GetResponse Review 2022 – Price, Pros and Cons

GetResponse Review 2022

In this GetResponse review, you will learn a marketing platform that offers comprehensive features and benefits to new entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

Its prices are reasonable, and this is great because anyone starting out on a new business venture will need to budget carefully.

Aside from that, it offers a 30-day free trial, so really, what do you have to lose by giving it a try? It’s free!
It might be the best thing you ever did.

getresponse review 2022

Running Out of Ideas

My dreams of running a business were sinking under the weight of reality. It seemed that, no matter what I did, I couldn’t drive traffic to my website.

I was sure I had solid content, and a good product to offer. I just didn’t know what changes I should make to improve my conversion rates.

Low traffic led to plenty of other problems; my sales were embarrassingly low. There were lots of changes I wanted to make, but I struggled to make these adjustments while doing the work I needed to keep my business afloat.

All the while, I had a niggling worry in the back of my mind: what if I’m making more and more mistakes?

I knew that my conversion rates, or the percentage of visitors to my site who completed forms and bought products, needed to be brought up, and my whole website streamlined.

I noticed that other people, some friends, and colleagues of mine, didn’t seem to be struggling as much as me.

I wondered what I was doing wrong.

GetResponse To the Rescue

I decided to look for a marketing platform. I’ve heard of these websites that helped entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses, and hoped that one of them might help me.

While floundering in a sea of confusing yet viable options, a friend casually suggested I try GetResponse. The name sounded promising, so I decided to look into it.

All of GetResponse’s features are aimed towards raising the conversion rate of your site. This means driving more traffic to your website and motivating your visitors and subscribers to make sales.

Simple, right?


What Is GetResponse? Our Honest GetResponse Review 2022

getresponse review 2022 and coupon

Simply put, GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing software platform. If, like me, you looked at that description and thought, “Eh?” let me explain. It means that GetResponse helps tweak and streamline your marketing ventures, boosts traffic to your site, improves your conversion rate, and much more.

One key way of doing this is by enhancing your website and your content. You want to interest prospective clients, encouraging them to subscribe and convert.

A good-looking website is the first thing you need, and customization is one of GetResponse’s strong points.

When it comes to marketing our products or our lovingly honed skills, the creation of good content is essential to any website.

Nothing is more frustrating than to think that our carefully crafted website isn’t getting the traffic that we want. We know our content is original, we know it’s interesting and relevant because of the attention we’ve already received, so now what?

There are several excellent ways to attract more traffic with GetResponse.

Create A Good Landing Page

The landing page is the first thing a prospective client will see when visiting your website. It has to be good.

A poorly designed or boring landing page looks unprofessional, and it will reflect badly on the rest of your website. A website that is difficult to navigate will lead to clients angrily closing their browser window in frustration, never to return!

GetResponse offers a variety of templates for your landing page. An excellent landing page, aside from being attractive, professional, and easy to use, needs to reflect your personality and your business.
Unless you’re adept at coding (which I am not), this means you will need to use a template.

Many website-building platforms offer templates, and GetResponse has a selection of beautiful template options.

The templates GetResponse offers have a built-in image editor, meaning your landing page doesn’t need to look just like everyone else’s. There are stock photos available from Shutterstock, and even gifs.
There are so many ways you can customize your site, and there’s no need to worry that you’ll stumble on another website identical to yours.

This means that the landing page is yours. You’ll never find another just like it, which is exactly what your website needs to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to some beautiful templates and crisp Shutterstock photos, now we have an excellent website, ready for visitors. What next?


Another great way of highlighting your blog or website is to promote it on other platforms.
Social media sites are particularly useful – who isn’t on Facebook these days? Think about how many potential subscribers and clients you might reach on a platform like that!

For example, perhaps your business involves selling homemade soaps and other luxury items. You already have a website, but why not set up a platform on a site like Etsy, where you can promote your business further and hopefully make more sales?

Many marketing platforms are designed to reach out to these apps, and GetResponse is among them.
GetResponse can integrate with 121 different apps and platforms, including Amazon, Etsy, and Facebook – and many more! This means that the more you reach out and promote your business, the more potential traffic your website could receive.

So, we’ve reached out to other platforms, and we’re seeing results already. What else can we do?
More importantly, how do we deal with our ever-growing list of subscribers?
getresponse review entrepreneur ideas

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still as important as ever. Almost everyone you meet has an email address, and if you market your emails just right, you can make a real impact.

