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Do you want to build a sales funnel but don’t know if Clickfunnels or GrooveFunnels is the best software solution for your business?

GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels are designed to build sales funnels, there are quite a few similarities between them. Of course, there are also significant differences in some key areas.

In this review I compare Clickfunnels vs GrooveFunnels, so you can make the proper decision.

ClickFunnels was founded by the internet marketing genius Russell Brunson.

Clickfunnels aims to help entrepreneurs create a website that converts without having to pay a fortune to a website designer.

ClickFunnels was among the first sales funnel builder to create fast, simple sales funnels.

The platform eventually implemented various other features, and is now perhaps the most successful software for creating sales funnels.

ClickFunnels gives you the tools to convert leads into paying customers.

Aside from the excellent landing page builder, it also offers the following:

  • Affiliate Management System
  • Webinar Hosting Platform
  • Course Hosting Platform
  • Email Marketing
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout System
    Primarily though, ClickFunnels is above all a sales funnel creation software.

While it serves its main purpose remarkably well, it is not the comprehensive solution that GrooveFunnels will be the future

GrooveFunnels is a new suite of marketing tools that includes a sales funnels builder created by Mike Filsaime who created Kartra and Webinar Jam.

Unlike Clickfunnels, GrooveFunnels is a lot more than a sales funnel builder.

Right now you can create a free lifetime account for GroovePages and GrooveSell by clicking here.

GrooveFunnels is an entire suite of free and paid software applications for creating sales funnels, building websites and landing pages, and engaging in various marketing activities such as e-mail marketing, webinar hosting, membership sites, and affiliate marketing.

And the affiliate marketing is not just promoting GrooveFunnels but you can develop your own Affiliate Marketing network similar to being listed on sites like Warrior Plus or JV Zoo. Affiliate programs are a powerful way to acquire new customers.

To put it simply — you can run your entire business on GrooveFunnels.

Although GrooveFunnels is just coming out of beta, it shows great promise as an alternative to ClickFunnels due to the insane lifetime pricing offer.

In fact, it is more affordable and has a lot more features than Clickfunnels.

Let’s take a look at the features that Clickfunnels and GrooveFunnels share.

1: Ease of Use

You don’t have to be a website developer or even have any coding skills to use GrooveFunnels or ClickFunnels.

Both allow you to create and manage funnels and pages with a simple drag-and-drop dashboard interface. The process is quite easy even for beginners, so you can get started in no time.

2: A Variety of Ready-Made Funnel Templates

You don’t need to start from scratch. GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels come with a wide variety of built-in templates that you can use for your funnels and pages. The templates are also fully customizable, so you can adjust them to your branding and business needs.

3. Creating a Membership Area for Online Courses

If you want to set up a membership portal for your online courses or pretty much anything that requires special access, you can do it on both platforms.

4: Affiliate Management Tool

While you get the complete affiliate management software for free without limitations with GrooveSell, you will need to upgrade to the $297/month plan of Clickfunnels to use their Affiliate Management tool which is called BackPack.

What’s even more concerning is that ClickFunnels uses a 3rd party platform to manage their affiliates where GrooveFunnels used their own platform for handling all affiliates.

5. Email Marketing Platform

One of the apps just release in mid-September was GrooveMail — it is a fully functioning email marketing CRM. It will allow you to segment your leads, create email campaigns, schedule follow-ups, etc. just like you can in Kartra. Free members will be limited in the number of e-mail addresses they can add. Depending on the paid plan you have you will have higher limits (up to 25,000) but you can also purchase an add-on feature to allow for more addresses to be added.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, comes with a built-in feature called “follow-up funnels.” (which is only available on the $297/month plan).

It allows you to engage your customers with emails or SMS messages. The biggest difference is that ClickFunnels is not an Email Service Provider. You still need an external SMTP account to send your emails.

6. Sharing Your Funnels

If you want to share your sales funnels with other people, you will be able to do so Clickfunnels. GrooveFunnels instead has a feature that allows you to import any page on the web, so you can copy any website’s template.

ClickFunnels provides you with a URL that gives any other user a cloned copy of your funnel.

7. Sales Platform/Shopping Cart

ClickFunnels comes with a built-in shopping cart feature and checkout system. You can safely sell your products online without resorting to third-party software.

GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, has free GrooveSell — a fully-loaded sales and affiliate management platform that allows you to receive payments for physical and digital products, subscriptions, and services. It also allows you to create checkout pages with high conversion rates with apps like ‘people also bought” in the checkout.

Clickfunnels Vs GrooveFunnels

While we touched on some of this in the comparison of what they have in common we will now go more in-depth to the differences.

1. Video Hosting

That is one of the categories in which ClickFunnels loses out big time. Clickfunnels doesn’t support video hosting by itself. If you want to take advantage of this type of content, you will need to use a third-party video platform — like YouTube, for example. You will then have to embed the video in your sales funnels.

GrooveFunnels has its own video hosting solution called GrooveVideo. Imagine having a built-in Vimeo or Wistia — that is what GrooveVideo aims to be. The software will offer many customization options and the ability to add tags and calls-to-action for each video. Additionally, GrooveVideo will allow users to perform A/B testing and provide in-depth analytics for each piece of content.

2. Calendar Feature

If you are a ClickFunnels user and you want your clients to be able to book appointments in an easy and streamlined fashion, prepare to be disappointed. The platform does not have such a tool, and integrating one is going to cost you extra cash.

GrooveFunnels will have the GrooveCalendar app, allowing you to schedule appointments and seamlessly integrate them into your sales funnels.

3. SEO and Blog Features

GrooveFunnels allows pages created with GroovePages to load extra fast since it preloads the entire HTML structure without pinging the servers. Since site speed is one of the major SEO factors nowadays, sites built with GroovePages will be better optimized. ClickFunnels, however, uses older technology that doesn’t provide such benefits.

GrooveFunnels is also the only platform made for designers that uses Mobile First technology which is a key ranking factor.

Another important SEO factor is fresh content, which often comes in the form of blog articles. You cannot blog with ClickFunnels.. GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, will enjoy a fully-functional blog platform called GrooveBlog possibly being released by this Thanksgiving.

When you combine faster loading times with blog functionality, it becomes obvious that GrooveFunnels will perform much better than ClickFunnels when it comes to SEO.

6. Community

While it took ClickFunnels 5 years to build their online community it took GrooveFunnels only 5 months to build a bigger user base than ClickFunnels. This allows you to get answers and help fast when you need it. This is on top of the normal GrooveFunnels support which includes live chat.

GrooveFunnels also has multiple live online training sessions where you can ask your questions and share your sites.

7. Groovekart

GrooveFunnels has GrooveKart-think of it like Shopify…but with better pricing. Free members can use a freemium version and pay a transaction fee just as Shopify does but without any other monthly charges. Paid members do not pay any transaction fees. Clickfunnels has nothing like this.

Clickfunnels vs GrooveFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels gives you a 14-day free trial, during which you can test out everything the platform has to offer. Clickfunnels has 3 pricing plans.

Standard Plan

Priced at $97 per month, the Standard Plan gives you limited access to ClickFunnels’ features. You have a cap of 100 pages, 20 funnels, and a total of three custom domains.

There is also just one user account and three payment gateways. Unfortunately, some features are locked — like follow-up funnels, for example.

Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan, priced at $297 per month, allows you to tap into the real strengths of ClickFunnels.

It gives you unlimited pages and funnels, a total of three user accounts, and also unlocks the follow-up funnels feature.

The domain and payment gateway limits are bumped to nine each. Additionally, you will get priority support and full access to all courses FunnelFlix has to offer.

Collective Plan

If you really want to experience the full power of ClickFunnels, you need to go with the Collective Plan.

At $1,497 per month (Gulp), you get unlimited funnels, pages, and follow-up funnels. The user count goes up to ten, and you can use up to 27 domains and payment gateways. The Collective plan also provides you with VIP phone support and access to special training, coaching, and exclusive live events.

GrooveFunnels Cost

When it comes to pricing plans for GrooveFunnels, one can easily get lost in the different options and what they include.

So, let’s start with the base plan, which is free. Yeah, you read that right — it’s free.

The Base plan features GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate, along with all future updates for those apps. The affiliate program will yield you a 20% recurring commission for each referral.

The Silver plan comes at a price of $99 per month and will upgrade your GroovePages to the Pro version while granting you access to GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, and GrooveVideo. Referral commissions will still remain at 20%.

