Free Direct Response Sales Letter Templates

Direct Response Sales Letter Templates

You have completed your product. You’ve developed a marketing plan. All you have to do now is write your sales letter. There’s only one problem: you’re exhausted. Your product is likely the result of a lot of long nights. Therefore, writing a sales letter sounds like a lot of work. (It is.) And hiring someone else to do it properly is expensive. (Once again, right.) 
By using the following templates, you can create a sales letter quickly and easily while saving both time and money. It takes only a few minutes to finish your letter by inserting information where indicated by the brackets. 

These are free for you to copy and use.

Template 1 (The ‘Reasons Why’ Angle)

 “If You’ve Never [Tried a Certain Strategy for a Specific Benefit], You Are in for a Marvelous Surprise…“ Most people [try something to get a benefit] – but the ones that succeed [do something different]… 
Dear [Friend or specific type of person], If you’re like most [types of people], you are probably [achieving some benefit by doing something common –e.g. If you’re like most online business owners, you probably write all your blog posts yourself”]. It’s definitely [a decent solution]. It [lists one of the benefits of doing it this way]. But there’s one big problem… [Explain the big problem with the method most commonly used. Continuing with the example above, you would talk about how time-consuming it is to make all the content oneself.] You know what I’m talking about, right? [Create a list of all the downsides of the usual method, including how it usually makes the person feel, how it wastes time and money, and how it doesn’t give good results.] It’s enough to make you [want to give up or something similar]. Hold on – it doesn’t have to be that way… Instead of [doing it the common way], imagine if you [could make it faster/easier/at a lower cost/better]. Would that be of interest to you? 
Here’s your answer: [In keeping with the example that was given, it may be doing something like using Private Label Rights content or software like Content Ninja]. These Are [Number] Reasons why [Your Solution] Is The Best Way to [Solve a Problem]… 
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Reason 1: [Insert reason in a few words, e.g. This is the quickest way to [a benefit].] [Explain reason in a few sentences.] 
Reason 2: [Insert reason in a few words. E.G., “This is the easiest way to [get a benefit].”] [Explain reason in a couple of sentences.] 
Reason 3: [Insert reason in a few words. E.G., “This [strategy] [produces awesome results].”] [Explain reason in a couple of sentences.] As you can see, there are many advantages to [doing a task/solving a problem in this certain way]. Because of this reason, you’ll want your hands on this […] Introducing [Name of Product] – A Proven Solution to [Solve a Problem/Get a Benefit] Without [Dealing With the Typical Downsides]! This [product] assists you in stopping [doing things the old inefficient way], and start [doing them in this better way]! Here are the things you [get/will learn] when you order now: 

  • You’ll discover a simple trick for [doing a process] – no more [bad thing]! 
  • You’ll learn how to rapidly [get a benefit]. 
  • You will learn what you should never do [to get a good result]. 
  • You’ll gain access to a full set of [resources/tools/gear] that makes [getting some good result] [faster/easier] than ever! 
  • Do not [have some certain thing, such as “a large budget”]? No problem – you’ll see [how to do something even if you don’t have that thing… e.g., thing… e.g., “How to get all the traffic you need without spending a dime on advertising!”] 
  • I’ll give you my own [system/formula/etc.] for [getting some benefit]! There will be a comprehensive set of [tips/tools/etc.] that [makes it easier than ever to achieve a benefit] – it’s the best way to turn information into [actual results]! 
  • You will learn what [one thing] you have been doing [that you have been sabotaging your results] for the past year – and what you should be doing instead to [start getting better results]. 

There’s an easy way to [get a benefit] you’ll wish you knew about [weeks/months/years ago]! 
Learn the top [number] mistakes most [types of people] make when [their task is accomplished/a benefit is gained] and how you can avoid them so that you can [get the best results]. 

  • Do you have a limited amount of time? You will love [some other aspect of this, such as a list of time-saving tips] – you can [get a benefit] in as little as [some short amount of time, such as “15 minutes per day”]! And much more – this [product] comes with everything you need [to start doing a process better, more effectively]! 

It appears you are liking what you see. It is obvious that [this process would create really good results for you]. However, you have a question – How much does it cost? Can I ask you a question? Are You Willing to Trade [These Benefits] for [Some Small Thing, Like a Pizza]? This isn’t a joke. You can order now and get everything you see on this page for the price of a [small/medium/large] pizza – just [$ amount]. You might raise your eyebrows at that price. You might wonder how we can give away so much for such a low price. Honestly, it’s pretty simple. [Justify the reason for this price.] 
The bottom line is that you’re getting an AMAZING deal. To sweeten the deal, even more, I am throwing in this bonus… You can order now and receive [bonus product] as a gift from me. It is a pretty awesome offer just as it is. You can get [Bonus] for free when you order today, making it absolutely irresistible! [This product] [delivers some specific benefit]. 
It is guaranteed that after using this [product/using this strategy] once, you will never [want to do the process without this product/without using this strategy] again – guaranteed! This [product] is a [dollar amount] value, but it’s free when you order now! This is why you’ll want to grab your credit card and click [button/link] below now to get started: [insert payment button/link] [sign off] 
P.S. Once you begin [doing some process using this better way], I have no doubt you will [never go back to the old way]. This is why I am giving you an unconditional guarantee for [number] days. If you don’t agree that this is the best way to [achieve some goal/complete some process] – or if you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason, just contact me for a prompt and cheerful refund. This puts all the risk on me, so click here to order now…