Newsletters are commonplace, along with pop-up sign-up forms when entering some websites, in the hopes of encouraging a casual reader to sign up for more.

You may be shifting awkwardly in your seat and wondering, “What about spam??”
This can be tricky since nobody wants to be bombarded with an avalanche of unwanted emails. Poorly formatted or badly thought out emails could actually alienate subscribers.

Too many annoying emails are a perfect recipe for clicking the Unsubscribe button. But just like everything else, GetResponse helps to carefully craft your email marketing pushes.

Email marketing can be very effective – aren’t people always checking their emails? – But only if you craft the right email at the right time for your clients.

This means you need to send the kind of emails your subscribers actually want to see. You need to write something they will enjoy reading, and even look forward to more.

Using the email templates provided by GetResponse, you can make sure that the emails you sent to your subscribers are relevant and interesting. Then your emails are guaranteed to look good.

“Dynamic content,” or Smart HTML, allows you to edit your email templates, even more, to appeal to your subscriber base. Custom content is the key to making your emails stand out in your subscriber’s inbox.

GetResponse offers email analytics, allowing you to see how your email campaign is doing.
This means statistical tracking on your emails, which includes so much more than just seeing the results of your campaigns.

The emails stats show results on more than just email sends. You can see, at a glance, how many clicks and opens there have been, along with mobile viewings and bounces.

This means than you can monitor your campaign. How well is it going – who’s opening their emails?
How many clicks are you getting? Do you have more mobile viewers – could you edit your content to make it more mobile friendly?

What You Need to Know

So far, GetResponse is looking good. It might be a little more complex than a platform such as Covertkid, but how about price?

We all love a bargain. GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial, which is really more than fair.
If you’ve decided to go for a subscription, there are plenty of options for you and your business.


The Basic GetResponse package begins at $15 per month and includes:

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited automation templates
  • Unlimited lead funnels
  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders (for all those emails and newsletters you’ll send to your subscribers)
  • Facebook Ads
  • And more!


This is the most popular GetResponse package, beginning at $49 a month. It includes everything offered in the basic package, with some extras:

  • Webinars (max 100 attendees)
  • Contact scoring and tagging
  • Automation builders (limited)
  • Sales funnels (limited)
  • Webinar funnels (limited)
  • Work together (3 users)


For a person with an already thriving business, the Professional package is ideal. At $99 a month, it contains everything in the Plus and Basic package, again with extras:

  • Automation Builder (unlimited)
  • Webinars (up to 300)
  • Paid webinars
  • Sales funnels (unlimited)
  • Webinar funnels (unlimited)
  • On-demand webinars


This package is definitely for business owners who know what they’re doing! The pricing is custom, so you’ll need to get a quote after working out exactly what your business needs. However, there are plenty of benefits. Aside from getting everything in the Basic, Plus, and Pro packages, you’ll get:

  • Dedicated IP address (very important for a website)
  • Dedicated support
  • Deliverability consulting (to make sure your product is fully up to standard)
  • Webinars (up to 500)
  • Email campaign consulting
  • And more!

It’s easy to find the package that’s right for you. But if the prices here seem a little steep, there are alternatives.

AWeber, for example, offers a free subscription, with the option to upgrade to Pro for $16.50 a month. ActiveCampaign also offers a variety of prices, with the lowest at just $9 a month!

Both of these platforms offer the same or similar services to GetResponse, so it might be worth checking out a few different options before starting a subscription.

What the Clients Say

Just like you, your business and your website are unique. One size does not fit all, so of course, that will apply to marketing platforms.

Even so, GetResponse has plenty of happy customers. You can plenty of “success stories” posted on their website.

There are case studies on the website for increases in email signup rate, a 7.31% unique click-through rate, and more.

Positive Reviews

Plenty of clients love their GetResponse service.

The platform delivers on its promises, providing efficient service and a user-friendly interface.
This is especially helpful for new users who might not be familiar with the site or the online marketing world.

Michelle S, a small business owner, says,

“I have been using GetResponse for 8years with several different companies, and it is definitely the best email marketing platform with the highest deliverability rates in the industry. 
They offer the best tools, accurate reporting, google analytics integration, e-commerce tracking, automation, and conversion funnels to build our list, increase sales and engagement. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use for non-technical administrators.”

Read the rest of Michelle’s story here.

