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Everything You Need To Know About Using Ezine

Everything You Need To Know About Using Ezine

30 years ago this type of business was stuck in snail mail but on the Internet, it is very possible to make money without selling any product. One way of doing so is through starting your own eZine, also known as an electronic newsletter.

Basically, you send out your newsletter eZine issues on a periodical basis to your subscribers be it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. The good part is that you have a flexible choice in automating the process of sending out your eZine issues for you or manually sending them on a periodical basis.

As an eZine content publisher, not only can you easily achieve the benefits a conventional newsletter publisher enjoys without having shipping costs or slow delivery times, you can easily and conveniently spread your expertise, knowledge and marketing influence to your base of subscribers.

In other words, you do not have to invest in expensive printing equipment, have a brick and mortar business, or hiring staff just to run your own newsletter publication, resulting in a lot of time, money and effort saved.

Basically, all you need to start your own eZine are an auto-responder and broadcast feature to go with it, enabling you to reach out to your massive subscribers whom you can regard as your prospects.

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Ezine Advantages

The most effective and cost-effective way of advertising, especially for a new business is ezine advertising. It has 4 distinct advantages. They are:

a.It’s easy to reach targeted prospects interested in your product, service or niche
b.It gives results fast. Typically, you should see results within 48 hours after your ad is published.
c.It’s easy to test your ad effectiveness. Analytics tracking codes are easy to add.
d.It’s easy to calculate your Return on Investment (ROI).

Most direct mail companies charge several hundred dollars per thousand mailing, whereas ezine advertising costs anywhere from $5 dollars to $50 dollars per thousand. This is definitely much more cost-effective
compare to advertising in magazines. Simple math allows you to reach a lot more potential customers for the same ad spend.

Although it may be generally true that response rates to ads is better with higher subscriber count, there are exceptions where smaller subscriber lists yield higher returns. Because these subscribers are 100 percent opt-ins. Also these ezines in mention are highly informative and don’t have too many ads per publication. The chances of your ads being read are very high. The click through rates will be good if your ads are relevant to the ezine content.


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Types of Ezine ads

3 types of Ezine Ads

There are basically 3 types of Ezine ads, Solo ads, Classified ads and Sponsor ads.

1.Solo Ads:

These are mailed out separately from the main ezine. This is the most effective of the three types of ezine ads but also commands a premium.

2. Classified ads:

This is the cheapest form of ezine advertising. Some publications offer free ads in exchange for your subscription. The ads are grouped in the middle or end of the publication.

3.Sponsor Ads:

The ads are placed at the top of the Ezine publication. They cost more than classified ads but more effective than classified ads due to increased visability.

Quick Guide to Ezine Advertising

1.Before you placed your ads, check out the quality of the prospective publication. Select three good ezines and subscribe to them. From the publications you would know what kind of audience these ezines are targeting, the content, and the number of ads per publication, which are critical things to know for your advertising campaign.

Pay close attention to the ads that run in each issue. If you see the same ad on a regular basis, chances are the ad is profitable for the advertiser. It is common sense that advertisers will continue to advertise in an ezine only if it is profitable. If tere are new ads every month there is a good chance the ads do not work for the advertiser.

If someone else is already promoting a similar product like yours in a particular ezine, pass on it. It makes no sense to have two advertisers competing in one ezine. Then you’ll end up in a bidding war in which no one wins.  In any case, the publisher may not permit similar products.

2.Keep your ads short and to the point. Normally, the publisher will allow 5 to 7 lines of text with a maximum of 65 characters per line. Don’t sell your product or service in your ads. Generate interest and leads and build your list.

3.Write compelling headlines to draw readers. No one will read your content if you don’t draw them in.

4.Use your ads to direct prospects to your landing page, which may be a sales copy, course sign-up or ezine subscription.

5.Track response to your ads. This is crucial. Or you will have no idea if it is profitable to run the same ad again. In order to test the effectiveness of your ad, it is advisable that you run the same ad in at least 3 different ezines. If you run your ad in only one ezine, and should campaign flop, you will not know whether the problem lies in your ad or that particular ezine.

Due to recent popularity of ezine publishing, and depending on the publication, the lead-time can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Factor in the lead-time if you have a time sensitive offer.

Test your ads with low-subscription ezine that don’t have a long waiting list. You don’t want to wait in line for a few months just to test out your ad, and imagine if it turned out to be a bummer. Advertise with low-cost, low subscription count ezines for a start. Until you have a proven winner, keep to low-cost, low-subscription ezines until you can scale up.

What’s next?

It’s over. You’ve written your ezine article, sent it out to some ezine publishers, posted it to some article banks and announcement groups, and have even had it published in a few ezines. Pretty good, huh! Now it’s time to forget about that article and move on to the next one. Or is it?

Actually, if you forget about your article now you may be missing out on some of the most important benefits that can be gained from writing ezine articles. Listed below are 5 ways to get more benefits from your already published ezine articles.

1. Submit URLs of Published Article to Search Engines

Many times people will like your article enough to post it on their website. Once you find the URL where your article is published try submitting it to some search engines. The webmaster probably won’t mind but a email asking for their permission can’t hurt. Additionally, if your article is published in an ezine that is archived on a website you can submit the URL of the issue of the ezine that your article appeared in. If it’s a well-designed site the search engines may except the submission and your article may start appearing in search results all over the Net.

I recommend using free search engine submission sites like: http://www.addme.com or http://www.submitexpress.com

2. Submit Article Bank URLs to Search Engines

How to create an Ezine Articles account

Bonus Material

Using an Autoresponder

There are many uses for an autoresponder. For the purposes of this article we will focus on one area. That area is of course using is the publishing and distribution of an ezine or newsletter. Since autoresponder services usually are set up to send automatic responses to the people on the list at certain intervals after they sign up, setting up an autoresponder to send out an ezine can be a little confusing for some.

Depending on the service or autoresponder that you are using, you will need a broadcast feature. The broadcast feature works essentially the same as the autoresponse feature, with one big difference. The messages are not sent out at intervals. The messages can, however, be scheduled to go out on a certain day, which have no bearing on when the subscriber was actually added to the mailing list. Broadcast messages are singular one time messages that are only sent to your current mailing list. People who sign up for your list after the broadcast has been sent do not receive it, unless the specifically request it with an autoresponder address, which you must set up.

Using the broadcast feature of most autoresponder services, you can simply go and either type your newsletter, or copy and paste it into the editor, then choose to send the broadcast to your entire mailing list. More advanced autoresponder services will usually have broadcasting features.

Using an autoresponder to maintain a mailing list and to distribute a newsletter is a wonderful idea. Your subscribers can easily opt-in, or opt-out, and all of the distribution is handled for you, based on the schedule that you set. List maintenance can become very difficult without the automation that autoresponders provide. You can write each issue of your ezine or newsletter well in advance, and have it delivered to your mailing list, no matter where you are or what you are doing. That is the beauty of automation!

Since all past broadcast and autoresponse messages are saved, you can easily refer back to old issues, or allow people to request past issues. You can also use the tracking feature throughout each issue of the newsletter to determine how many clicks you are getting for the various products or websites that you promote in your ezine.

If you have not yet purchased an autoresponder or signed up with any autoresponder service, make sure that you inquire about the broadcast feature first. Not all autoresponders or autoresponder services have this feature, and as your marketing progresses, you will find that this is one of the most useful features of the service or program.
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