Local Marketing Advantages

Local Marketing Advantages

If your business is local to a specific area it might not be able to compete directly with a larger competitor in another geographic location. Local companies need targeted marketing strategies to attract new customers who may not realize that your business is there. Local marketing is a technique that is done both in person and online. You will need to determine the local marketing strategies that will be the most beneficial for your business.
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In this post we’ll talk about the advantages of local marketing and the reasons why you should use these strategies.

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What is local marketing?

Local marketing might be a term you are unfamiliar with but it’s one of the oldest marketing methods around.
Remember the days before websites and Amazon? When you had to pick up a phone book to find an area business and you always shopped at your neighborhood stores? That was local marketing then. Today, local marketing is different, and yet still the same. Welcome to local marketing in 2020.
Local marketing generally refers to any means of promotion that position a brand or business in a specific geographic area. It is the work done for a company like yours to help you stand out in the city where you are located and to attract a geo-targeted customer base. It is also known as “neighborhood marketing”. These localized marketing tactics or techniques are used to supplement the broader strategic marketing initiatives such as SEO. Your message is directed to the local population in your area, rather than the mass national or global market.

Advantages of local marketing

If you have decided that the best strategy for your business is local marketing and not SEO you must be aware that it is not just a translation it involves much more and if you do it properly you will get enormous advantages for your business:

Faster local market penetration

With local marketing you will have direct access to clients, your business will be present at the channels used by your potential clients, you will know what are the most popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and which are the main sources of information for your customers as a consequence you will be more efficient in your strategy.

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Improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

With local marketing the creative process becomes easier as you know your client’s specific needs you will be able to develop tailored content according to the different tastes, trends, and other topics related to the location so the information you provide will be more useful and interesting for your customers.

Organically extending customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Customer lifetime value is defined as a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. Basically it is easier to attract returning repeat customers over and over again. As a result your business will build long-term relationships with your clients and therefore the LTV will be longer and more valuable.

Improved competitive edge

Local geo-targeted marketing allows you to compete with your direct competition as a local business. Local positioning places you over your direct competitors especially if you optimize your location on Google maps what makes you the preferred option among the existing ones. Our local Google Maps ranking package is a part of our bronze level package.

Get ahead of the competitors when entering the local market

As a local business, you have competitive advantages compared to larger national brands. It is proved that customers rely on local brands rather than on national ones, if something goes wrong they think that they will have a rapid response or a face to face contact with the client service and therefore the chances of commercialization increase considerably.

Other aspects to take into consideration

Nowadays it is a fact that most Internet searches are mobile, thus, smartphone users search for local and close information to the location where they are. For this reason, it is important to geo-locate your business on the map and let your potential clients find you easily, for local businesses, there are a few places to jump on right away like: Google my business,Foursquare, Yelp or any other business directories. This is done by optimizing your Google my business listing. This is linked in with search engine optimization and it is an important component of any local marketing strategy. Beyond your website, you also want to make sure your site is getting highlighted in other places online.
This does two positive things:

  1. Increases the chances of your small business grabbing a potential customer.
  2. It helps improve your search engine rankings.


Networking With Other Local Businesses

If you are in a city or county that does not already have the service your company provides, then you need to network with other local businesses. This can increase your exposure and attract customers. Ask local businesses to post your company’s fliers on doors or in highly trafficked areas. A flier gives you the opportunity to display all of the services that your business is able to provide. Another option is to give a portion of your time to a local church or fraternal organization to increase exposure to many more people.
This will enable you to gain referrals and develop your local reputation.

Basic Types of Local Marketing

The most basic type of local marketing is the old fashioned business card. You can give these out as you meet new people or begin work projects or leave them by your checkout counter. This enables the individual to refer to your business, website or phone number when future contact is necessary. You also need to design a specialized online local marketing strategy to complement your offline marketing strategy, we all know the majority of people search the internet to learn more about companies they are evaluating doing business with.

Local Search Engine Marketing

If you want to attract new customers online, you will need to use local marketing strategies that are part of a search engine marketing, or SEM, for your business. The main focus of a local marketing strategy is to first determine all of the local keywords for your business. These keywords need to be specific to your area of operations to attract local customers. This is also known as location-based keyword usage. Your site should have keywords that include your city, county or geographic area.
Keywords and phrases need to be included on every page of your website. This will increase your site’s ranking when potential customers perform local searches. The way that SEO is changing local businesses is starting to get a marketing advantage. Many times, when people will do a query online to search for a product or service online local businesses will appear on the first page.
The goal is to have your website appear on the first page of search results when keywords for your local area are entered. The use of local keywords will differentiate your site from the sites of competitors who are in other locations. You should survey some of your customers to see what types of search terms they would use to find your particular kind of business.
If any of these keywords are not already on your site, then you can add them to increase your visibility when a prospective customer does a local search online. The use of offline and online local marketing is important for asmall business that has a need to attract more customers. Local marketing is a great way to gain customers in the surrounding area who may see your business as a better option.
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Digital Papercuts is an Inbound Marketing Agency specialized in local marketing services such as website development, local Google My Business optimizationcontent marketing and paid advertising. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate and contact us!
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Frequently asked questions.

Why is local marketing important?

The use of local marketing is important for a small business that has a need to attract more clients. Local marketing is a great way to gain new customers in the surrounding area who may see your business as a better option.

Why is local advertising so important?

Geo-targeted advertising allows you to create a strong local presence. Localizing your ads allows you to make a personal connection with your ideal customer.

How do I market my local business?

  1. Set up your free Google My Business listing with Google.
  2. Start adding content that attracts local customers.
  3. Join local They could be B2B groups or social groups like Kiwanis or The Rotary Club.
  4. Give back to the community. Join the local Chamber of Commerce and participate in local events.
  5. Implement a customer loyalty program. This can be as simple as buy 10 get 1 free as sandwich shops and coffee houses do.
  6. Offer discounts for locals.


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