How To Optimize Facebook ads after IOS 14

How To Optimize Facebook ads after IOS 14

IOS 14 is a bummer. Because of it many normally profitable ads became non-profitable.  
IOS 14 has sucked the life out of Facebook ads, and any company saying that they haven’t struggled is lying.
How to optimize Facebook ads after IOS 14 to minimize this detrimental effect? Use this exact framework to make your ads wildly profitable and kill the IOS 14 effect.
As an honest business owner, I need to tell you the truth, we have struggled too, but we have found some ways to go around the negative effects that iOS 14 has had on your ads.
In fact, some of our ad accounts are performing even better just because others in our competition are struggling right now, and you can also if you are able to figure out what works in the post iOS 14 world.
How To Optimize Facebook ads after IOS 14
This means lower costs and maximum conversions for you, so here’s how you can do it too.

  1. The Four Arms Targeting.


  1. Why Face-changing is necessary in the Post IOS 14 world.


  1. Using the pegasus attribution.

Let’s get right to it.
The IOS 14 has certainly made a dent in the world of Facebook ads targeting. 
Data is less accurate, so iterating over a less accurate audience results in less effective results.
Therefore, if we want to improve targeting in this post-IOS14 world, we must avoid going overly specific, since Facebook will have fewer variables to work with and cannot produce the results we desire.
In short, broad targeting works better than narrow targeting… 
We call this whole campaign framework ‘The Four Arm Targeting’, and I’m going to actually show you the specific framework we’ve been using from top to bottom.
This is how it works.
ios 14 advertising tips

TOF   Brand awareness/Video views

ADSET – 1% LLA excluding 30 days all page engagement, website visits, and video views, 2 – 3 branding creatives.
ADSET – 5% LLA excluding 30 days all page engagement, website visits, and video views, 2 – 3 branding creatives.
ADSET – Interest X – excluding 30 days of all page engagement, website visits, and video views, 2 – 3 branding creatives.
ADSET – Interest Y – excluding 30 days of all page engagement, website visits, and video views,2 – 3 branding creatives.
ADSET – Open – excluding 30 days of all page engagement, website visits, and video views, 2 – 3 branding creatives.
The goal here is to give Facebook as many variables as possible so that it can produce more accurate results. I mean by many, I mean more options, which means going broad.
In our first step, we will approach these audiences and then retarget them later on.
Moving forward here…

TOF Conversion Ads.

Let’s talk about how we structure TOF conversion campaigns.
At any given time, we run 6-8 adsets with CBO.
Campaign Structure:
ADSET 1 → Super 1% → 3-5 top creatives 
ADSET 2 → Super 5% → 3-5 top creatives 
ADSET 3 → Super 10% → 3-5 top creatives 
ADSET 4 → Interest A → 3-5 top creatives 
ADSET 5 → Interest B → 3-5 top creatives 
ADSET 6 → Interest C → 3-5 top creatives 
This is how we have used our targeting at the top of the funnel.
Now let’s move on about MOF…
facebook advertising

MOF Conversion Ads

ADSET 1 – All FB page/post engagement – 3 creatives 
ADSET 2 – All IG page/post engagement – 3 creatives 
ADSET 3 – All video views – 3 creatives 
We will go into how to build immense trust later in the post so that you can maximize your conversions as much as possible.
Now let’s move on to our final stop of the funnel when it comes to targeting and that’s the BOF – Bottom of the funnel.
Now when it comes to the BOF – we use something that we like to call quadratic sequence.
Despite its effectiveness, it works only with higher budgets.
Let’s break it down…
Main idea – This is a 12-day sequence showcasing a different angle of your product/brand every 3 days in order to convert the maximum number of web viewers.
This is because not everyone resonates with the same type of ad – as described in our second key rule.
Now Here’s what the sequence looks like:
3 DAYS – Product focused creatives/messaging
3 DAYS – Brand focused creatives/messaging
3 DAYS – Testimonials
3 DAYS – Impact focused (the impact your brand/product has on the world)
Trust me, if they don’t buy after all of this, they won’t buy.
Okay, so this is the exact targeting framework we are using from top to bottom right now, and it is killing it for us.
Moving on, let’s talk about how you should think about your copy/creatives at each of the points of your funnel in the iOS 14 world.
When I talk about changing your face, I am referring to the face of your ads that are your creatives/copy in the post-IOS 14 era.
In the past, you could put an ad on Facebook and it could work.
If you want to succeed in the post-iOS 14 world, you have to focus on your creatives 110% and make them the best.
Stop… We are going to save you a year of your life by giving you the exact creative framework we are using at each step of the above targeting funnel.
So let’s get straight into it.

TOF Creatives to use in Brand awareness/Video views 

Ads that promote brand awareness work really well at this stage. We would like to focus on two aspects here:

  1. Brand awareness ads that portray your brand’s impact on people by showing how it is helping millions of people to do this and that, etc.


  1. Company-focused brand awareness ads – With regards to portraying your company and building authority, often social proof works really well, and videos here are superior to images.


Now let’s move on to  Creatives to use in TOF Conversion Ads.

Currently, we like ads that use simple videos of products with direct calls to action.
Here’s a basic framework that you can use for yourself.
0:00 – 0:10 Illustrate a problem that your customer is having
0:10 – 0:20  Agitate the problem that your customer is having
0:20 – 0:30  Present your product as a solution
0:30 – 0:40  Show other people who used your product and solved the same problems your now cold audience is facing – this builds huge trust.
Moving right along…

Creatives to use in MOF Conversion Ads.

Our biggest goal here is to build immense trust among our audience that we can leverage in the future.
The most recent changes took place here.
Typically, you will see testimonial ads for your product with a positive review as a copy.
It works, but we’ve found something that works better…
Our goal is to give the viewer the “purchase experience” before they buy.
And that’s by using unboxing videos. They work way better, yet very few people except for some YouTubers use them, which baffles me.

New Creatives to use at BOF.


  1. Using the above TOF conversion creative framework here with straight call to actions + discount ladders is what’s currently killing it for us.

A second thing we like to do here that few are taking advantage of is giving our audiences a VIP discount.
The fact that we are converting these people again is like manifesting money out of thin air. I am serious, I’m not kidding…
A basic framework that you can use is: “Hey I am the owner for company ‘X’, Thanks for purchasing our product x and being our dearest customer we wanted to give you a VIP discount for this new product Y, blah blah blah’
Something like that? You get the idea, I don’t want to overcomplicate things.
Now, let’s move on to the final step we’re using to kill the IOS 14 effect.
We are still testing this and haven’t used it for every client.
So this is pegasus attribution and what it basically means is turbo-boosting your attribution system and making sure that you receive accurate data which will help you make better decisions moving forward.
And it’s by using attribution tools like Hyros, Red track, these tools will improve your attribution and help you record accurate data which will help you make good decisions, therefore, training Facebook’s Algorithm to work more efficiently.
It is not necessary to do this because if you do what I said above, that alone could prove your results by 95%.


Facebook ads is inevitably affected by the launch of IOS 14. In digital marketing arena, there are many other social media platforms that can help you out, for example, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. You can also rely on search engines through SEO and PPC. Digital Papercuts is a digital marketing agency that can help you on SEO services and PPC advertising.
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