate keywords into the content on their website.

Another area of concern which is very important for those who are interested in SEO is inbound links from other sites. Inbound links are essentially links which reside on other websites and direct traffic to your website. These links are considered important because many search engines place a value on inbound links because they are essentially an example of one website recommending another website. However, when obtaining inbound links it is important to do so from other websites which rank well with search engines because many search engines consider the rank of the original website when determining the value of the inbound link. High domain links count for much more than low domain authority sites.

Now that we have briefly explained some of the main concept of SEO, we will illustrate why it is important to optimize your website in the first place. SEO is so important because most Internet users highly value the results of search engines and are likely to only visit to ranking websites when they search for a particular keyword. Internet users trust search engines to serve the most relevant content first and are therefore not likely to visit websites which do not fall on the first or second page of search results. This means websites which rank well essentially are receiving a great deal of free advertising from search engines that place their website in a key position. Website owners who do not invest time into optimizing their websites miss out on a great deal of potential web traffic.

Adding keywords that your targeted traffic audience is searching for will result in more traffic to your website as you move up in the rankings.

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