Funnel Scripts Review

Funnel Scripts

Today, copywriting is one of the most powerful tools in online marketing. 
Words are meaningful. This is a simple concept. Words can create conversions and bring in customers, and words can turn people  into brand ambassadors. 
As a result, it’s imperative to perfect your copy before launching an advertising campaign.
Most business owners find that this isn’t as easy as they thought. Being a decent writer takes time and effort.
No matter how good you are at writing, there are certain skills you need to have to create engaging and business-friendly copy. 
It is common for business owners to hire copywriters to handle the task, which can be expensive.
With funnel scripts, you can write proven copy for marketing campaigns of all sizes and types. 
Chances are, you’ve heard about Funnel Scripts if you’ve been researching how to produce high-quality content.
Does this platform allow you to create better content? Who is behind it, and what are the pros and cons? 
This review will cover all of this (and alternatives to the platform) in great detail!

1. What is Funnel Scripts?

Jim Edwards, Russell Brunson, and another team of marketing pros developed this copy-generating SaaS platform. It is part of the ClickFunnels platform. 
Both share their ideal and most effective draft scripts for creating engaging content that captivates audiences and converts them. 
They help users create sales copy based on their target market, needs, challenges, and issues-all of which are centered around how one’s products or services can address them.
Funnel Scripts gives you access to the following features:

  • There are a variety of scripts that include opt-in scripts, ads for Facebook, video ads, and even the “Perfect Webinar” script that has “made Russell Brunson millions of dollars.” 
  • You can download four script wizards, including Easy Survey Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, and  Star, Story, Solution Wizard. 
  • Each script includes easy-to-fill-out forms and samples. 
  • Each script has its own short training videos, with a monthly training call as well. 
  • Every thirty days, Funnel Scripts offers live training on the best ways to use it. 

Like, Funnel Scripts helps people create their own copy as its primary function. 
In addition to creating a variety of copies, Funnel Scripts makes it possible to create:

  • Scripts for sales videos 
  • Subject lines for emails 
  • Descriptions of products 
  • Pages designed to capture leads  
  • Opt-ins for webinars 
  •  Ad copy 
  •  The sales copy 
  •  CTAs (call to action) 
  •  Scripts for sending emails 
  •  Headlines 

The goal of Funnel Script is to eliminate the need for copywriters by providing custom  sales copy for every aspect of a business. 
In order to generate sales copy, a combination of pre-written material along with user input (information about a product, benefits, etc.) is used.
Businesses that sell products and collect leads over the Internet can use this platform. 
Funnel Script calls itself a solution to all of the copy problems of businesses since copy plays such an important part in the world of online marketing.
Business owners with overloaded schedules and little time can also use the platform and avoid writing content from scratch.

1. What are the backgrounds of Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson?

From Port Haywood, Virginia, Jim Edwards specializes in copywriting and marketing. 
He is one of the founders of Funnel Scripts (as well as ClickFunnels), and he is the pioneer of “The Jim Edwards Method.”
Jim Edward’s copywriting solutions aim to eliminate multitasking by investing in copywriting formulas that automatically generate more leads and create more effective copy faster.
Guaranteed Response Marketing is also owned and operated by Edwards. During his college years, he  attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.
The second brain behind Funnel Scripts is Russell Brunson, a marketing specialist with a focus on sales funnels. Several million entrepreneurs follow Brunson.
ClickFunnels is owned by Brunson. A graduate of Boise State University, he studied computer information systems there.

3. The pros of Funnel Scripts

funnel scripts pros
You can consider Funnel Scripts as having some positive aspects depending on your use cases.

3.1. The copy produced is decent

It is indeed possible to generate quick and easy copy with Funnel Scripts that don’t always fall flat. 
The way Funnel Scripts is set up makes it easy to edit content for readability and speed with ease. It’s not easy to predict whether a piece of copy will resonate with customers (whether you use this platform or not).
Many reviewers of the platform noted that the text they used in their scripts modeled tried and true copywriting techniques and formulas that could help customers engage with their brand.
This, however, can vary considerably depending on your own input and the scripts you use.

3.2. There are many hidden bonuses

In some ways, it’s a pro and a con at the same time. On the navigation sidebar (visible only after creating an account), you will find a list of bonuses including:

  • Funnel Blueprints. Users can use this interactive PDF file to determine which specific script is right for their specific needs and to learn more about how to use it. 
  • Inception Secrets. The focus of this recording is on selling to people while making them think it was their idea to purchase something. It is a training session from Russell Brunson. 
  • 5 Fast Shared Funnels. If you have a ClickFunnels account, you can easily import these pre-made funnels into your account. If you have read our blog at all you know that we prefer over Clickfunnels. 

3.3. The downloadable wizards are pretty useful

There is a lot of flexibility on this platform, including free online scripts and offline, downloadable wizards that you can use even when you don’t have an internet connection. 
In most cases, you will use the downloadable wizards for high-volume requests resulting in large scripts. 
The wizards offer templates that can be customized to fit into any niche or business need.

4. Cons of Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts Cons
Depending on your specific preferences and needs, funnel scripts can have a number of downsides.

