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The Best PPC Search Engine Options

The Best PPC Search Engine Options

PPC Advertising

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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an digital approach of advertising that has taken the Digital Marketing world by storm; specifically over the span of the previous couple of years. And the best PPC marketing campaigns have generated a significant quantity of money in this time for the business.

The beginning of of PPC Search Engine marketing.

Once the first PPC search engine emerged, which is now known as Yahoo Search Marketing, PPC marketing has actually been a profitable method to create traffic and make some cash online. Oh, the days when Yahoo ruled the digital marketing world, way before Google. How those days have passed. Determining what are the best PPC search engines to use is not constantly easy.

The undeniable king of pay per click advertising is usually thought about to be Google AdWords, however merely understanding which the finest pay per click search engine is does not indicate you must stop there. Here are the 3 most popular search engines in the PPC marketing arena.

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1 – Google AdWords – Google AdWords is essentially the best pay per click advertising network, and the undeniable 800 pound gorilla in the field, since it has the unique capability of publishing your PPC advertisement worldwide in as low as 5 minutes. Unlike other search engine networks, Google does not need that you wait as numerous as five days to have your advertisement reviewed, implying you can be up and running within minutes from the moment when you open an account.

PPC Advertisig

Google provides much more functionality than other PPC marketing networks also , including an unequaled capability to evaluate your advertisements and your headlines to see which are creating conversions and which are not. The key to any long term success to lower your costs is to Analyze and Optimize your ads for the best converting ads. Google AdWords is the 800 pound gorilla in numerous markets, and it is still the very best out there but it is not the only option.

2 – Yahoo Search Marketing is another one of the greats, mainly since of the traffic advantage with it also being the oldest. It is debatable whether Yahoo is better than MSN (BING) or the other method around, but both have advantages that are worth benefiting from when it concerns PPC marketing, so if you are searching for a range of different functions, it may be smart to join all three of these big network instead of relying one over the others. You might actually save money by using the second tier search engines if your competitors ignore them.

3 – MSN (AKA Bing) is the 3rd best PPC marketing network. They have recently transformed their system into one that mostly replicates what Google is doing. Nevertheless Bing is never going to totally catch up with what Google AdWords is doing, because nobody can offer the performance that Google does; when it comes to PPC marketing and advertising.

These Big 3 of PPC advertising draws more than 97% of all search engine traffic, you may still discover one of the other PPC search engines which will be the finest pay per click search engine for you if you can dominate the market with  less competition. It’s your option, so go for it!

Google Adwords

Benefits for PPC Advertising Campaigns:

  • You get to Display your products and services on third party websites
  • Geographical targeting of local / national / international consumers
  • Control over your ads for the right days and the right hours to show your ads
  • Video promo
  • Direct phone contact available
  • Guide consumers to your website
  • PPC ads can display your ads exclusively on Mobile, or the Web, or Specific Social Media Platforms
  • Evaluating your position in several markets through pixel analysis

How Digital Papercuts can help you with your PPC Advertising campaigns

In addition to our SEO marketing we can help you with PPC marketing that can provide you near instant results.

Drive the right traffic to your website or product

Get your business in front of the audiences who matter most – and drive them to your website or landing pages.

Generate quality leads who are searching for your exact product or service

Fine tune your targeting options to reach just the right people and drive high-quality leads.

Pay per click or per impression advertising

Set your own budget and control costs with PPC or cost per impression (CPM) pricing options.

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