Ahemad S, an information technology engineer, says:

“GetResponse interface is quite friendly with many well-arranged, reliable features which ensure all the customers’ data are very well managed.
It offers nice and flexible communication with customers through various channels, whereby the user can forward details via flyers on the important future events, customers’ emails creation, and GetResponse integrates other Applications for Automation of newsletters.”

Read the rest of Ahemad’s story here.

Negative Reviews

No marketing platform is without flaw, however.

Catherine R, a small business owner, encountered a number of issues with her GetResponse:

“After about 3 months of using this program with no issues whatsoever and being so thrilled with it, problems started to happen as my lists grew. All the sudden, lists were constantly being rejected.
Even when I used an integration service to extract bounced emails, they were accepted, but sometimes my deliverability suffered.”

Read the rest of Catherine’s story here.

She also reports that these issues when her contact lists grew, so perhaps a larger business with more contacts might find that GetResponse is not the best fit for their needs.

Alternative Platforms

So, perhaps you think this GetResponse Review is just one-sided or you’ve decided that Getresponse isn’t for you.

Or maybe you’d just like to do more research on other marketing platforms before committing to GetResponse; there are several options to consider.

That is sensible. The wrong marketing platform could cause a lot of unforeseen problems, even going so far as losing your valuable contacts and leads.

Shopping around means you can decide for yourself what you need. Perhaps you only need a few perks, in which case you could choose a much cheaper plan!
Learn more about Sendinblue vs GetResponse


Having too many bells and whistles on a platform may make it look good, but if you’re being let down in other ways, it isn’t worth it.

ConvertKit offers simple and straightforward uses. Its focus is on you, the creator, and your content.
But this doesn’t mean that it scrimps on value. A beautiful landing page can be designed in less than 10 minutes!

If you don’t need a gaudy website to attract clients, perhaps simple and clean formatting would suit you and your business best.

Aside from this, ConvertKit offers all the usual perks of automation, templates, email design, and integrations, and much more. There is no need to bother with creating code – unless you want to, then it’s an available option!

Prices start from $29 a month, and there is a free 14-day trial available, to make sure that ConvertKit is the best marketing platform for you.


Like GetResponse, AWeber has been around for a long time. It’s known for its email deliverability, so if dependency is what you want, this might be the platform for you.

AWeber offers quick segmentation and targeting, meaning you can quickly dissect your lists. Remember, we talked about sending the right emails at the right time? This is how you do that – segmentation.

Managing your subscribers has never been so easy, and AWeber offers good-quality and up-to-date stats, an essential for any growing business.

AWeber is absolutely the best bet for a beginning entrepreneur. You can start with a free package, and perhaps move on later to the Pro package, available for $16.15 a month.

You can’t say fairer than that!


There is definitely a learning curve to this platform, but isn’t that just what you need in a growing business?

ActiveCampaign can cater to big and small businesses and is definitely designed to handle the most creators. It deals with all kinds of industries, from bloggers to technology and eCommerce.

If you want to customize your website and emails to the limit, ActiveCampaign is for you! It offers drag ‘n’ drop editing in email design, along with more customization tools than you can think of.

Another handy tool is SMS automation. SMS marketing is still a viable and essential form of marketing and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

ActiveCampaign also offers all the usual resources we can expect in a marketing platform; email templates, automation, email marketing, and so on.

Is GetResponse Right for Me?

GetResponse absolutely offers plenty of benefits to a business owner. There are perks galore, so many it’s almost too good to be true.
getresponse review satisfied customer

This might be the issue. Many people’s negative reviews mentioned missing lists and bouncing emails – particularly when their business began to grow, and so did their lists.

It could be that GetResponse’s deliverability suffers when handling very large businesses with a lot of subscribers and clients.

If you have a small business, or if you are just starting, GetResponse could be ideal. It is easy to use and provides many beautiful templates to craft a unique website and attention-grabbing emails.

If customization and streamlining are what your small business needs, then GetResponse might just be the perfect marketing platform for you.

Final Remarks

GetResponse Review 2020 & Coupon 2022

This GetRepsonse Review 2022 gives you an overview of its features and benefits, as well as pros and cons.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many interesting marketing platforms there were out there. All of them provide value for money and many essential features for running a good business.

GetResponse, while not perfect, provides plenty of advantages. The platform understands the importance behind email marketing, and also offers automation.

The importance of email, SMS, and blog automation shouldn’t be underestimated, especially as traffic to your site increases, and subscriber lists grow.

Even if you’re happy with your current marketing platform, why not give GetResponse a go? The 30-day free trial might change your whole outlook.

getresponse free forever software

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