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Digital Papercuts Website Design Checklist

Digital Papercuts Website Design Checklist

Website Design

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Does the page look professional? Customers are more likely to buy from a website that looks professional and well designed.

How much scrolling is required to reach the form/payment? If the form is at the bottom of the page, people leave the site without reaching it because they don’t scroll down that far. At the top is normally more effective.

Is the text easy to read? Use a font and font size which is easy to read. Make sure the page colours make the text easier to read not more difficult (so no similar colours on top of each other!)

Is it clear what you need to do next? Make sure that the next step is always obvious. Be it filling in a form, clicking a link or making a phone call.

Is the business name and logo on the page? Customers want to know who they are buying from/giving information to!

Is the phone number clearly displayed? Make it easy for your customers to contact you.

If you have a multi-step process, is that clear to customers? If a customer needs to fill in multiple forms or make multiple clicks, make it obvious or they may drop-out part way through.

Do the images add to the page? Or are they a distraction from the content? Sometimes images can be more of a hindrance than a help. Include them but don’t allow them to get in the way of the content.

Does the design match that of the rest of your website? It is best to have consistency between the website and landing page, especially if a click on the landing page links to the main website.

Is it easy for the customer to navigate? If it’s difficult to navigate the customer may leave before any kind of conversion.

Does the form stand out? Make sure that the form isn’t hidden away in a corner, the purpose of the page is to get it filled in!

Website Design Content

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Does the headline tell you what the page is about? Make sure that the customer knows what they are looking at.

Is the content directly relevant to the product/service? Make sure the landing page is relevant to the ads and what you are offering, i.e. if you are selling shoes don’t talk about bags!

Does the form acquire enough information without it taking too long for the customer? Limit the text to what is essential.

Do you really need an address in order to sign up for a free download? Only ask for what you need or else customers may be reluctant to share their information.

Is the grammar correct and has the spelling been checked? Simple mistakes cause the page to look unprofessional.

Does the content tell you what the unique selling point of the product/service is? Make it obvious why should the customer fill in your form rather than your competitors.

Is the content to the point? Big sections of information can be off putting.

Are there keywords in the body of the content? Keywords in the content can improve quality score and help keep the text focused to what you are offering.

Is it clear what the page is about? Don’t leave customers confused about what you are actually offering!

Advanced Technical Website Development

Website development=Schema Mark up

Schema Markup Huntington Beach

Do you offer multiple contact methods (e.g. form fill, phone call)? Make sure that it is easy for the customer to contact you and always give priority on the page to the contact method you prefer.

Do all the domains match? The landing page, thank you page and main website all need the same domain to comply with Google Adwords policy.

Does the thank you page sell the next step of the process? customer? Make sure that the thank you page tells the customer what will be coming next and make it sound great!

Is the thank-you page set up for after the form fill? If you plan to track conversions, this page is essential to measure performance.

Do all the links lead to the correct pages? Make sure that the links forward to the correct pages.

Does the page load in 3 seconds or less? If the page takes more than 3 seconds, try to optimize to reduce the load time as it can be off-putting for customers.

Does the form information correctly send to the business? Check that the business receives the information and that it isn’t getting lost when the form is completed.

Is the page mobile responsive? If you plan to advertise on mobile the website needs to be suitable for this.

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