A Free ‘How To” Blog Template

How Would You Like A Free ‘How To” Blog Template?

If you work online, then you no doubt have a constant need to create articles. Why? This helps build your brand by posting them on your blog, sending them to your newsletter, and distributing them across the web. But sometimes you open up that word doc and you end up staring at a blank page. Nothing comes to mind when you try to write. You’re not sure where to begin. It is pure torture just to eke out 500 words. 
Any topic and any niche will work with this template. You only need to replace what’s in brackets with some specific details, and your article will be ready in just a few minutes. It’s really that simple. Try this template for yourself and see how quickly and simply you can start writing articles

The “How to” Blog Post 

Essentially, you are writing a standard step-by-step article that teaches your readers how to complete a process or resolve a problem. Example: Your audience might learn how to housetrain a new puppy, write a sales letter or save for retirement through your articles. 
Tip: Include extra tips, tricks, and notes to make your “how to” article even more useful for readers. 
First the title:
 How to [get a benefit] in Just [#] Easy Steps… Alternative Title: The Secrets of [getting a benefit] If you’ve ever wanted to [get a specific benefit], then you are reading the right article. 
This is due to the fact that I am about to share with you my easy [number]-step method for [getting a specific result]. The good news is that the method works even if your reader doesn’t possess particular qualifications or possessions [like knowledge, skill, money, experience, etc]. Read on…
Step 1: [Insert one-sentence description of Step 1. Ideally, this sentence begins with a verb, such as “Choose a Dog Kennel” or “Profile Your Market”.] Many people who’re new to [the niche or the process] don’t even realize that they need to do this step before they can [insert quick description of the second step]. And that’s why a lot of people who try to [get a specific result] end up failing – they miss this crucial step. So, the first step is to [insert a description of how to complete this step. Be thorough here.]. Following these tips and tricks will make this part of the process go much more smoothly: • [Insert first tip or trick that will help the reader complete this step.
 [Insert second tip or trick.] • [Continue on with this bulleted list, inserting as many tips or tricks as you’d like to include.] Once you’ve [completed this first step – insert quick description], then you can proceed to step two… 
Step 2: [Insert one-sentence description of this step] Next, you should [insert overview/brief description of this step]. When I first started [trying to complete this process], I made a lot of mistakes. And now that I’ve helped others do it, I see a lot of people making the same mistakes. So let me share with you the top [number] mistakes and how to avoid them: • [Insert common mistake 1 and how to avoid it.] • [Insert common mistake 2 and how to avoid it.] • [Continue on, listing any other mistakes and how to avoid them.] 
Step 3: [Insert one-sentence description of this step] In this step, you’re likely to see [insert description of what people might experience at this step]. So, what you need to do is [insert description of how to complete this step]. When I first took this step, I remember trying to [get a specific result]. I [insert a short story about this step – mistakes you made, a funny little anecdote, or maybe even some surprising results you received. The purpose here is to further connect with the reader and build a relationship.] [You may insert tips here, just as in Step 1, to add value to your explanation of Step 3.] [Insert any other required steps here. Again, remember to share your tips, stories, and other notes in these steps.
That’s it – a simple [number] -step method for [getting a specific result]. Now that you know how to [get a benefit], there’s just one thing left for you to do: take action. So get to it, and soon you too will [enjoy specific benefit].

What If You Really Don’t Want To Write?

You can of course hire a copywriter, but this is expensive, especially if you are writing content on an ongoing basis. Our suggestion is to use Content Ninja. Content Ninja will take YouTube videos and transcribe them into a blog post that you can use. Of course, we suggest going in and editing the content and adding your own links but it can really help with writer’s block as well as speeding up the writing process.
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