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Digital Marketing and Advertising Ideas

Digital Marketing and Advertising Ideas

Business owners wanting good ideas for digital marketing and advertising are always seeking new and ingenious marketing and advertising methods. Of course, all business owners want their digital marketing efforts to bring in more customer traffic and increased revenue and sales. Unfortunately, online advertising and digital marketing methods can be quite costly, but there are marketing and advertising ideas and techniques that don’t cost much. There are great digital marketing strategies and ideas that can bring in a lsignificant amount of website traffic and revenue.

E-Zine Digital Marketing

E-zines are a popular method of marketing and advertising websites because e-zine publishers have control over links and banner ads within their e-zines. Publishing an e-zine can be very beneficial for online business owners. Even if a website owner isn’t a skilled writer, with a little help they can still publish an e-zine for online marketing and advertising purposes.

Unbeknownst to some, there are websites that offer free and low-cost content for those wanting to publish an e-zine article. Besides the many free content websites, there are many e-zine publishers that trade content with writers who also want to take advantage of free marketing and advertising methods.

Contributing writers submit original articles and include links to their business websites in exchange for the content they are submitting. This is a marketing method that benefits all concerned. The original e-zine publisher receives free content, and article contributors receive free marketing and advertising for their business websites. Writers without business websites often sell their work directly to websites that buy articles and sell articles to those seeking website and e-zine content.

Digital Marketing using Blogs

Blogging is one of the latest methods online business owners use that are looking for fresh marketing and advertising ideas. It certainly doesn’t take a professional writer to create a blog. An business owner can create a blog and submit content to that blog on a daily basis. If information is full of valuable keywords and phrases, many search engines will pick up that information. People searching for particular keywords and phrases will likely stumble upon the information. Include links to a business website along with related information people are seeking, and the business could receive a great increase in internet traffic and revenue. Advertising using daily blogs are simple low-cost marketing methods, and these marketing methods have proven effective for a great number of online business owners.


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Backlinks Huntington Beach

Business owners seeking digital marketing ideas and advertising methods are often willing to exchange links with other online business owners.This can be accomplished through link exchange programs or by directly contacting internet business owners. Those looking for free online marketing and advertising methods and ideas can create partnerships with many online business owners and greatly increase their traffic and revenue.

Article Marketing

Article marketing focuses on article directories to expand reach and readability. Let’s take a closer look at how it can work for you and your business:

Article marketing has emerged as one of the best ways to propagate your website online. This low cost and highly effective tool has made even Fortune 500 companies include it in their marketing campaigns. Today there are thousands of article directories which freely accept articles from users.

Why it works

There are many reasons why even large corporations have turned to this simple marketing tool. Most article directories accept article submissions free of charge. All you need to do it register and then start posting articles. It is also a great way to boost backlinks to your site. Usually all such directories have a resource box in which you can advertise your site and include a link back to the site. In this way you can increase the number of hits to your site in a very short time. Pinterest is a great site for e-commerce store owners, linkedin for B2B business owners and Facebook for local businesses.

Trial and error

With article marketing you can afford to make mistakes without incurring losses. Since article directories are free of cost, even if you happen to submit the wrong article or place it in the wrong category, you can still improve on it and get better at it with trial and error. Thus this marketing tool provides for a great way to avoid risk and still not spend a dime. This is unlike other high cost alternatives like PPC (pay per click) or flash advertising which need a lot of investment.

Choose your niche

With article marketing you always have a cho ice to select the niche business segment of choice. Thus you could be focusing on a very select target segment which not many other providers have targeted. This way you can submit your articles to article directories and start to generate interest and reaction in this segment. Since the segment will be relatively new and untapped, you can expect to become a domain leader very soon.


Google Maps Expert

Google Maps Expert Orange County

Once you start submitting your articles to article directories on a regular basis you can transform the way people perceive your website. The fact that you are writing on a set of topics related to a particular theme and niche makes people online think of you as a subject matter expert of sorts. Thus people will turn to you for advice and recommendation when they need information on the same subject. Over an extended period of time such article directories will allow you to establish yourself and your business as a domain expert. What this means for your business is more customers and more sales.

Interesting topics

The kind of topics you write on can largely affect the popularity and sales of your business online. Usually customers like to read about informative articles which educate them. Thus topics which begin with ?how to? or ?great tips? or ?10 best ways? etc. are bound to get you more attention. By submitting such articles to article directories you can greatly enhance the appeal and popularity of your site online. Then the sky is the limit and you can enjoy endless possibilities in your business.

Online business directories

Effective digital marketing mediums like newspapers, popular magazines or TV are very important for boosting a business. However, for small businesses especially for those that are just starting, advertising through these medium might be too expensive.

However, with the internet, there are already powerful but cost-effective measures to gain free marketing.

One very effective way to boost your business quickly but not spending too much is through having your business website listed on an online business directory.

Actually, you can have it listed on many directories. Your website will slowly get ranking and attract many potential customers in the process.

On their own, small local business, company websites cannot get high rankings generally except in their geotargeted area, since they might only have 5-10 pages. Thus, online business directory advertising websites are really helpful and significant for them.

As online business directories regain more recognition among business owners, more business websites find make sure they are listed on them. An online business directory connects buyers and sellers. They offer the same advantages as advertising in traditional yellow pages. By having a business website listed, they can establish their brands, give customer latest information about their business and what’s more important, attract new customers.

Many online business directories list websites for free. Some asks for reciprocal links and some charge. Nevertheless, once an online business directory achieved a good ranking especially on major search engines, they may charge for listing already.

Listing your business sometimes is categorized from basic listing to other listing opportunities, like attaching company logo, giving a direct link to the website, and maps/directions to the business website address.

There are also upgrade opportunities. Larger online business directory services may offer a business website already subscribing a basic listing with online coupons, acquisition services and reporting tools.

Listing on a site like Dun and Bradstreet helps with ranking and potentially also your business credit rating.

One of the characteristics of a good online business directory is its good organization. If you are running an online home based business directory then you have to know that it is very critical to have a well-organized structure for your directory. Having a good directory structure will not get your users hopelessly confused and make it easy for them to find what they need. Also, having an organized business directory means they are all in one place and makes it easy to have a back up file for it. Like organizing a real file cabinet, you can have your online business directory organized by having three levels. The file cabinet itself is the first level, 2nd is the file drawers and third is the file folders.

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