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Internet Marketing Using SEO

Internet Marketing Using SEO

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The internet in the business world known as e-commerce constantly changes and through it has come an innovative new dimension for digital marketing and online sales. With the e-commerce explosion the industry has learned that Internet marketing does require well established and defined strategies to stay on top. When looked into as the part of a diverse integrated cross media campaign, the Internet has to be considered to be the best traffic generator that has ever existed and thus the Internet Marketing service need the consistency and synergy in terms of products and services messages to be strong.

Internet Marketing uses a lot of tools and methods to drive the targeted traffic to the e-commerce business. Some of the internet marketing strategies that are under limelight are- Search Engine Optimization aka SEO, Email marketing, online content marketing, and other promotion based ads (including banners, call to action buttons, and popups).

With research indicating that 80% of the U.S. population has access to the Internet, and between 50-80 % of web site traffic originates from search engines like Google, organic search engine listings are proving to be far more effective than banner ads, word of mouth, print or other media in generating traffic to websites.

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Search engines direct users looking for a specific product, service or information when they look for a “keyword”. These users are six times more likely to purchase than someone who surfed in from a banner ad, and top search engine rankings are more effective for brand recall than banner ads. However, merely registering a website with the major search engines is not enough, since websites that are listed in the lower end of the search results are unlikely to get any traffic.

Similarly, websites may lose in the search engine game if the keywords used to describe the site are not optimized. Top positions for popular search terms can be extremely lucrative financially and these websites are likely to have undergone a lot of search engine optimization, usually with a search engine optimization firm like Digital Papercuts that specializes in such SEO strategies.

Preparing a website for search engine rankings involves researching the keywords, then incorporating them into the HTML and page text (meta tags). Links are created to relevant external pages and inbound links are refined to boost a site’s link popularity commonly called backlinks. The websites should then be registered with major online directorie to create citations. There are three ways to do this: free registration and paid inclusion.

While registration is free with big sites such as Google and Yahoo, it can take weeks or months to show up in search results. A faster way is to use paid advertising such as PPC advertising.

If you own a website or other business on the internet, you need traffic. With all the competition there is, how do they find you? You need to have some good strategies for marketing an online business if you are to be successful by getting page 1 rankings on Google.

Oe way to do this is to use paid advertising. Sponsored or premium listings seen in search results are usually PPC listings where the advertiser bids an amount he or she is willing to pay for a click. Many search engines are adopting versions of this concept and as the pay-per-click and paid inclusion models evolve within the industry, expect to see more variations.

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Organic Search

One of the most used strategies for digital marketing is learning to get a high search engine ranking. If you don’t rank on page 1 you will probably never be seen. There are some key SEO methods for high ranking. Start by keeping everything on your website relevant to the subject or niche. This makes good sense anyway because once the customer has found you, you want him to stick around. Choose a domain name and website title that fit well with your prime keywords. Your title should be easy to remember.


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Backlinks to your site make a huge difference in search engine rankings, so contact sites that are in your same niche and ask for reciprocal backlinks. One of the best ways to get links to your website is to write keyword optimized articles about your product or service.

There are literally hundreds of article directories sites online like reddit and blogger that can provide one way links back to your website. This is “THE” most effective way to obtaining a page rank. More commonly used now is article submission software that makes it easy to submit to these article directories. Write one story and post links to it on multiple sites with one click. There are of course companies out there that do this for you for a small fee. Just be aware that this information can change as search engines algorithm changes for relevant results.

Using PPC advertising is still going to be the fastest way to get listed on the search engines. There are several providers of pay-per-click advertising. Some examples are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing. Make sure when signing on to a PPC advertising campaign to experiment with your ads by changing up titles, text and images to see which are most effective. Then when you find a good ad that has a high click through rate you can delete the rest. It pays to check out a variety of pay-per-click advertisers to see which suits your needs the best.

Blogs are also a good source for digital marketing an online business. They tend to rank well, and consumers like them. Use your blog to talk about your niche and provide relevant links to your website or products.

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And last but not least is the use of traffic exchanges. Considered by many to be ineffective, a well made and presentable splash page or squeeze page that has an information gathering form can convert surfers into customers and even repeat customers. When searching for traffic exchanges be sure to check them out first. Make sure that the traffic exchange your going to join is a well known, high ranked program.

Digital Marketing for an business is essential for success. Using all the internet marketing strategies at your disposal together will ensure that your traffic grows and you edge out your competition.

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