Template 2 (The ‘Inspiring Story’ Angle) 

inspiration template
“The Incredibly True Story [Of a Person Who Got Amazing Results] – Learn How You Can Too!” [Getting some specific result] isn’t hard – if you know the secret to [some topic/getting some result]… 
Dear [Friend or Type of Person], [Name of Person] is someone similar to you… [Describe how this person is a lot like the reader in relevant ways. In other words, if your audience consists of busy moms trying to lose weight, then your character should also be a busy mom.] And like you, [this person struggled to get a specific outcome]. Maybe you can relate… [Name of the person] tried to [get the desired result] by [doing something common]. [He/she] [took some certain, common steps.] [He/she] even [took some unusual or advanced step], but yet [he or she still couldn’t get the desired outcome]. But then [Name] made a marvelous discovery that changed everything… On a whim, [he/she] [did something a little different in the niche – be slightly vague here to arouse curiosity]. What happened next was absolutely stunning… [A big desired result occurred!] [Name] was initially skeptical, thinking it was all a fluke. But [the results stuck]. Better yet, [the results kept getting better]. Fast forward [a relatively lengthy amount of time], [and the benefits continue]. Finally, [this person was getting the type of results he or she had been seeking for so long]! 
What was this marvelous discovery that [created good results]? Simple: [Name] used the secrets of [getting a benefit] that [he or she] learned about [in Name of Product]. Before you think [Name’s] [good results] are a fluke, trust me; they aren’t. Take a look… See what others are saying about [Name of Product] and the amazing [results they’re getting by using this product]… [Insert around three of your BEST testimonials—especially those that mention specific results.] If you want to start [seeing results like these/getting a good outcome] like this, then you’re going to want to [download/get a membership/etc] [this offer] right away. 
Here’s what you get when you order [Insert Name of Product]: [Insert biggest benefits of product] This [type of product] is designed [to deliver a good outcome]. It’s different from [competing products on the market], because [insert the unique selling point]. Here’s what you get: 

  • You’ll learn how to do a simple [number]-step [system/formula/process] for [getting some benefit] – this is the same [system/formula] countless people have used to [get great results], and now you can too! 
  • You’ll learn a little-known way to [get some benefit]! 
  • You’ll find out what [one thing] [is creating bad results for you] – and what you need to do [to start getting better results/avoid this bad thing]!
  • You’ll discover [what experts in the field] know about [topic or process] – and how you too can [get a good result]! 
  • You’ll learn the [number] tips and tricks for [getting some benefit] – they’re going to make [the process] a whole lot easier! 
  • You’ll find out the [number] most common mistakes that [can derail success], along with how to avoid them [to get great results].
  • You will learn [number] dos and don’ts that will [transform the way you approach some process]!
  • You’ll find out which [number] questions you should ask yourself before you [attempt some process or step].
  • You’ll get [some tool or resource] that makes it [faster/easier] than ever to [get a benefit/complete a task]: – you’ll wonder how you managed [to do this task] [in the old way]!
  • [Insert other benefits as needed.] That’s not all. Order now and we’ll sweeten the pot even further with this valuable [type of product]… Get [Name of Bonus Product] for FREE if You’re Quick This [type of a product] offers you a surefire solution to [getting some outcome]. If you’ve ever [experienced some bad thing when trying to get a good result], then you know how important it is [to have something in particular]. This [type of product] ensures you won’t have to worry about [some bad thing] again, because [describe what it does]. 

Here’s the thing… It’s only available [for the X number of people who order now or by a certain date], so you’ll want to order now to ensure you get it! You must like what you see since you’re still reading. You know this [type of product] is exactly what you need to [get some good result]. 
The question is… How much does it cost? You’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you read this part of my letter. That’s because if you order now, you see on this page for just [$x].
This is a great opportunity you cannot afford to miss. If you [tried to solve the problem in some other way], you’d end up [paying a really high price, getting a bad result, or both]. In other words, this is a phenomenal deal. And even better, it’s risk-free… You Don’t Have to Say “Yes” – Just Say Maybe… I’m so convinced that [the product] will be the best way to [get some good results] that I’m giving you an unconditional, ironclad guarantee on it. Test drive [this product] for a full [number of] days. If you are unhappy with your purchase for ANY reason, simply email me and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked. I’ll even let you keep [the bonus product] as a way of saying thank you for trying [Product Name]. 
You can start a risk-free offer by clicking on the [buy button, payment link, etc.] right now. [Insert payment link/button] But hurry, as the [bonus offer] is soon going to run out, so don’t wait! [sign off] P.S. Imagine waking up [tomorrow/one-morning next week/one morning next month/etc.] [and experiencing some great result] just like [Name of person from inspirational story]. 
You do not need to imagine it to be true. Simply click here to order and take the first step. Do it now so that you can get the [bonus offer] too. You’ll be glad you did!

