GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review

In this blog, I am going to tell you about the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program. If you have seen other posts in our blog you would know that we are big GrooveFunnels and GroovePages fans. If you are a person who is looking for a possible life-changing way of making an income online this blog is for you. Even newbie affiliate marketers can find it easy to make money with Groovefunnels.

Frankly, I am amazed that so many people think that to make money online you need to dropship with a Shopify store. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is a really simple program, but also a very powerful affiliate program. It’s a program where we can get not only GrooveFunnels, but an entire suite of Groove Apps for a very fair one-time price which if you buy you only pay a one-time price right now. They also actually do have a free Groovefunnels lite version where you can get GrooveSell Groove affiliate program and GroovePages for completely free but I’ll explain below why getting the GroovePages Platinum Lifetime version is so much better than the free version. It is a great software platform for running an online business.

So how do you become an affiliate of GrooveFunnels? What is important for you to know about the GrooveFunnels affiliate program? How much does the company pay its affiliates? We will discuss all of this and more.

What is the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is a high-paying affiliate program to promote that pays up to 40% affiliate commissions per sale. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online from the comfort of our couch without having to manage the product on the backend.

To make money promoting GrooveFunnels you will essentially promote your GrooveFunnels affiliate link as a service to your clients and customers and receive commissions as an affiliate member. Now the reason why it is so important to buy now is that right now you only pay once but once this program gets out of beta at that point, in the time GroovePages and GrooveFunnels are going to be on a recurring payment basis that means if you want to promote it at a higher commission rate you will need to pay more.

Let’s start with the Free GrooveFunnels account and the affiliate program. If you promote Groove to others and they sign up for the paid version you receive a 20% affiliate commission. However, if you upgrade to the paid version you receive an incredible 40% commission.  All you need is to have 3 people sign up at the current price and you have covered the cost of upgrading yourself. Once they go to a monthly program the amount you will make at that point on an ongoing basis is going to be fantastic and better than those that sign up for the one-time lifetime price.

The Groove Affiliate Program is a win-win situation for everyone. If you get someone to sign up for a free account, that account is assigned to you permanently. 

Affiliate Revenue

Groovefunnels affiliate marketing

Everyone with a GrooveFunnels account are automatically affiliates. You do have to make two sales before they payout. This helps to prevent fraud from those who may try to upgrade through their own affiliate link. Payouts are typically done 37-42 days after a sale.

The Groove Affiliate program also provides the Groove Affiliate Assist.

This feature lets you earn when your affiliate signs up for the Pro account, even if you do not promote the upgrade.

A person named “Meet Kevin” signs up through your affiliate link and this has been linked to you forever. Now, if “Meet Kevin” upgrades because of your efforts, you get the 20% payout or 40% with the Lifetime plan. 

What happens when “Meet Kevin” upgrades because of the promo efforts of GrooveFunnels? Still, you get the full commission.

So what happens if “Meet Kevin” upgrades in response to the promotional efforts of another affiliate marketer? You still get 10% because you were responsible for “Meet Kevin” to sign up on this site. The remaining 10% goes to the person who took efforts to make “Meet Kevin” upgrade to the paid membership plan.

The advantage of this program is that every person involved gets some benefit as a result of their efforts, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Groove has a 2 tier affiliate commissions. With the first tier, you either get 20% or 40% depending on if you are a paid member or not. 2nd tier affiliate commissions are paid to you if someone in your funnel upgrades through a link that another member has given them. They use lifetime cookies for affiliate tracking. A 10% tier-2 commission is paid to you if someone else’s marketing efforts prompt someone to upgrade. Still, Second Tier Commissions are a nice bonus.

Not to get too confusing but there is another way to earn 2nd-tier sales commissions also if you are a paid platinum member, and that is if anyone who has signed up with your affiliate link then gets others to upgrade you make a tier 2 commission. This is only for lifetime platinum members and is another reason to upgrade yourself.

if people who you refer also refer someone on your second level, they have tagged you in a parent-child relationship, so it is really a lifetime relationship.

Some affiliates are earning over 6 figures promoting GrooveFunnels. While we ourselves are not quite there yet it certainly helped our company get through the Covid business downturn.

What happens when they upgrade?

If you promote the upgrade you will be paid the entire commission. If Groove promotes the upgrade you will be paid the full commission.

In addition, if another affiliate creates content or offers a bonus that secures the upgrade, they deserve compensation as well. This is the reason why Groove’s affiliate program is so awesome..

You still earn half of the commission for bringing in a lead, and the person that upgrades the lead earns the other half.

So if you are a free affiliate member and normally get 20% commission, you get 10% of the commission when another affiliate closes a sale, so on a $1397 sale that means you get $137.

And if you are a platinum lifetime member and normally you earn 40% of the sale, you will still earn a 20% commission if another affiliate closes the deal.

I’ve included an affiliate link below in order to get you into the free version. I cannot stress that part too much because it will automatically make you an affiliate once you sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account.  So as a free affiliate you can start earning 20% immediately.

