How To Build A SEO Website In 2022

How to Build a SEO Website in 2022

In this blog, you’ll learn precisely how to perform SEO on a brand new website without any previous experience or domain authority on the website. If you’re setting up a new website, this article is for you. I did this with one of our clients’ websites, a power washing site, and typically keywords take a few months to show up in the search results.
The way we set up this website, which is the way we will be teaching you how to set it up, the keyword started showing up fairly quickly in the search results. So what you will get out of this blog will be my best advice on how to properly set up a website. So you can create your own brand new website and be confident that it will rank on Google search results and that you are doing the right thing. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the first step, which is to pick the right domain name.

Step By Step Website SEO Guide

  • 1. Choose Your Domain Name Carefully.
  • 2. Select a Reputable Web Hosting Provider.
  • 3. Perform Keyword Research.
  • 4. Plan Out Your Site’s Architecture.
  • 5. Design for Site Speed.
  • 6. Use a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design.
  • 7. Target Primary Keywords for Each Page.
  • 8. Optimize Header tags
  • 9. Optimize text on the page.
  • 10. Write Meta Descriptions.
  • 11. Link to Other Pages on Your Website.
  • 12. Submit Your Sitemap to Google.
  • 13. Create an SEO Calender for the Future.

Here are some general guidelines for choosing a good domain name for your business. Probably the best thing for your new website is to consider what your goal is. If you want a website specifically for lead generation, you will need a domain with your keyword inside of it. If you wish to build a branded website, which will be all about your brand and your name, you will want to include the branded keyword or phrase in your actual domain name.
In order for us to attain this goal, we can utilize Google’s EMD algorithm, which is an exact match domain. If you are creating a site primarily to generate leads, they can still be quite effective, but shorter names often perform better in search engine listings, especially if you want to go for something highly branded.
For example, Nike isn’t, they just use Nike, and because they’re branded, they receive a higher rank in search results. But if you are unable to take this route, you need to seriously consider keyword research. SemRush is a tool we use and we are SemRush certified so we really know the platform pretty well. You can sign up for a free SemRush course here.
Therefore without further ado, let’s get down to showing you how to put some of these great ideas together. First, we are going to visit the keyword search tool that Semrush offers – and it’s a really useful tool since you can actually enter more than one keyword.
Separated by commas, you can view several different types of phrases they offer you. So in this example, we are working with a pressure washing website. So I will add the broad base keyword pressure washing tab and then click analyze. And what this is going to show us is a lot of data on who types in pressure washing and actually what people are searching for when they do type it in.
So you can best determine your domain by what people are searching for. In this instance too, you will see that a variation report will appear when you click on the keyword phrase. The ultimate goal is to utilize the keywords or phrases that have the most search results. 
Of course the broad-based term ‘Pressure Washer’ will have the most searches. But you’ll really need to be careful here, as if someone is searching for a pressure washer, they may be looking for a machine rather than finding somebody to wash their home. So by doing your search you will be able to find several different keywords people are typing into search engines.
So in this case an alternate term beyond ‘Pressure Washer’ that might be better might be something like ‘Pressure Washer Near Me’. Generally the more searches a keyword gets the greater the keyword difficulty is which means a higher cost per click if using paid advertising. Using the SERP features right here is critical in determining your website keywords based on your goals. If the website is local, you should focus on keywords that have a section for a local map, as this indicates the keyword has a local purpose.
If I search for pressure washing near me in my area, I will receive local search results as well as map results from Google. Local businesses are advertising on Google maps as well as in organic listings. This is a way of determining if you should pick this keyword phrase, since usually if the goal is to get more local search traffic you will want to show up on Google Maps, and it is important that your domain reflects that as an example.
Now that you have done some research on keywords, you know which phrases are important to your business we have to verify that it is registered online.
You can go to a website such as Namecheap, Google domains, or Godaddy and type the domain name in and check availability. The reason I use Namecheap, Godaddy, and Google domains is that they are very secure and they aren’t going anywhere. They are billion-dollar companies, so your domain should always be safe with them.
If you are having difficulty deciding what domain name to choose, you may hold a competition or a survey, with your friends, colleagues, or family. I’m sure several people will give you their opinions. 
website design seo
Let’s move on to the next step. Search engine bots need to crawl your website, so I recommend building a page-rich website. What does that mean exactly? Essentially, you want to design a website that is so informative, so descriptive, so rich in content, and formatted correctly.
You want to build content inside of this site that answers your customer’s questions and gets searched for any potential keyword phrase. In order to do this, you will need to create a website framework skeleton or what we call a site map. Sitemaps generally include five core pages: the home page, the services or products page, the about us page, the contact us page, and if you’re going to be doing content marketing the blog page. Each page should have its own formality and should serve the purpose of the user as google’s algorithm is going more towards user experience. .
It’s critical that you actually add page depth to and use a site map to your strategy  Generally speaking, your URL structure should follow something very similar to this to where it uses your initial domain.
Now that you have laid out your website structure, you can begin to determine how much content is necessary and what type of content to use. What information and what text you will need for your brand new website with regards to search engine optimization. 
Now let us examine the website builders that you can use to take the skeleton and turn it into reality. There are many different website builders available to you. Some of the most popular are WordPress and Wix. There are many different website builders that have already been around for quite some time. But that is not our recommendation if you are looking for a website builder that is highly usable and allows you to produce pages very rapidly.
You may wish to consider using Groove, a lesser-known platform. Furthermore, despite the fact that it is a little-known website, it is a very popular one. Retailers are generally unaware of it. Most agencies know about it. It is the only major website builder at this time that uses Mobile First technology built inside their builder. This technology gives Groove Websites a leg up on SEO as it is a ranking factor for Google.
Groovefunnels lifetime account signup
So the inside of Groove, when you start making a website, there are several different templates that you can choose from, and these templates are all going to be very helpful to you because you’re going to be basically making a new website.
The work is kind of already done here if you are using one of their templates. In terms of the different types of pages that they have, but if we want to make it like our sitemap you will need to edit the template which is pretty easy to do.
So the first thing that you should know about Groove is the navigation on the top there’s an editor for the mobile version and then there’s an editor for the desktop version and a tablet version. This allows you to create a website design that looks good across various viewing devices.
One important thing to know is: if you’re going to be doing SEO on a Groove website. Generally speaking, just a quick heads up, you should have your keyword inside of here and your location and the meta description should be the same thing: either your keyword and your location combined. So I would say something like Ron’s Power. Washing company is the best-priced soft washers in Huntington Beach.
This is not great for general SEO but it is a start. For a location-based business creating a location-based page is the way to go and if you serve multiple localities multiple pages may be necessary-such as Huntington Beach Residential Pressure Washing, Anaheim Residential Pressure Washing, Orange County Residential Pressure Washing, etc., etc. Luckily Groove allows you to clone such pages and easily edit them and retitle the page URL for SEO. That is what we are going to do, and so you should observe that the keyword is mentioned inside of the description, and we also added a variation of pressure washing by making it Residential Pressure Washing. We found that this is very effective. 

