Groovefunnels Review (2022) – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Business On Groovefunnels (now

Groovefunnels Review (2022) – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Business On Groovefunnels (now

Groovefunnels is now part of or Groove CRM. Groovefunnels review (2022) or review (2022) gives you top 10 reasons why you should use this CRM and marketing automation platform to start your business online.
It can be overwhelming to start a business, which is why we should utilize every resource we have at our disposal.

Top 10 reasons why you should build your business on aka GrooveFunnels

Reason Number 1: is home to GroovePages, which is the world’s leading website sales page builder. GroovePages is a drag-and-drop page builder that has reinvented the way to build funnels and sell digital products online. With it, you can pretty much create any kind of website you want just by clicking and dragging different elements on the page.
GroovePages may be the last site builder you’ll ever need if you want to build branded websites, sales pages, or product funnels. They also provide a number of great free templates for you.

Reason Number 2: is so much more than just a page builder. It includes everything you need to sell products and services online. Although professional websites are essential, they aren’t enough to ensure your business’s long-term growth. That’s why is actually a complete online sales system or CRM for products and services.
In addition to building your website, you will also receive free web hosting with a subdomain and the option to use your own custom domain. Additionally, provides you with all the tools needed to run your entire online business as part of a suite of top-of-the-line marketing products. also has an advanced shopping cart sales system, autoresponder software, webinar application, a membership site platform, a built-in affiliate marketing program, and other tools for keeping track of your schedules, surveying your customers and revolutionizing your video marketing just to name a few.
They even have GrooveKart which really puts Shopify to shame. Forget about investing thousands a month to manage a never-ending set of tools and logins, is all you need.

Reason Number 3: is created by internet marketing experts for internet marketers and business owners. There are many tools available today, but they are not designed for the average marketer or business owner. There may be problems with the ease of use and complexity of their applications, as well as a lack of important features. 
The monthly pricing plans may be too high for those on a budget, and communicating with the support team can be difficult especially if they don’t speak your jargon, in short, they don’t understand you.
Fortunately, is led by one of the top internet marketers in the world, Mike Filsaime, who has been in the industry since 2004. I feel safe in saying that Mike has the reputation of not only being an internet marketing expert but he also created some of the best software for marketers such as WebinarJam, Kartra, Everwebinar, and Butterfly Marketing, which have all been responsible for making millions for his customers.
Now as a member of the community, you can benefit from all these years of experience Mike has in creating state-of-the-art software.

Reason Number 4: is perfect for absolute beginners. Everyone knows making websites and using advanced software is difficult. A lot of business owners invest in seemingly simple software only to find out that they are much more complex than they imagined and either require them to invest countless hours learning the program or are forced to hire technical staff to manage the tool for them, not
Although is technically advanced, it was actually created with the absolute beginner in mind. No programming, no coding, and no design skills are required.
Even beginners with no experience have been able to successfully build their very first website integrated with the best tools on the market with results that are even more professional than expensive web developers.
In combination with other products, you can also create your own shopping cart sales system, marketing funnels, affiliate programs, email autoresponders, live and automated webinars, and a whole lot more with just a few clicks of a button.
In order to use any of the programs, you need to be able to type, copy, paste, drag, and drop, click, and scroll.
Groovesell banner

Reason Number 5: gives you personalized customer service for all your support needs. A bad customer experience is when a company doesn’t provide help or customer support as promised. understands the value of their customers so when you need help there won’t be any beating around the bush. 
In fact, you will get the help you need whenever you need it, the customer support team of is one of the most active and helpful you will find. A professional help desk where you can ask any questions you may have and their team will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.
The help desk includes a ton of resources, including articles, videos, and frequently asked questions, so you can browse through the existing content and search for answers. Having a positive customer experience is guaranteed since your questions will never go unanswered.