Groovefunnels lifetime account signup

What I am excited about is not so much now as far as earning affiliate commissions but when they go to a monthly charge. Right now with the single lifetime payment you only make one commission, but when they go to a monthly paid plan you will earn commissions each month on an ongoing basis. Even if someone signs up for a free account now and doesn’t upgrade until years down the road you will start earning commissions.

Let’s assume the monthly charge is $100. You go 20% or 40% commission of $100. So for every monthly account, you are making $20 or $40 in your pocket month after month on a recurring basis, so for just five people that it a hundred dollars or two hundred dollars. Okay, you get fifty people you can, you can do the math there $1000 to $2000, and so on.

Other reasons to upgrade yourself.  Besides the higher commission amounts Groove is a great program for a business owner with a complete suite of different apps. Free accounts get to create 3 websites, sales funnels, or landing pages. With a paid account you get unlimited websites, sales funnels, or landing pages. Many of their apps are ‘lite’ versions for the free accounts. But if you have a paid account you get full access to over 20 different apps. If you have a need for GrooveBlog, GrooveCalendar, GrooveMai (an autoresponder) GrooveVideo, or unlimited GrooveKart (eCommerce stores) upgrading is a heck of a deal. Oh, I didn’t mention they also provide free hosting.

GrooveDigital is building a powerful marketing software suite. As the platform is still in beta, now is a great time to get in and start promoting one of the largest SaaS marketing platforms available today.

Currently, as of this writing, the lifetime Platinum plan is $1397. This plan is only going to be available for a limited timer and they have announced they will soon be raising prices and ending the lifetime access sign-up.

Why should you use Groove if you are an Affiliate Marketer?

As an affiliate marketer, that works with funnel builders like Clickfunnels. You basically know that costs between one hundred to three hundred dollars a month. These prices are not bad if you are getting a lot of sales and the prices are similar to what other funnel builders in the market are charging but think of the savings if you upgrade now and how much you can save, a one-time payment of $1397 now vs. $3000 a year. That’s crazy.

Sign up for a completely free lifetime account and you are also automatically set up as an affiliate to start earning commissions immediately.

You get all of the Affiliate links, promotional tools, banners, and other promotional material right there in your affiliate dashboard.


Getting people to join GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program should be easy, especially if you have experience in the field.

You get access to your affiliate links and banners in your affiliate dashboard that you get access to as soon as you sign up. Compared to other affiliate product media, Groove provides really good tools to help with your promos.

There is a free lifetime sign up so it is not like people have to go to any lengths or even use a credit card to get the offer and learn more about the product. The product then sells itself since it is that good. The free lifetime accounts basically get a GroovePages Lite version of the powerful suite of online marketing tools that Groove provides. The lite version is still a quality product so you are not promoting a garbage product that no one can use.

Thousands of people sign up for the free account every day either to get into the Affiliate Program themselves or to get access to the different sales software tools and it is the only way to have people take the route to the platinum lifetime membership.

***Note*** You cannot offer rebates to people, however, you can offer them bonuses of other value when they sign up using your affiliate link.



For a digital marketer or affiliate marketer, Youtube is one of the most attractive places because of the way you can connect with your customers.

Blog traffic is cold, and it is difficult to warm them up with text alone.

Video Reviews allow the user to see and hear you.

As a result, you can gain the respect and trust of your audience much faster even if you just use a short quick video, or a long one like this one:

There are several steps to running affiliate campaigns on Youtube successfully:

Publish video reviews that people are actually searching for, demonstrations of the software in action.

Place an affiliate link to the GrooveFunnels Sign Up Page In the description.

You can also direct visitors to a bridge page, get their email address, offer them some free stuff and then direct them to the GrooveFunnels signup page once they submit their name and email address.

It is crucial to add value, regardless of the platform you choose, to your work. Sometimes people on YouTube just want one final opinion to help them make their decision, and once they see your video they often sign up immediately and purchase.


Old fashioned blog posts work well with a new service such as GrooveFunnels since the market has not yet become saturated with review articles that go on for untold numbers of pages.

Blogging is the strategy we do mostly at Digital Papercuts to do affiliate marketing for GrooveFunnels. With a blog, you can promote GrooveFunnels by writing blog reviews, creating tutorials on how to build sales funnels, and writing reviews on the GrooveFunnels Affiliate program like this one.

Groove has a sample blog post that you can work off of although for pre-made articles you can always reach out to us and let our copywriters do the work for you.

Blogging always requires the following steps:

  • Create articles that people are actively searching for
  • Always aim for the number one spot.
  • Promote Your Offer With Attractive Buttons

Social Media


While it’s true that Facebook disapproves of users pushing traffic off its platform through external links, Facebook seems to be ok with it when social media posts are done through a group. It is better if it is your own group as posting your affiliate links in random Facebook groups is spammy and unprofessional.

Groove Pages already has a huge community built up and there are many other groups available where you can share your knowledge and promote your offer.

The goal of social media is to provide as much value as you can by interacting with your community and allowing affiliate link clicks to happen organically over time as you incorporate digital products and other types of perceived value into your promotion.


If free traffic sounds like it is going to take an extensive amount of time or you want something that will be much quicker, you can run paid advertisements on a number of platforms nowadays.

