How To Create A Video Sales Letter

How does video sales letter work?

Videos have become more popular than texts in content marketing. Audience prefers videos to introduce products and services now. A good video sales letter is an effective way to promote your products and services online.

Videos are:

– Efficient: You can show your prospective customer thousands of products, rather than one product. With video marketing, you can target a large number of people rather than one product. This saves you time and money.
– Mobile-friendly: Videos are easier to watch on the go and don’t need to be saved for a specific device. This saves the viewer precious minutes of boredom or distraction.
– Viral: Videos can be shared easily through different social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more, and allow you to reach a large number of people with each one. This saves you time and resources not having to send out an actual email.

A Video Sales Letter (VSL) should:

– Be clear to viewers: As a potential new customer, you need to be clear with your audience of what your product can do for them without being overwhelming. This is your first impression, so make sure that it provides them with all the necessary pieces of the jigsaw.
– Present your product: Be open and friendly with your audience and talk candidly about your product. This creates the feeling of trust with viewers and builds the connection that will carry into any future interactions.
– Be clear: Be sure that your videos are being produced in a way that is clear and to the point, avoiding unnecessary words and jargon.
– Be relevant: Be sure that the videos you produce are relevant to the market you are targeting and avoid anything that will not be of interest to those you are targeting.
Video marketing is all about engaging with your audience, building relationships, and gaining the trust of those you are targeting. VSL is the next evolution of marketing and is the perfect tool to do all of these things.

Example of what could be the greatest or crappiest video ever made-(depending on your humor and point of view)

This is one of the greatest sales videos ever created in my honest opinion. Okay, so you have to be willing to make a sale, regardless of whether you’re selling a physical product, a coaching service, or a digital product you designed. This is why many companies are turning to sales videos for their advertisement. However, what exactly do you say and do in an advertisement?

I’d like to introduce you to a video that I think is one of the best-produced sales videos ever created. The video sells the squatty potty. Now the squatty toilet is little more than a plastic footrest, but with the right marketing, the right sequence of events, and a dash of unicorn poop, it has become a household name.
The squatty potty has become a reliable addition to any bathroom.  But I will now break it all down for you step-by-step, so you can see for yourself the simple formula used in this video, so you can learn how to successfully sell anything on your own.
I must warn you now. This might get messy because there is a lot of bathroom talk and inappropriate language, so unless your sense of humor is not mature enough as to have matured beyond the age of five, you might not enjoy it. But who are we kidding? Everyone loves a good joke involving poop.

