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Lessons to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Lessons to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Ideas: Dumpster diving or Pots of Gold

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Do you ever get fired up with a bunch of great ideas but don’t take action to put them in place?

If you don’t believe that it is possible to make money online then you won’t take the required action that will deliver the results.

You are not alone, this is a common occurrence because people have great ideas but they do not line up with their beliefs of what they are capable of, what will work and what is good.

If you believe in yourself and what you want to do. If you believe in your product or service. Go and find the skills that you need to make it happen, find a mentor if necessary, but take action. Measure the results and feed the results back in and keep continually improving.

Not everything will work for you and that is fine. Just keep holding your vision, goals and dreams of what you want to achieve and just keep moving towards it.

You need to get out there and try things and see if they work for you, if they produce results then keep using them, no results then stop using them and move onto your next idea.

Relax and focus on what you want, ideas and resources will come in time.

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The important thing for you to do is to absorb ideas and filter out the ones that seem good to you. If they seem like good ideas then they probably line up with your beliefs and also what you want to achieve. After you pick out the ideas then try them out, take some actions and measure the results.

You don’t have to have an original idea, others have good ideas too so seek them out to find  a good one and try it out, see if it works for you. You do not have to be lucky, a genius, or anything special.

Find somebody who knows how to do what you want to achieve, and do what they do. Follow what successful businesses and people do. Believe that it will work and you will align yourself with taking the right actions that will deliver the results that you want.

Simple things applied are a lot more powerful that something that is never applied.

Einstein made the comment that if you studied anything for 10 Mins a day in one year you would be an expert. Study those ideas and apply them one by one and see if they work for you.

Keep the big picture of what you want and focus upon it and you will find the resources to keep you achieve that vision.

You will make mistakes, you will try things that do not work but as long as you hold your vision and move steadily towards it, it will happen.

Actions delivers results, it does not have to be perfect action day one, just try it and see what results you get, look around for how other people are doing it, make changes and measure the results.

You will be amazed at what results you can get by consistently focusing on what you want, taking consistent inspired actions and seeing what results you are getting.

If you are getting the results that you want or they are moving in that direction then keep doing it and gradually make improvements.

Be flexible enough to change what you are thinking or doing until you start to deliver the results that you want.

If you are not getting the results that you want than look for other ways to do things. Look at what beliefs that you may have that are conflicting with what you consciously say that you want to achieve.

Using your website as a sales tool?

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What are websites? Are they sales tools for your business or are they information portals for potential customers? Put simply, are you selling or are you helping?

Your answer to this question may determine the success of your website. So think carefully?

How we define what a website is all depends on which side of the fence we are on. I suspect that most, if not all businesses would say their website is a sales tool. But this is a fundamentally flawed perspective. Adopt this position, and sooner or later you will pay for it.

To really understand what a website is for, we need to think about who the Internet serves. It is very tempting to think cynically and argue that it serves commercial interests, but that is getting the cart before the horse. The Internet serves buyers and information seekers. That’s what most people use it for apart from the social aspect.

What your visitors are really looking for is a website that helps them, that gives them something they want or need. A website that helps them buy when they want to buy. Helps them understand when they want to understand. And what is most important, a website that helps them decide when they want to decide.

So if you really want to build trust, authority, credibility, and customer loyalty, helping visitors is the way to go. Of course, that is not to say you have to do it for free. We are all in business to make money after all. In fact, the main aim of many of your visitors will be to buy something, either online or from your physical store. But it is important that you focus on them, not on you. For example, your visitors do not want to know what you have to sell. They want to know what they can choose to buy. If your primary focus is sales, your visitors will pick up on it. They have a need, satisfy it.

To generate revenue from your website either directly or indirectly you need to build them to help your readers. Don’t start by asking “How can I sell?’ Instead, start by asking ‘How can I help?’ (Even ‘How can I help them buy?’ is a  POSITIVE step in the right direction.)

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You need to build your website from the ground up to be a form of online help. Think of your website as a cousin of the online help provided by the search engines like Google. When they search out say for a Restaurant in an area they want to know if the food is delicious, affordable, takes reservations, has ambience, etc.

I worked in Financial Services for many years. And the key to successful online help is to always try to answer one simple question: What does the reader want to know? We knew they wanted financial help, but did they want stock or mutual fund information, financial planning or how to get rich daytrading information? Did they want to know how to get started or how to get out of trouble?

Sure, when you are writing for a website, the subject material is different, but the question is still the same. What does your reader want to know?

Obviously, the answer to this question will be different for everyone, but there are some common questions you can ask yourself which might help you decide?

  • Who is your audience?
  • Are they trying to solve a problem or avoid a problem?
  • Are they looking for a budget solution or a top shelf solution?
  • Are they looking for something with all the bells and whistles or something which focuses on one thing only?
  • Are they looking to buy immediately (just as soon as they know they’ve found what they want)?
  •  What time of the day are they most likely to be searching?
  •  Are they searching from home, on their phone or their workplace?
  •  Are they the business owner or do they have a boss looking over their shoulder?
  •  Are they relaxed or in a hurry?
  •  Are they spending their money or someone else’s? It’s important to know.
  •  Are they looking for something which will make their job easier?
  • Are they looking for something that will increase their productivity.
  • Are they looking for something that will make them happy.
  • Or are they looking for something which will make their job possible?
  • Are they comfortable with buying online?
  • How much do they know already about your subject material or brand?
  •  How much do they want to know?

Whether you do some real research or just make some educated guesses, it is important that you know your target audience very well. Then, and only then, can you help them. And only when you help them will you start to realize the true sales potential of your website.

The common thread? These experiences reinforced several lessons that will help you succeed in attracting the right kinds of clients. Here are ideas and resources to help you take action:

Lesson 1: Be yourself when you market. People can smell phony a mile away. Instead of getting caught up in stiff or unnatural language that stands between you and the audience you’re trying to connect with, just be yourself. I see a lot of people struggle with this when it comes to writing content for their website, blog or e-mail sales letter.

Lesson 2: If you don’t have one, start an e-newsletter or e-zine! The key to successful internet marketing comes down to one thing: a basic, opt-in e-newsletter. Why? Because you’re invited to “touch” your readers regularly with small samples of your thinking. In turn, you invite them to check out more resources, products and services on your website. It becomes easy for them to spread the word about you. It’s a way to get new contacts from your offline networking into your online marketing system.

A really good e-newsletter, written in your natural voice (see Lesson 1) is the engine that drives your digital marketing machine. Don’t let excuses like “my website’s not ready” and “we don’t have our editorial calendar planned out” stop you. The point is to start connecting with your target audience at least monthly to build the relationship.

Lesson 3: Nobody really cares about you…and here’s what to do about it. According to PR expert Paul Hartunian (http://www.prprofits.com), nobody cares if you’ve just released the greatest new service, gotten promoted, hired new staff or spoken at another conference. What they do care about is how you can rock their world. If you start your marketing message with, “We are pleased to announce…,” you’re dead in the water. However that doesn’t mean press releases are totally dead, they do serve as an important backlinking source to your site to gain authority.

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What you need to do is: 1) use a basic template to write press releases that works 2) torture the media by telling them what problems you solve, but not how you solve them (they’ll have to call you to find out); 3) develop a simple 3-page media kit for quick follow up (your 1-page press release, a 1-page “so what?” bio, and a 1-page FAQ sheet).

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Final Steps

The final 3 easy steps to improve your online marketing efforts?

Step 1: As mentioned already be yourself when you market.

Step 2: Start an e-newsletter (monthly, at a minimum).

Step 3: Remember that nobody cares about you (only how you can rock their world and benefit them).

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