4.1. Funnel Scripts Cost

Funnel Scripts can, on one hand, be considered cheaper than hiring a copywriter for a whole year, depending on the type of copywriter you hire and their rates. 
It is still quite pricey, however.
The platform rarely offers any kind of discount or deal for its use. 
One of the only known Funnel Scripts special offers is to provide bonus deals that “are worth $127,394” for only $797 for unlimited access. 
For a discount, this is still quite steep. Users will receive, for a single Funnel Scripts price of $797, the following:

  • It includes DotComSecrets scripts,  Expert Secrets scripts, and O.F.A. scripts. 
  • Script blueprints for funnels 
  • Jim Edwards conducts a live coaching session every month 
  • Masterclass on Copywriting Secrets 
  •  More than 60 additional scripts 

There are also “exclusive bonuses” that are not listed by Funnel  Scripts to users, and can only be found after purchasing a membership. (These are the three bonuses  we mentioned earlier.)
There is an even more expensive option known as Funnel Builder Secrets. 
The cost for six months is just under $2,000 dollars.
As a member, you will receive an enterprise account for ClickFunnels, Funnel Hacks Masterclass, Funnel Builder Secrets Training, Traffic Secrets Memberships, year-long access to Funnel Scripts, and unlimited funnel bonuses. Sorry, but the lifetime platinum version of blows this away.
There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee with Funnel Scripts. 
The 12-month version of this Funnel Scripts offer costs $2,997.
It’s a little disappointing that Funnel Scripts claims to be a less expensive copywriting option when there are affordable copywriters and cheaper software available.
The platform won’t be worth the cost if you only need to use it once or twice. Funnel Scripts may be worth the one-time cost if you use the platform frequently and generate a lot of copy.

4.2. Insufficient evidence

Although there is little evidence of the product in action, this platform offers quite a bit in terms of promises. 
Although it is understandable for Funnel Scripts not to want to divulge too much information, there seems to be an abundance of advertised promises and vague titles without any samples or demos to try before buying. 
It does offer a free webinar, but it only really covers one small aspect of what the platform is capable of helping users do– writing very quick copy. 
Funnel Scripts would be less risky if there were more “try before you buy” features.
Simply put, there are many “what we do” statements without any mention of what they do.

4.3. It’s not so revolutionary

Combining user input with a script is not much different from manually modifying existing template components. 
Funnel Scripts’ only distinct feature is process guiding. Even for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, the value isn’t there. 
The majority of business owners are wise enough to look for proven scripts and edit them themselves. Most of the time, such a process does not take long.

4.4. There are some scripts that are paper-thin

At the core, Funnel Scripts works with a very simple premise– it is able to create conversion-friendly copy for you based on the information you provide. 
Most of the time, the platform is capable of doing that. There are scripts that miss the mark badly.
Some of the scripts on the platform add very little value to the business information you put out there, so you’ll more or less have to write the copy yourself. 
So what’s the point of an extremely expensive platform for copywriting? 
In some scripts, most of the copy is generated based on the information you already wrote yourself, including headlines, bullet points, and even opt-in copy. 
You’re likely to run into a few of these mark-missing scripts while utilizing Funnel Scripts, but it’s not a very common problem.

4.5. Not the most comprehensive platform

The dashboard of Funnel Script is far from modern and appears a bit dated. Essentially, it’s the same as WordPress’s old dashboard. 
Despite the fact that so many features are listed for users to browse through, there is a serious lack of organization on the platform. 
Furthermore, the dashboard itself is crammed with so much information that it feels overwhelming.
In Funnel Script’s defense, there’s a how-to guide and quick-start videos to help deal with all the content. 
Even so, a more responsive interface with a focus on user experience would be desirable.

5. Is Funnel Scripts worth the investment?

Not so much, in our opinion.
The goal of Funnel Scripts is to teach business owners how to become copywriters without actually teaching them anything. 
Brands like this one tend to focus more on offering scripts, shortcuts, and hacks for writing great copy, than on how to write effectively for business, how to engage in technical writing, or what digital marketing is all about. 
Then again, maybe they do. Is anyone sure? In layman’s terms, they don’t really explain what their business does without requiring a signup. 
If the cost of the platform was less than what would be required to hire a copywriter, then the platform might be worth the cost. 
It is, however, quite pricey for what it is. It is also difficult to understand exactly what you get with Funnel Scripts, as their details and descriptions are vague which may be why you are reading this blog on Digital Papercuts
It’s impossible to evaluate your return on investment (ROI) without purchasing a membership.
If you’re interested in trying Funnel Scripts for yourself, the brand is offering free webinars that teach users how to create sales letters, webinar slides, and scripts in under 10 minutes. 
By attending this class, you will learn what Funnel Scripts does and gauge whether the platform is worth your investment.

6. Funnel ScriptsAlternatives

Funnel Scripts aims to replace the need for hiring copywriters by teaching business owners how to write copy themselves on their own.
In fact, this approach could be ineffective, as the platform does not seem to devote much of its time to teaching business owners about the “meat” of copywriting, such as tone, research, and marketing strategies.
Investing in professional and experienced copywriters is the best alternative to Funnel Scripts. 
A wide range of sites exist to post copywriter job listings, as well as content firms that can match you with the right writer. Among them are the following:

Besides hiring professional copywriters, there are also other alternatives to Funnel Scripts. The following are some examples:

  • Builderall Professional Copy Script Generator
  • (which we use occasionally)
  • Automated Copywriter
  • ScriptDoll

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