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Digital Marketing: 10 Problems With A Poorly Designed Website

Digital Marketing: 10 Problems With A Poorly Designed Website

There are lots of website templates and themes available. However, finding a reliable SEO, Schema and AMP friendly website is hard. You aren’t going to find one for less than $1000 probably. It takes a lot of skill putting together a website that is clean, has great graphics and that is SEO friendly. Adding Schema and AMP-Accelerated Mobile Pages is imortant if you want to rank high in the search engines.

That being stated, below is a listing of website things to look out for when you build your site:

  • Website purpose:  Websites need to have a crystal clear purpose. Are you building it for blogging, ecommerce or as an information site for your local business. Why do you have or need to have an website to begin with? What do you desire it to do for your company?
  • No clear call to action or contact us form:  Be sure you have a clear contact us and a call to action. Make it crystal  clear to your website visitor what activity you desire them to take. .
  • E-mail sign up form:  Be sure the site has an opt-in email form that you can use for further marketing opportunities.
  • Website content: You need to provide great information. Your website is your best salesperson. Adding great information that is keyword rich will also help with your SEO scores.
  • Don’t rely just on images: Syncing on the previous wrong, emphasis needs to be on content. Yes graphics are important but don’t make them the primary focus. Remember you just don’t want people to look at your site you want them to interact with it.
  • Make the site about the customer: Don’t make the site about only you but make the message about what you, your site, product or service can do for them. Make them really feel that it’s all about them. Make them really feel unique.
  • URL and Brand match up: Be sure and make sure your website domain matches who your brand is. I.E. Don’t call yourself Orange County Financial when you are trying to sell surfboards.

These following 3 things are easy to fix but you may not even think about them, however they are important if you want an SEO optimized website.

  • Poor site navigation: Be sure and add a site map to the page. This is more for your SEO as Google uses it to help identify what your site is about. For your readers using all the right footer elements make it easy for your readers to look up store policies and pages that they may be looking for such as returns, About Us, Contact US pages, Privacy olicy, etc.
  • Dead web links: Again you may think having old links that don’t go anywhere is no big thing. However for SEO it is a critical item to watch out for.
  • Website speed:  A slow website can kill your website rankings. Going forward Google has said that speed is going to be a key ranking factor. Adding AMP to your site will make it Google friendly. (Since it is a Google product).
Web Design

Torrance AMP Website Development

Website Development is an essential as well as critical primary step to producing an online company. The financial investment made in your website layout can be a big financial investment but can also set you up for expansion if you do it properly.

Be careful, even if a website is outstanding to check out, this does not indicate it functions well with everyone of your Digital Marketing initiatives.

A lot of times website are developed without the ideas or preparation of top quality web content.  Surprisingly Digital Marketing and also Website Design appear to be clashing instead of enhancing each various other. Do you ever before ask on your own why isn’t your website doing well online no matter what you do? What triggers a gorgeous, enticing internet website to drop in rankings? Lack of good SEO friendly content.

Some website developers appear to be purely concentrated on the visual elements and also fail to remember or do understand about the Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing facets of many websites. Internet marketing might be much less relevant if website is mostly a Business to Business internet site however however it is still very important.

With e-commerce businesses, websites truly depend upon SEO Internet Marketing for its general long term success. Website that fall short in Digital Marketing can bring about really costly changes and also required redesigns for your website, altering various parts of your web pages to make it internet search engine friendly along with better navigation.  This can create significant hold up in organisation objectives. Develop and also develop your website around the web content not vice versa.

Website development

When you build a website see if the developer comprehends the value of specific SEO top priorities as well as maintain them notified concerning what your seeking to achieve.

The primary goal of a service site is a vivid depiction of the business as well as explaining the services and products provided by it online. The website has to ensure that that is provided.

At Digital Papercuts our website developers work hand in hand with our Digital Marketing Experts to build our clients sites that are beautifual, functional and that they can grow with.

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