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Getting Started With Internet Marketing

Getting Started With Internet Marketing

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It is no wonder so many new business owners have the desire to hire a marketing director or Digital Marketing Agency. There are so many different methods to marketing a company online that it can be difficult to say the least to mange a full time marketing campaign as well as running a business.

Marketing methods

There are a number of elements that both traditional marketing and online marketing share, but there are elements to  marketing online that may seem foreign to many.

Some of the more common themes in Digital Marketing are using news items such as press releases that encourage the news media and interested individuals to keep up your firm?s latest news, these also provide great high domain backlinks to your site to help with rankings. There is also the same goal of getting your brand name in front of people. The differences often come in the why, and how of marketing and not the what and should.

Most businesses understand the need to get people tuned into what their business is doing. Long standing brick and mortar marketing principles would suggest traditional media outlets such as billboards, flyers, newsprint, radio or television as obvious choices. While these media outlets certainly have a place in marketing, the bulk of successful Internet marketing happens online with people using search engines to discover products or services or using social media.

Digital Marketing requires an understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques along with linkable (backlinks) created throughout the internet. What this means is that every time you post on a blog or forum you should make sure a link to your business is included in the signature box. This creates a backlink. This also means you ask customers and business partners to consider placing a link to your site on their websites or social media pages.

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PPC Advertising

One of the most cost effective means of advertising your online business will be PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. This is one of the most affordable means of advertisements you will ever see, they are highly targeted so you have the best chance of reaching prospects that can be turned to customers and you set the budget on how much every click to your product, website or service is going to cost you.

Content Distribution

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Digital Marketing aka Internet Marketing may also mean developing knowledge-based articles or ezines that can readily connect with your customers. Many business owners have either personally developed articles or hired a freelance writer on sites like Fiverr or Upwork to produce an e-book or article on the subject of their business that can be passed along to members of their site either through autoresponders or as part of an opt-in membership. These members help you establish a mailing list online. This is a great way to retarget your custiomers. Many times someone will neeed to make multiple trips to your site or offer before they buy. This is a very affordable way of getting your name in front of them over and over again.


Internet marketing is vitally important to the establishment and growth of your e-commerce site if you have one, but it may require developing new marketing skills. If you can?t afford a digital marketing specialist you can still learn the skills needed to grow your site into a premier online e-commerce destination. There is a lot of information available online but it does take time and patience.

PPC advertising

Before getting started, there are a few major points I would like to put in consideration.

Some points to take in consideration,

It is not unusual that a marketing business or digital marketing company would want you to pay a huge fee to just get started. They want to take a lot of money from you to get started, and then they start promoting other products or services to you that they say you need or you won’t be able to make your money back, or you might not be able to get started, and then they say if you don’t buy the other products or services you won’t get rich. So you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and never even make a dollar back. That is a big fat scam.

The chance to make huge profits with little or no work. That is a big lie they are telling you. No one can guarantee results. Digital Marketing Companies do not own Google and cannot wave a wand and make you #1 overight.  That should be a huge red flag if someone is guaranteeing you page one results. Think about it for a second or two. As I mentioned marketing companies do not own the search engines, nor can they control what your competitors have done or are doing for their rankings.

The best digital marketers in the world have to do a lot of work, or they would not have got as far as they have today in internet marketing.

Digital Marketing Formula for success

Analysis + Marketing + Time + Analysis = Work = Profits

That is the formula to the truth about it, that is not a lie.

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Digital Marketing Tip for Sales

Many online businesses fail to give you good contact information or provide a good call to action, because they are afraid that you might want to change your mind about the whole situation, and then ask to get a refund on your purchase. They don’t want to give your money back. That’s why they have limited the contact information so you cannot contact them at anytime. Believe me when I say this, most of them do not care about you in the first place. They only care about how much money you are going to spend to at their business.

Why you should work with Digital Papercuts in Orange County

Digital Papercuts Digital Marketing Agency Huntington Beach

First of all, let me tell you why Digital Papercuts can help you

  • It is not a large upfront investment that does not work, it does work.
  • You can improve your Google Rankings in order to drive more traffic to your website or location,
  • We get to know your business and what products and services you want to promote
  • We keep in constant contact with you about your campaign.
  • We analyze your competitors and what they are doing in order to try and one up them in order to put you on top.
  • Our SEO experts will be honest and upfront with you and will try and set realistic expectations for your rankings.
  • Our PPC experts can get you new business fast with our PPC advertising campaigns in order to get a fast ROI.

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