On-Page SEO

Each page should have one H1 header tag. This helps the search engines know what a page is about. The H1 tag should include the actual keyword that you want to rank for This blog is not about on-page SEO, but it is about just setting up the website but you need to know that it is the right way to build a website and including the keyword inside of your h1 tag is very important. 
You could do the same with the other header tags, with the h2 tags, with the h3 tags with h4 tags, so when we get a client, generally speaking, this is the first thing that we’ll take care of is the actual branded guidelines, because then, when we start making the site, it gets a lot easier. 
Seo is an ongoing process, and now we are going to discuss how to create a written content plan and a written content calendar. The Groove editor is by far the best for these different types of local websites. But how will we get the content? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today, so you don’t need to write the content yourself. If you have the budget, ordering content can be highly effective for several reasons: for one, you should, if you are not an expert in the field, order the content from experts.
When you have completed the core pages, your homepage, your services page, your about page, your contact page, everything else on your site should have a heavy SEO approach.  You can order content on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, or you can use software to do this. We will soon be releasing our own content creation software called Content Ninja. I want to emphasize that your content needs to be updated regularly.
The more frequently you update your website, the more often Google will crawl your site and register your pages faster than they will register the pages of your competitors. You will want to ensure that you have an effective content calendar so that Google is reminded to regularly visit your website and crawl your content.
Therefore, it is highly recommended that you utilize SemRush’s keyword magic tool and that tool will show you exactly how to identify related words, frequently asked questions, and other relevant phrases that you can write about. The keyword magic tool provides you with keywords that you can use in SEO campaigns that is much more effective than the keyword overview tool.
So using the tool what I will do is enter the keyword phrase “home power washing” and make sure that the location I’m searching in is the United States. Once I click on the keyword magic tool for some rush, I will see all the different types of keywords that are being searched. Within this actual breakdown, what I really like about it is that I can quickly go to the questions area and see if there are any questions that people are asking about power washing now you can see. A great deal of these keywords will be disqualified automatically, as we do not want to use them if they aren’t really specific to your business. 
SEO tips

Final SEO Website Tips

The most valuable information on the page should be placed at the top. Google reads the content of your web page from top to bottom, so if you want to be included in the big snippets that Google has been making available, you’ll want to be sure that your information is valuable but it is also located at the start of the page.
You should also have rich media on the page to supplement the user’s experience, and you should have SEO-friendly text. 
Another tool that is highly recommended for brand new websites is Google search console. This website is going to give you a lot of data in terms of SEO. Reporting specifically Analytics will provide a lot of data in general, and you’ll be able to filter the data to just see organic results, however, the Google Search Console will provide much more information on how your SEO campaigns are performing. Things such as whether your pages cover the content if any pages have errors, and things such as actually investigating what can be improved. 
Additionally, you should submit a website sitemap to Google Search Console the moment you publish your website on your domain. Google will then begin crawling your web pages on a regular basis, depending on how much you publish, giving your web pages more visibility within the google search engine. 
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