Price Increase and Launch Event Price Increase and Launch Event

Well, believe it or not, I’m sure you’ve heard about different rumors, different things that were said in the past in passing about, oh, I don’t know, preliminary reports of price increase of a lifetime, a certain lifetime platinum plan going away and all those different things.
And yes, you might have thought that it was a marketing tactic.
You might have thought that was a scarcity of sorts marketing tactic.
You might even have thought that it’s never really going to happen.
But well if you are already a lifetime platinum member, there is good news for you and that is the lifetime is actually going to be going away very soon for new members. 
Why is this good news if you are already a lifetime Platinum member? Because in the near future your commissions will be going up by $240 (or $120 if you are the free Groove account plan). And when they go monthly you will start earning monthly commissions that will probably add up to significantly more money for you.
But for now, most importantly, the platinum $1397 is also going to be increasing. So if you haven’t upgraded this is your final chance to save some good money.  
So if you have not taken the plunge just yet, you have not activated. Just know that it is going to be happening very very soon and we do have confirmed reports now and so with all of that, the good news for all of you, regardless of what it might be, if you are a free member or you are a platinum member is that they are about to do a launch event. Launch Event

The good news is of course there is an official launch event at coming up for you to maximize your conversions, maximize your lead generation, maximize your commissions all along the way.
So that is what we’re gonna be talking about here today.
Now because of that, we also have some news that yes, not only is it officially going to be happening, but in order for them to officially commemorate this, is going to do one last launch at the $1397 level before the price actually increases in order for you to maximize your current commission.

So do you want to maximize your commissions?

Do you want to take the most advantage out of everything that will be happening if the answer is yes.
And if you say yes, that’s exactly what we’re not only going to be teaching you here today, announcing officially right here right now, but over the next days and weeks, if you are in the Groove Facebook community or in the GrooveAsia Facebook community they want to continue to share with you exactly more strategies on how you can maximize this launch to the best of your ability. 
To join those communities you must have a free account that you can get here.
Eventually in December. is going to a monthly subscription-based model and the free accounts may be downgraded a bit in what they receive.
So let’s go ahead and share more with you about what we mean by the commission’s going up for you later on and of course your last chance to actually make more commissions with as this launch actually happens.
Now keep in mind this is going to happen and you will see this directly in your Groove JV page and they are talking about a lot of things that are changing, a lot of things are happening that will make your life better.
And when you go to the official Groove JV page, you will also see that those changes have also been reflected to talk about the upcoming launch here as well.

Groove Launch Event

Every time that does a launch event, they do it in big fashion. I don’t know what are the actual details. All I know is what you can see on the Groove JV page.
Starting on August 19th up until August 31st is going to have an official groove lunch event.
I highly recommend that you go ahead and watch the video that Mike Filisame created for all of us as affiliates as Groove JV partners, because we are going to learn all about what this lunch is gonna be consisting of. Unfortunately, it isn’t shareable at this time so you need to log into and your affiliate area to see it.
In past events they shared some great marketing tips and had great guest experts. We assume that like other events they are going to be live 24 hours a day, just like in October of last year or it could be different. We just don’t have the details.
So this is definitely very good information for you to have right here, right off the bat, at least for now. launch Launch Bonuses