The first step is to get attention now. There are several ways to attract attention to your video at the beginning. Squatty potty uses a mixture of humor and perhaps a hint of shock and awe. “This is where your ice cream comes from. Oh creamy poop of a mystic unicorn totally clean”. The importance of this first step cannot be overemphasized.
If you do not keep your reader’s attention, they are likely to click away for good. Now you do not need to use humor or poop references to draw their attention. In actuality, all you need in this video is a simple question or an interesting statistic, or a big promise. I just began my remarks by stating that this is the greatest sales video ever created. Stay tuned, and hey, you’re still here.
Are you prepared to proceed to step two? Identify the cause of the problem. After all, everything you sell must solve a problem, and the bigger the problem, the greater the demand to solve it. Back to the video “When you sit on the porcelain throne is muscled into pink in the hose and stops with Ben and Jerry’s from sliding out smoothly.” In this part of the video squatty potty simply identifies a problem, which is that there is this weird muscle thing that causes a kink in your hose.
However, they did not stop there, and that is what brings us to step number three. Agitate the nature of the problem in order to resolve it. Simply identifying the problem to be solved is not enough. You need to agitate it. You twist the knife and dig deeper.
What will happen if this situation goes unchecked? What scenario does the worst-case represent? “I don’t know is hemorrhoids a problem? As squatty potty pointed out, sitting at this angle can cause hemorrhoids, bloating, constipation, and other crap. Wow, now that’s agitating the problem.
Step number four is identifying the solution: when the pain becomes insurmountable, it is time to introduce the solution. Now neither you nor your product is the solution. Observe here with squatty potty? The solution is to change how you sit on the toilet in order to relax those pesky muscles, not necessarily a product.
Now, if you want your audience to buy from you, they have to agree to the solution first. Obviously, this solution has an intrinsic problem, and, in the case of squatty potty, how do I actually sit on the toilet like that, which brings us to step number five.
Introduce the product. Introducing the squatty potty, how does it work here? This follows the simple Problem, Solution, Problem, Solution, sequence. Remember problem number, one, a kinked muscle puts you at risk for hemorrhoids solution, Solution-sit differently, Problem number two, How do I do that comfortably, Solution number two, the squatty potty and then immediately after you introduce your product, it’s time for that big fat promise in this example. Squatty potty’s big fat promise is that you will have the best poop of your life. You can only imagine what a customer’s email refund request looks like.
The sixth step – results and benefits: ah, okay, now it’s time to tell about all those wonderful things your product can do and how it will actually benefit your end user. How will you make your product more valuable to your customers? A squatty potty makes you go twice as far, consequently ensuring that your money is spent wisely.
How can you demonstrate any other new features, niche applications, or selling points? Smartly hidden out of view due to its innovative and patented design. However, perhaps most importantly, if you are hoping to push your sales to the next level, make sure you clearly state and share those benefits, preferably with an “if you could only… ” response for every benefit you highlight.
Step number seven is your call to action. Alright, once you’ve piqued the interest of your audience to the point where they are literally running to their pockets or purses to get that credit card out, it’s your job to tell them what to do next and that is your call to action AKA Buy Now.
So if you’re a human being, who poops on your butt click here to order your squatty potty today at squatty, potty dot-com. Notice this simple if-then statement. If you struggle with this problem, and you want to make it go away, then click here to purchase. You must be able to communicate to people exactly what they should do next. That is a call to action.
The eighth step is social proof. Now, let’s take a moment and put ourselves inside the shoes of your viewer for the moment. Your great products have just been advertised to them even if they are not yet ready to make a purchase. Yet at this point, the most common reason that they do not complete the process is the fact that they do not feel that it is going to work for them. This is where social proof comes into play, and I am talking about anything from recommendations or endorsements.
In Squatties case they can use doctors, Shark Tank, HuffPost, NPR, etc etc. they’re all crazy about the squatty potty, not to mention the thousands of Amazon Users who gave the squatty potty five-star and if that still doesn’t work well, maybe some people actually like having hemorrhoids well there, you have it a simple breakdown of an incredibly well done: sales video in 8, simple steps that you can use and follow yourself now. 
I must point out, despite their video being full of humorous material and a couple of poop jokes, that this is not what makes it sell. It’s the sequence, the formula, and now you have it, so go make your next sales video with confidence. Just follow my path, aiming to make the perfect sales video that actually sells your stuff. 

Where Can You Make A Great Video Sales Letter?

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Here is a list of features to make a successful video sales letter.
1. Sales Page Video – If you know your prospects are looking for a certain product and are in the market for a particular product, this is the video you need to produce. Demonstrate your product and what it can do for your prospects.
2. Benefits Video – A video benefits presentation will show your prospects that your product can do anything said in the video. Showcase the benefits their prospects will enjoy using.
3. Call to Action Video – This would go hand-in-hand with the benefits video. Show that if they follow your recommendations to use your product, they will enjoy the results or having used the product.
4. Highlight Reel – When your prospects watch the video benefits they will probably ask themselves what’s in it for them. This is where you’ll need to highlight the many reasons your product exists.
5. Social Proof Video – The proof that they’ll receive from watching the video will come from the fact you exist and people actually believe in what you are selling. Don’t rely on this to do the selling. Provide social proof of your product, your company, and your customers.
6. Testimonial Video – These people are your ideal customers. They know your product inside and out. This video can be of your best customers. Or it can be of your prospects.

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