The Gold plan will cost you $199 per month and will include everything in the Silver package along with:


Now, let’s move on to the real deal — the plan that will get you absolutely everything you need in order to make your business thrive. I am talking about the Platinum plan for GrooveFunnels.

The GrooveFunnels lifetime plan will save you over $12,000 every year.

Groovefunnels price chart groovefunnels free lifetime review

For a fixed one time payment, you get everything included in the Gold version, with the addition of GrooveWebinars Live, GrooveWebinars Automated, (which are alternatives to WebinarJam) and GroovePages for Shopify. With the Platinum option, you will be able to unleash the full power of GrooveFunnels — and there are multiple pricing options that you can choose from.

  • GroovePagesPro
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveBlog
  • Groovedesk
  • GrooveCalender
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveWebinars
  • 40% Commission Affiliate Program
  • GrooveKart

Payment plans for the Platinum Lifetime package- Option 1 gives you a 14-day free trial, so you can explore all available apps and see what they can do for you. After that, you have to pay a total of 3 monthly payments of $497 each.

Option 2 allows you to pay over the course of six months. For each of those, you will need to dish out $288.

Option 3 is even better, giving you the possibility to spread the payments over twelve months. That would mean you have to pay $188 a month, over the course of one year. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

The Platinum lifetime plan is only available for a limited time and will be going to a monthly plan in the future.

Option 4 is a one-time payment in full of $1397

I need to give you a fair warning, though. The lifetime Platinum option is available for a limited time, and GrooveFunnels will be shutting it down very soon. If you want to take advantage of this amazing deal, you need to do it ASAP.

Hands down GrooveFunnels beats Clickfunnels out on price.


ClickFunnels has its own merits. It works as an amazing education platform, as it features a lot of useful training materials and courses. However, ClickFunnels has never been a technology company. That’s why their technology is inferior to what GrooveFunnels offers.

If you are looking to boost your business through online marketing, I strongly urge you to purchase the lifetime Platinum version of GrooveFunnels.

It will offer everything that I like about Clickfunnels and provide the technology businesses need in order to succeed in their online marketing efforts. It is basically like ClickFunnels or Kartra on steroids.

From the superb landing page tool GroovePages to the excellent GrooveSell platform — your marketing arsenal will be in full swing.

Also, we shouldn’t forget the superior affiliate program that GrooveFunnels provides.

To sign up for a free GrooveFunnels Account visit:

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Free Groovepage Account Signup

Free Groovepage Account Signup

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Sales Funnels?

The concept of a sales funnel is all about automating the sales process to control every stage of the buyer’s journey. The funnel guides users through your webpages that aim to sell your products and services by also adding options to upsell your sales process.

What does ClickFunnels cost?

Clickfunnels either costs $97 a month for 20 sales funnels, 100 landing pages and 3 domains or $297/month for unlimited funnels and landing pages and 9 domains.

What does GrooveFunnels cost?

Groovefunnels is totally free for up to 3 sales funnels or websites. Currently while they are in Beta they have a lifetime unlimited plan for $1397 that includes unlimited funnels or websites. Once they come out of Beta they will have 3 payment options for unlimited funnels and websites starting at $99 a month.

What is the main difference between Clickfunnels and GrooveFunnels?

ClickFunnels Is A Website And Sales Funnel Builder. GrooveFunnels is a suite of digital marketing tools designed to help you run a successful online business. The platform includes tools for creating sales funnels, building websites and landing pages for selling digital and physical products, building and marketing to an email list, and engaging in various marketing activities such as e-mail marketing, webinar hosting, membership sites and affiliate marketing.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is an entire suite of online business and marketing tools designed for online entrepreneurs and is free to use for up to three sales funnels, landing pages or websites. GrooveFunnels includes the GroovePages Website- Landing Page- and Funnel builder, A Sales and Affiliate platform with a marketplace similar to Shopify called GrooveKart, Email marketing CRM, Video Platform, Membership, Webinar platform, and more. Think Clinkfunnels or Kartra but with even better, more affordable, and a lot more features.

What is Groove?

Groove was previously known as GrooveFunnels or GroovePages. It rebranded in December of 2020 to just Groove to better reflect that it is an entire suite of apps and tools that you can use to build an online business

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