Reason Number 6:

You will be part of an active network of entrepreneurs, experts and peers. is not just a product and service provider which means that you won’t just be a customer when you are with Groove, you will be in a community of internet marketing experts, fellow Groove members, and other aspiring entrepreneurs who are all learning how to build an online business together.
Upon signing up, you will be invited to join their exclusive Facebook group, where everyone actively participates in discussions, asks questions, and helps one another out. It is truly a remarkable place to learn from fellow members and make new friends.
The entire team including Mike Filsaime himself is also actively involved inside this private group and along with other fellow Groove members, this is the ideal place for you to take your own business and education to the next level.
Groovefunnels review 2022

Reason Number 7:

Find an online academy that can assist you in learning how to utilize all the various programs and tools. Groove,cm also puts in the extra effort to provide you with all the help you need as a Groove member you will also get access to the powerful GrooveDigital academy.
Within this private area, you will find a growing archive of educational content including tutorials specific to certain tasks within the tools, step-by-step walkthroughs on how to get something up from the beginning to end, as well as live demos of longer lessons such as building entire websites and funnels from the ground up.
You can watch them as tutorial videos or read through them as articles with screenshots. has made their online academy suitable to you in whatever way you would like to learn.

Reason Number 8:

Weekly live webinars and training sessions. As well as online classes, they offer mini-courses.  How active is active? When we mentioned that is an active community we totally mean that, not just within the Facebook group or through the online academy and expert team. also takes time multiple days every week to provide fellow members with regular live training. In addition to the webinars with additional presentations and walkthroughs available on, there are also almost daily sessions on Facebook and YouTube.
You can even request topics from the team to prepare, and they will be sure to take those requests into account when they go live with the next session. Pretty awesome right?
It is evident that has their customers’ best interests at heart with everything they do. This is why they say that the .cm in stands for customers matter.

Reason Number 9:

Earn money with Groovecm. Even though is an all-inclusive system to grow your business, you could also make money directly with your free or paid account. Through’s affiliate program, all users become affiliates and can earn money online.
As a result, you do not need to run a traditional business or build a team or handle customer support. All you have to do is spread the word about and you can earn up to 40% recurring commission on your sales. If you have no experience with affiliate marketing don’t worry, provides you training on that as well complete with tutorials, promotional tools, and online support.
Groove’s JV partner program may be a great side hustle for busy professionals, and may even provide a full-time income if you decide to do affiliate marketing full-time. There are a couple of affiliates who are bringing in 6 figures just by promoting as an affiliate.
Before we get to our top pick here are three honorable mentions. Whenever there are major announcements members will always be the first to know. They will be posted on the Facebook group, and members will also be able to provide their feedback. It will certainly be different than being part of an exclusive group that receives information earlier than anyone else.
One can expect constant updates as a software provider that is preparing to come out of Beta with all of their apps.  As a result, you can always be running on the latest and greatest version of the tool without having to worry about outdated functions that no longer work and unlike most other software companies, there won’t be any additional charges as the same updates are available for all members who use the tools. members will also receive surprise bonuses, new announcements and updates can happen at any time and as a member, the good news is you will be part of any new improvements to the tools and the community. As an example, recently announced the launch of a new weekly webinar series in which special guest experts teach members new skills. At you can be sure that you will never stop learning and never stop growing.

Reason Number 10:

It’s free forever. Yes, it is free forever.
Getting started with won’t cost you anything while some software tools out there (like ClickFunnels and Shopify) might offer things like 14 or 30-day trials before they begin charging a monthly fee.
You can start with today for free and it’s not just free for 14 days 30 days or even 90 days your GrooveFunnels membership will be free for life and what exactly do you get for free?
Well, remember GroovePages? A page builder and a funnel builder we discussed. You’ll be able to get a lifetime membership to this tool that will allow you to create up to three funnels or websites.
It is lifetime, which means you will not be deactivated from the site, ever. The features you already have won’t be restricted if you are a paid member however, they have mentioned that free members may have additional restrictions added down the road.
Besides the free page builder, you get free hosting, free subdomain, and even the ability to publish your site on your own custom domain name for free. You will also have free access to the full version of GrooveSell as well as the light version of several other tools within the Groove suite of products in
Of course, your membership into the Facebook group, access to the Academy, webinars training, those are also a hundred percent free for you to access for as long as you’d like. review 2022
Remember is a community and even if you choose to never upgrade your account your membership will remain intact and you will always have access to the team. The only thing standing between you and a lifetime membership is to sign up for a free account right now, and we’ll see you inside the Facebook group.  

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The article lists top 10 reasons why you should build your business using Groovefunnels ( now). includes 17 powerful apps that can replace many other paid digital marketing software, which saves you a ton of money.
Best of all, is free. And it is free forever. There is no reason you have to wait. Just click the link below, register the free forever plan and try all features. Your digital marketing journey is starting right after you take this action.
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