5 Landing Page Best Practices (2022) To Enhance Conversions

5 Landing Page Best Practices (2022) To Boost Conversions

What are the top 5 landing page best practices in 2022 to boost your conversions?

Welcome to our article about the fundamentals of good landing pages! Here we are going to go over the absolute basics of great landing pages. This list contains things all great landing pages have- they are the ones that make conversions happen, and your sales numbers increase.

Let’s start by talking about a few great providers for prize-winning landing pages.

5 landing page best practice

Great Programs to Use

  • Clickfunnels – Features a great landing page builder. The drag and drop editor makes it a cinch to build landing pages that win!
  • Builderall – A nice all in one program that covers your needs for landing pages, heat maps, site-building, and much more.
  • Leadpages – This is great for small businesses, especially. It helps you easily create landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and close those sales.
  • ThriveLeads – This is an awesome email list building plugin that works well with WordPress. It’s easy to customize and will integrate well with your email marketing service of choice.
  • Kartra – This is a super all in one tool that can help you build landing pages, create a great email marketing campaign, host a site, and even create sales funnels.

And here are some great email marketing services we encourage, too:

  • Aweber – This is a great program with what you need, including training and A/B testing. Your templates will shine with Aweber.
  • ConvertKit – This one is for all you bloggers out there- this will make it easy to build your email list using a form or landing page. You can do it all with ConvertKit.
  • ActiveCampaign – Great for small businesses to large enterprises, this CRM provider is great at providing mobile-optimized emails, subscriber and template management, and lots more.
  • GetResponse – Great for beginners, and very user friendly- you can use this program to make landing pages that increase the number of people signed up to your newsletter. They offer much in the way of helping you create campaigns that score, such as analytics. A/B testing, and much more.

So, What Are the Top 5 Landing Page Best Practices in 2022?!

Okay, you had a taste of some great providers out there. But what makes a landing page great? Check these best practices out!

Best Practice 1: Direct Their Eyes Using Direction Cues

Landing pages are seldom short enough that absolutely nothing appears beneath the fold. Thus, you should use visuals to draw the user’s eye down. You can use actual pointers like arrows or fingers. You can use animations or images, too.

Heck, even snappy copy that keeps the user interested is fine!

You also want to make sure that you keep your directional cues appropriate, so it is easy for your audience to locate your call to action.  Make sure buttons look like you would expect a button to look. That way, the Call to Action stands out and is easy to access.

Best Practice 2: Use Social Proof (And Keep It Real!)

People know when they are being sold to, and they don’t like it. Unless you can somehow dream up a campaign that shocks and amazes, your clientele have heard it all before. But what works nearly every time it’s tried is social proof.

Hearing the testimonies of real customers who have had real success using your good or service will add credibility to your claims, and can do more good than the most well-written copy.

The key is to make sure the testimonial is as human as it can be. If possible, have the testimonial include the customer’s full name, a video, picture, job title- anything that gives the reviewer a personality, a face, a sense that they are a real human being who benefited from your product.
landing page best practices 2022

A review that reads “Happy Customer” or “John Smith” (unless his name really is John Smith) just doesn’t have that same impact.

Best Practice 3: Optimize and Design for The Correct Device

More often than not, you will have customers browsing your site on their smartphone. Heck, perhaps your campaign even targets such individuals.

This means that if the audience is using a small size screen, you are going to have limited interactivity, and the load times could be slower.

These aren’t good if you’re trying to make conversions on mobile, so if you can design a landing page that is responsive to mobile devices and their users, you will be on the right track.

Make sure your performance is on point by offering a landing page that works with, not against, your customers on tablets and smartphones. CTAs should be more visible, and images can either be downsized or simply removed altogether.

landing page best practice to boost conversions

Best Practice 4: Use A Template

There’s no shame in using a template! I know the idea is to stand out and be original. But if you just want something that works, it’s OK to use a template.

This is great for those of you just beginning with this sort of advertising, or if you have limited resources when it comes to development. You can simply choose a clean and neat template and customize it so that it fits your brand to a tee.

There are plenty of sites out there that offer templates that integrate well with most programs. And when you choose any of the great programs we outlined above, they come with awesome templates that look great anywhere.

Best Practice 5: Make It Snappy

You have just 2 seconds to capture and hold your audience’s attention. If your pages are taking any longer, your bounce rates are going to skyrocket.

Loading time has an impact on whether or not customers buy. Make sure everything you put on your landing page adds value, and get rid of anything that’s not needed.

One great tool to consider is Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, which helps deliver pages instantaneously.


I hope this 5 landing page best practices (2022) guide on how to create landing pages that win has helped you. These are just a few of the best practices out there to make your landing page the best it can be.

If you’re just starting out, keep it simple, and don’t be afraid to use a template. Keep things fast, and only have what you NEED on there.

Lastly, make sure you have a great CRM provider and landing page builder. These are the basic ingredients of the conversions you want.


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