Template 3 (The ‘Proof Angle’) 

“PROOF! Now You Too Can [Get Some Benefit] – It’s Much Easier Than You Think!” If you’ve ever wanted to [get some benefit/outcome], then you should read this letter carefully… 
Dear [Friend or Type of Person (e.g., “parent” or “dieter”)], If you’re like most of the people I talk to on [topic], you’re not too thrilled with [types of solutions on the market]… You know, they’re all horrible. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? All of these [types of solutions] promise you that you’ll [get some sort of amazing results]. By the time you finish reading the sales letter, you’re convinced there’s no way [this product] won’t work for you. It seems like a sure thing, doesn’t it? But then you try it out… Sadly, it doesn’t work. More often than not, [explain why the product doesn’t work]. You’re left feeling burned once more.
Here’s a little secret: The reason so many of these [types of products/solutions] don’t work is that no one ever TESTED them. See, these [products] look good on paper. They seem like they should work. 
Most people wouldn’t question whether [the product delivers some sort of specific benefit/desired outcome]. Even the author probably just assumes they’ll work, and puts them on the market without ever getting any real-world results. Maybe the [strategy/product] was successful for its author, but it doesn’t mean that it will be successful for everyone. 
For example: [give a quick example of why something that worked for one person wouldn’t work for another. For instance, if this was a dieting product, you might explain how a diet developed by a 24-year-old man with a raging metabolism simply isn’t going to work for a 50- year-old woman.] And that’s why [Name of Your Product] is completely different… [Name of Product] is the Only [Type of Product on the Market] That’s Been Field-Tested Thoroughly by [Number] [Specific Types of People – e.g., “Middle-Aged Women” or “People With No Marketing Background or Experience”.] 
I really mean it when I say [this type of product] works [to achieve the desired outcome]. It is true and I am able to prove it. 
Case Study #1: The [Type of Person] [Achieved Some Great Result – take note that this case study should be someone who has the same characteristics of your target market.] [First Name of case study subject] is a [describe relevant characteristics]. After just [length of time], [he/she] [got some great result]. [Briefly describe case study and provide additional proof, such as pics, videos, measurements, screenshots, awards, etc.] And [Name] isn’t the only one. Check this out… 
Case Study #2: [This Type of Person] [Enjoyed a Great Result] Even Though [They did or Didn’t Have Some Common Characteristic/Prerequisite, etc. For example, someone might lose a lot of weight even if they have a slow metabolism.] [Describe this second case study, including additional proof such as pics, videos, etc.] That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? If these people can [get a great result], then you can too! All you need to [get started getting good results] [is this strategy/product].
Let’s take a look at what you get when you order now… [Product Name, or Name of the first component if this is a package.] This [type of product] shows you the best way to [achieve some goal]. In addition to [some benefits], you will also discover how to [get other benefits]. Additionally, this [product or component] includes: 

  • [Include other benefits, such as a step-by-step system for achieving some goal, tools to help you achieve the goal, etc.] 
  • [List any other components of the package, similar to above.] And that’s not all… Order Now and You’ll [Get Some Bonus Product] – FREE! The key to [achieving some result] [faster/easier/better] is to [get some benefit that this bonus product provides] – and that’s exactly what you get when you order now! This [type of product] [describe what it does]. Even better, it [describe some other major benefit of the bonus product]. There are people online who are paying up to [dollar amount] [for this bonus product], but it’s yours free when you order now! 

That brings us to your next question… What does it cost? If you’ve [purchased or researched similar products on the market], then you know they go for upwards of [dollar amount]. It would be reasonable to expect to pay at least [dollar amount] for [Product Name], and it would be worth every penny to get these sorts of proven results. But the good news is that you don’t have to pay [that dollar amount] to get results. You don’t even need to pay [some significantly smaller amount]. 
That’s because if you act right now, you’ll get everything you see on this page for just [dollar amount]. It’s a great deal for something that’s proven to [deliver a great result]. We both know it. I can’t promise the deal will last forever, so please order now by clicking the [button/link/form] below: [Insert buy button/link.] [sign off]
P.S. [Name of Product] is proven to [deliver some result]. We are so confident that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is… [Product Name] Works Or It’s FREE You’ve got a full [number] days to try out this [type of] strategy for free. Download [this product] today, [read/view/watch] every [page/component]. Try out the [the strategy]. If I’m not absolutely certain this is the best way for you to [get a benefit], just email me within [number] [days] for a complete and prompt refund. Fair enough? Then order risk-free today, because [you deserve to get some great result]: [insert another payment link].

We hope these 3 sales letter templates can help you make more sales.

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