Google Ads

It is a highly effective ad platform that allows us to show our ads whenever people directly search for the platform.

In order to get the targeting right, it is crucial to use both Exact Match and Broad Match keywords. If you need help with this just contact us at

You probably want your bids to be high enough so that you are visible on page 1 of the search results, but you will need an outstanding landing page experience with a clear call to action and perhaps a bonus to entice them to register.

Youtube Ads

Youtube advertisements are another useful tool you can utilize.

You may place your advertisement before other videos of the same type and try to convert the user by showing yours. Additionally, you may pay for your advertisement to appear in the next suggested videos section on the right-hand side.

Youtube is a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates because you can build Know, Like, and Trust through the use of videos on your channel.

Social Media

social media affiliate marketing

Advertising on social media is even more effective when it takes people away from what they were doing and takes them in a different direction.

After they have our attention, the next step is to convert them from social mode into purchasing mode by getting them to your landing page by offering them value.

A free digital product is a great way to get people to your site before they are sent to the registration page.

You can also capture their attention and direct them directly to the offer. GroovePages is a great affiliate program and converting at such a high percentage should be no problem.


Once they have visited your website, you want to continue marketing to them on all channels until we start getting conversions.

People usually won’t convert until they have seen you offer a few times, which is why remarketing is so powerful.

It works by placing a cookie on someone’s browser when they visit your site, which allows you to retarget them and keep them in your mind until they convert.

Remarketing can be done through targeting through your pixel or Email marketing. Groove even provides pre-made email swipes for you in your affiliate dashboard. These pre-made high-converting email swipes can really help out those that are new to email marketing.


GroovePages and the entire Groove Funnels Pro suite of tools are some of the most reputable affiliate programs on the market, and this is a great opportunity to jump into Affiliate marketing right now.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is a lucrative program that is worth joining no matter if you are a single person or an entire team of network marketers.

The extra 20% you get by signing up for the lifetime deal can put thousands of dollars in your pocket. The multi-tier commission program is one of the best in the affiliate marketing business. Don’t confuse multi-tier with multi-level marketing though. 2nd tier sales are simply a way of rewarding those who you have brought into your pipeline.

On top of that as a marketing platform and sales funnel builder Groove is top-notch and eliminates the need for multiple other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Created GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Mike Filsaime is the mastermind behind creating an army of affiliates to market GrooveFunnels, which is still in Beta. With decades of experience, the GrooveFunnels team knows how to design a top-notch rewarding affiliate program.

How Long Will GrooveFunnels Be In Beta?

They haven’t announced a date yet but as the software is constantly being upgraded and new apps added I would estimate late 2021 to fully come out of Beta.

Who is GrooveFunnels For?

This is for people who are working with another software but who don’t want to pay monthly fees for various software but instead pay a one-time fee for Groove Funnels or simply use the free version.

People who recognize the value and scope of the features available and wish to add it to their arsenal of marketing channels.

People who are looking for a great product to promote that pays high commissions.

Is GrooveFunnels a legitimate affiliate marketing program?

It is not only a legitimate affiliate program but it is much more than that. 

It offers its own marketplace, funnel builder, website builder, email autoresponder, membership site builder, etc.

If you are promoting it as an affiliate you need to understand who can benefit from having a GrooveFunnels account.

It is ideal for :

  • Influencers
  • Anyone who sells Courses
  • Anyone who hosts Webinars
  • Anyone who sells Digital Products
  • Anyone who needs Landing Pages
  • Anyone who needs an Email Autoresponder
  • Anyone who needs free Web Hosting
  • Anyone who needs Video Hosting
  • Anyone who build Websites
  • Anyone who has a Blog
  • eCommerce Store Owners

Basically, for anyone who uses the Internet for their profession or who wants to make money online

What Support does GrooveFunnels Offer to Affiliates to Make Sales?

Besides your marketing efforts, GrooveFunnels also helps to increase your sales by providing you with the right affiliate tools to get started. Some of the tools you get are:

Pre-made high converting email swipes

Blog reviews

Banners ads

Facebook ads and social media posts

Pre-made articles, video reviews, and press releases, so all that you have to do is copy and paste what they give on social media, and it automatically loads with your affiliate link.

These promotional materials are an excellent way to help you get started.

What’s So Good About The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

At the time of writing, I have been marketing affiliate products for many years.

So far, I have found the GrooveFunnels affiliate program to be one of the best affiliate programs for beginners due to several reasons.

  • High Payouts
  • Multi-Tier Payouts
  • A very solid legitimate product
  • Great Affiliate Product Support

Are People Upgrading To GrooveFunnels Paid Plans?

As of the writing of this blog post…more than one in five people with a free GrooveFunnels account will upgrade at some point to a paid plan. That percentage is staggering.

That is about 20% of people!  Personally, I believe that one of the reasons people upgrade is because the platform is very useful, it has a ton of amazing and exciting features with more coming.

But you also get a commission bump as a paid member.

Finally…GrooveFunnels is still available for a one-time price (but only for a limited time).

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