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Getting Traffic With Keyword Rich Niche Articles and SEO Optimized Headlines

Getting Traffic With Keyword Rich Niche Articles and SEO Optimized Headlines

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Writing relevant content is still the King of the internet marketing. Most people go online looking for information about their favorite topics, or to search for something specific that is on their mind at the moment. There is an insatiable appetite for information on various topics.

So, if you want to drive targeted traffic and pre-qualified potential buyers to your business, you really must publish relevant information online in the form of quick-to-read but interesting keyword rich articles with catchy headlines.

Before you write your content follow these rules you can use to write headlines that will reach out and force the prospect to read your article, browse your website or look at your product or services.

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1. Your headline must offer something that your target market is looking for.

2. If you emphasize a word in your headline, make sure that word means something to your reader and is important..

3. If your product is new, improved or on sale, say so in the headline.

4. Avoid clever headlines that makes the reader think “how clever.” Cleverness rarely gets people to read your web page or spend money and is a turnoff.

5. Avoid negativity in your headline. Always turn negative sentiments into a positive statement.

6. Your headline should suggest a quick and easy way to achieve the benefits stated. People are interested in benefits-not nitty gritty details.

7. Your headline should be believable.

8. Determine what would make you buy your product, and then try to incorporate that idea into your headline.

9. Avoid making your headline so short that you don’t get the main point across.

10. Suggest in your headline that your copy contains useful and valuable information.

If you will follow these simple guidelines for writing your headline copy, you will be more likely to have a successful headline and a successful ad!

Beyond the headline

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Reason #1 – Get Premium Exposure for Your Website

It’s much easier to achieve high search engine ranking for article pages than for your homepage. Search engines are crazy for fresh content on practically every topic under the sun.

So, write your articles surrounding less competitive keywords that you can easily rank for. You will have a much better chance of getting your article indexed by major search engines. One tip is to look at the top articles that are ranking for a keyword. Analyze their length, use of images and videos and try and match or beat them but optimizing your content.

Be sure to place a link to your main website in the article.

Reason #2 – Get Automatic Backlinks from High Domain Authority Sites

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Each time your article and site link are republished online, it provides a backlink to your website. Backlinks are regarded by search engines as a sort of recommendation for your website. If your site has a number of quality backlinks, it can quickly improve the search engine ranking. A couple of High Domain Authority Links are worth far more than 100 low quality links.

Submit your articles to online article directories. In most cases it’s free. Many directory sites are regarded by major search engines as authority sites, and are indexed frequently for new content. This means the website link you include in your article will also be indexed from the site where it is found.

Reason #3 – Improve Your Conversion Rate

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By conversion rate, we mean the percentage of your businesses website visitors that convert to paying customers and sales.

You can boost your credibility and convert more website visitors into a paying customers by providing them with interesting and informative niche related relevant topic articles, and then introducing them to related products or services you have for sale.

On the other hand, simply displaying products on your website, with no related information or content, will likely result in a low conversion rate. It’s important that you use articles to first prove your credibility and your knowledge in your field.

Reason #4 – Your Cost is Practically Zero

All you need is your thoughts and your computer. If you can write a letter to a friend that explains the details of some topic, then you can write topical articles to publish on your own site and submit to other sites.

However, if you don’t like to write, or simply believe that you can’t, you can still have original keyword rich articles written for you at an affordable price by hiring a freelancer or having your digital marketing agency provide them for you.

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