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How to Geotag Photos for Free [Local Seo Benefits]

How to GeoTag Images for SEO and GMB listings

Google Maps Huntington Beach

Google Maps Huntington Beach

How to Geotag Photosand Images is a question most business owners have and it is one that we do here at Digital Papercuts on a daily basis. …If you need to find out how to geotag photos for free, then this video provides exactly that.

One sure fire way to kick up your local search optimization game for your local business is through beefing up the local signals through images. There are a few techniques for doing this.

Adding images as part of your overall content mix to your website or GMB listing is a good idea for search optimization in and of itself. Images can provide additional opportunities for keyword signals for the SERP’s to find on a page, and they represent opportunity for ranking in search results under Universal Search’s.

But, if they’re also associated with places properly, they can convey additional location signals, helping a business and/or its website to be considered even more relevant for local searches. So tagging a photo with the location and a title with the name of the business, location and service can help your GMB listings right away.

If you’ve explored around Google Maps for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are quite a few images associated with local places in the web browsers interface. Google uses a number of different methods for identifying image locations but tagging is the easiest way for them to associate it with a business.

SEO Strategy in Website Design

If you geotag your images it gives Google and other search engines a high confidence score that the content should be associated with a particular place.

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