And the last launch more specifically in October of last year, paid out over 11 dollars in E. P. C. to their top 25 affiliates.
This time they will have more than $50,000 in prizes coming.
Okay, so it’s not just a regular, you know, make money with 40% commissions or 20% commission is if you’re a free member on top of that, if you are one of the top affiliates, you will know just like last time there will be tons of physical prizes that will be giving away as well.
And just so that you know, last time Groove gave away not only a ton of prizes in terms of cash. They gave a lot of different equipment such as a live streaming camera, video recording stuff and a lot of free courses on top of that.
And in the other events, they gave away not just one, but two really nice cars as well. 
So I don’t know what was going to be given away this time, but as I understand of course it is going to be a big launch. It’s going to commence right before the price actually increases to $1997. Yes, you heard that right.
It’s going to increase to $1997 right after this launch is over so I can probably guarantee that yes, it will be considered a pretty big launch is going to go on a pretty big scale, which means that is going to go all out once again to providing you additional cash, additional prices, additional incentives for you to be a top JV partner.
Okay, so if you are promoting as an affiliate make sure that you are ready for that before the August 19th to August 31st launch, make sure you get as many people as you can to register for at least the free account because will be helping to convert them to paid lifetime members and if you know anything about and Mike  Filsaime through his passion about everything that he’s doing for us inside the Groove community, he is absolutely the best guy to be talking about the upgrades, more than you, more than me, better than anyone of the other people who might be doing sales of
So rest assured you will be getting a lot of sales from out of nowhere if you have people signed up as free members from seemingly out of thin air because you have no idea what is going to send out in email blasts.
You will just be getting all these notifications of sales coming in. That’s exactly what happened with us during the last few launches. 
As an example when they launched GrooveAsia we spent about $200 in advertising with simple Push ads, just targeting a few Asian countries to sign up for free accounts and had 10 sales which returned close to $5600. So make sure that you take our word for it, now is the best time for you to get as many people as you can to at the very least register for the free account because as you can see the motion is already moving.
If you’re on your Groove JV page, you will see that the page has already changed and when you scroll down you will see exactly where it is that you can get your links get as many people as possible to register for the free account because when that happens you, of course, start to get more results for yourself.
I will give you a few different strategies and different tips.
Okay, we want to share as much value as we can.
You want to provide as much value as we can.
You want to deliver as much value as you can no matter if you are promoting or any other traditional affiliate programs or even a physical product or service.
If let’s say, for example, you want to be an affiliate for I don’t know, Amazon or Clickbank or whatever else if you want to sell these products and now that you know you need to deliver value.
Well up until this point that delivery of the value is 100% your responsibility isn’t it?
If you do not deliver the value, if you don’t give them bonuses or extra information as we do with our blog posts, if you don’t give them training, you don’t educate them about the final value from you.
Unfortunately, they’re not gonna get any value whatsoever at all.
This means that I also want to do as much as I can as much as we can as a team, as a community to help you as well to deliver that set value.
And so now that we know, yes, it’s important for us to provide value.
But if let’s say that you do not have a way of providing value, if you don’t know how to provide value, if you have no earthly idea what value to deliver in the first place.
Now, of course, I’m not talking about selling stuff, I’m not talking about, you know, putting them through some kind of sales funnel, I’m not talking about misleading them in any kind of way, if you’re going to make sales, if you’re going to make money, if you’re going to be known as somebody who can help other people, which ultimately is what we want to do in this community, you want to also be able to provide them with true value, like what we’re doing in this blog and that is to educate people. We try to make sure that you teach others and provide value in order to replicate those same levels of success that we have achieved.
And so my recommendation is, if you can actually provide some kind of value, you should do your own mini-courses, you should teach them different things that you know, that will allow you to help them. How to promote using digital marketing, for example, how to build a one-page website for example.
However, if you say that I’m not qualified to do that, I don’t know how to do it myself or maybe I don’t have the confidence to actually teach well, the good news is that Groove actually has mini-courses that are already ready for you to not only learn but also to help you earn at the same time.
This is the actual link to the latest mini-course.
If you have not checked it out yet, make sure that you go there right now.

If you haven’t upgraded your account yet.

The clock is ticking on saving money because right after the launch is over on the first of September, 2021 the price will be increasing to $1997 and towards the end of the year, probably around the first of December, they will go to a monthly plan. 
As you know, as we all know with Groove things as they continue to grow this is subject to change until they’re actually confirmed but right now the plan is that on the first of December they are going to officially go into the monthly subscription plan as well. If you want the many benefits of it is so much better to pay a one-time lifetime price than wait and have to pay monthly.
Alright, so the first thing that you need to know is that yes, the official lifetime platinum is still going to be in place but only until December. However, it will go up from $1397 to $1997 on the first of September.
And to commemorate that they have a two-week launch event coming up from August 18th to the 1st of September.

****************LATEST UPDATE AUGUST 4TH***************************

The Groove Launch event will be eight days of live streaming. But the most important thing is that we’re doing the biggest launch ever. has just really grown up a lot but even more is coming, especially by the time the launch event happens they will be re-releasing GrooveMail, a mobile app, and GrooveWebinars. 
But the big news is the $1397 lifetime is going away. It’s going to be going to $1997 on September 1st, the day after the launch event ends.
That means during these 13 days from August 19th through August 31st, they will be doing live streams, demos, showing off lots of different things, and showing off the software and explaining to you why you should upgrade because eventually, they will be going to $299 a month. 
Right now, users can get it from $1397, it is the lowest price it’s ever been since day one but they have announced that that ends on September 1st. 
But the big news is those that who upgrade after September 1st will be getting less access to the software. No specific details on that have been released but I believe they will have lower Groovemail limits and probably fewer GrooveKart stores. has paid out over $10 million in commissions just in the last year. The last launch event they did was $2.3 million. They expect this launch to do over $5 million dollars in sales.
After they go monthly in December the prices for will be $99, $199 or $299 a month so upgraded now makes a lot of sense. In December the $1997 lifetime will be going away.
During the launch, they will have over $50,000 in prizes including a car and tons of great stuff.
The good news, if you’re already a member of you are already an affiliate, so you’ll be notified about the launch, e-mail swipes, prizes, leaderboards. 

Save the date, August 19th through August 31st.

Free members only get paid 20% commission and they no longer get paid 5% on Tier two on resells.
If you are a paid member, you will get paid 40% commission and 10% on tier two.
And after September 1st, that affiliate program will be modified. If you sign up now by August 31st  or if you have already signed up the current affiliate program will be locked in and you are grandfathered in for life. That will never change. 
People that do upgrade after August 31st on September 1st will be getting a lower affiliate commission. They will be lowering the 40% and lowering the 10% on tier two for upgraded people. But if you have upgraded already this doesn’t affect you.
That’s another reason why you want to upgrade.
It really is a no-brainer to upgrade now.

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