Vidnami Review

vidnami review

Vidnami was formerly known as Content Samurai. It’s been around since 2015 and has recently went through a rebranding and hence the new name Vidnami.

Vidnami will combine your text, voice track, video clips, or images and music and put them all together to create a stunning looking video and in no time at all. It’s so fast you don’t need any technical skills you don’t need any editing experience. You don’t need to show your face and you don’t even need to use your voice so if that sounds like something that you might be interested in keep reading and watch the video samples I have added of one with an auto voice and one with no voice track added.

I’m going to walk you through the whole process as I said my name is Ron I’m from where we help you to get your online business on the right track and if you’d like to learn how to become a more profitable marketer contact us

So once you first log into Vidnami you’ll you’re going to see any videos that you create will be populated in dashboard. From here you can then go ahead and you can create yourself folders and import the videos into the folder to keep everything organized. If you are creating videos for multiple projects or clients this comes in very handy.

Types of videos you can create with Vidnami.

There are six types of videos that you can create using Vidnami. Content videos are the one that I mostly use because i I use this for the youtube channel. If Instagram is your thing they have influencer videos which is a fairly new feature that’s been recently added. They have quite a few templates to choose from and these are ideal for social media platforms. The next type of video is called an instant ad where you can put together an ad fairly quick and again ideal for social media, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Along these lines you then have your sales video with templates already set up for different businesses and professions and again you’ve got a pretty good selection there. Next you’ve got your course and training videos so if you’re putting together a course or trying to put some training together again you’ve got a wide selection of templates to choose from here. These work well for those building their coaching, course and training videos using GroovePages free platform. The last feature that’s been recently added is are property video’s which are ideal for real estate agents.

So now I am going to add two content videos here using this blog for the content. I’m going to create a content video. You have a choice here for your ratio you can have your landscape or you can go square for your social media platforms but i’m going to make this for youtube so i’ll go into landscape 16.9 ratio. These are the templates that are already made for you to choose from and again there’s a real good selection there and you can customize your own template if you choose. For this example, I’m just going to go with orange without any voicetrack and you can see it here:


And a Vidnami Video with the Computerized AI Voice:

To make the video you simply cut and paste the ‘script’ and hit create scenes. The scenes get automatically created with video clips or images for us. You can change all of these if you want so if you wanted to unbold individuals for example you just highlight it and and click delete or if you want to add images or clips you can insert them anywhere you want to the video. It is fully customizable.

Once the video looks like you want it to you’re happy with it you come down to the bottom and this is where you’re going to add your voice track. You have a choice of computerized voices or you can add your own real voice track. I hate using my voice so I opt for a computerized voice. If you don’t want a voice you can simply just add music to it.

At this point you can view a low resolution preview of the video. When you get to your final version of the video it’ll be in hd quality. It’s much better quality. At this point before download the HD version you can do the final edits, changing the music, changing the speed and adding watermark. The video will be generated in high definition 720p but you can change that you can go full hd which obviously is going to take a little bit longer because it’s a larger file size. And then you’re going to generate and download your video. That process does take a couple of minutes but once it’s done you’re just going to click download and you’ll have your finished video.

Vidnami is ideal for somebody who doesn’t want to show the face on camera.

Vidnami Pricing

Vidnami is great because it can be used with a monthly plan, and if o the off chance you don’t want to continue using it you simply cancel. The monthly plan is $47 dollars per month but you can make a saving of $30 if you pay annually which you can do at a later date if you do decide that it is an essential tool for your business.

For a free 2 week trial click here.

For a 25% Discount click here.

I’ll also leave a link where you can get a discount which brings this down in price even more.


The quality of this is superb i would definitely recommend it. It is easy to use and is very customizable. As you can use this in so many different ways and you can actually use this to generate an income which is more than gonna cover your monthly costs.



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